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2020-02-18 Home Front: Politix
‘If You Show Up with Cancer and You’re 95 -- We Should Say We Can’t Do Anything’ -- Bloomberg Explains How Healthcare will Bankrupt Us Unless We Deny Care to Elderly
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Posted by Fred 2020-02-18 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [311 views ]  Top

#1 So a painful and cruel end is a Bloomberg requirement?
Posted by 3dc 2020-02-18 05:37||   2020-02-18 05:37|| Front Page Top

#2 Death Panels (c)Sarah Palin
Posted by Procopius2k 2020-02-18 06:21||   2020-02-18 06:21|| Front Page Top

#3 There is that control issue, but researchers near Wuhan, China appear to have found the solution for those ages 59 and over.

As our 'mossomo' has noted: "#11 @Mike

Yeah - I keep telling my friends/family that the outbreak was successful as you don't hear about the Hong Kong protesters anymore."

Posted by Besoeker 2020-02-18 07:19||   2020-02-18 07:19|| Front Page Top

#4 This guy is just an a_s!
Posted by AlmostAnonymous5839 2020-02-18 09:10||   2020-02-18 09:10|| Front Page Top

#5 Isn't he precious?

The list of people despised by this little shit just keeps growing:

1. Moms
2. Pregnant women
3. Farmers
4. Workers
5. Young black male citizens
6. Young Hispanic male citizens
7. Elderly Americans
8. Cancer sufferers

Actually, this individual is a cancer.
Posted by Lex 2020-02-18 09:20||   2020-02-18 09:20|| Front Page Top

#6 Still better. We should transform them into Soylent Green
Posted by JFM 2020-02-18 11:01||   2020-02-18 11:01|| Front Page Top

#7 Nobody talks about Biden gaffes anymore.
Posted by European Conservative 2020-02-18 11:10||   2020-02-18 11:10|| Front Page Top

#8 Who?
Posted by Lex 2020-02-18 11:17||   2020-02-18 11:17|| Front Page Top

#9 Reality TV Show idea: Force our most obnoxious and arrogant billionaires to live together on an Indiana farm for a year, with a budget restricted to the average yearly budget for a typical US farming household, without their helpers and without mobile phones, and eating only what they can manage to produce. No trips to Whole Foods. No ordering any deliveries. No cheating or manipulating markets.

Watch them fall on their faces, cut themselves, stage hissy fits, cry and moan and piss on each other.

Let's see what they're made of.

Actually, maybe this should be required of all our presidential candidates too.
Posted by Lex 2020-02-18 11:25||   2020-02-18 11:25|| Front Page Top

#10 Nobody talks about Biden gaffes anymore.

According to the charming flurry of c-level commercials Bloomers is flooding the market with, Bloomers has the coveted I Get To Use Obama Footage In My Commercials award.

Which makes the case obvious Biden's run was chaff in the face of criminal investigations.
Posted by swksvolFF 2020-02-18 11:32||   2020-02-18 11:32|| Front Page Top

#11 Also he gets to go to the next debate because he scored 20% in a laughable NPR/PBS poll, so that check cleared.
Posted by swksvolFF 2020-02-18 12:14||   2020-02-18 12:14|| Front Page Top

#12 He is right, if we go universal healthcare this type of thing will happen and Bernie and friends are lying about it. hopefully the left will have an honest conversation on this. Ha, ha, ha.
Posted by rjschwarz 2020-02-18 13:40||   2020-02-18 13:40|| Front Page Top

#13 What about a 79 year old who has a heart attack?
Posted by swksvolFF 2020-02-18 15:17||   2020-02-18 15:17|| Front Page Top

#14 What about Ruth Buzzie Ginzzberg?
Posted by Regular joe 2020-02-18 16:35||   2020-02-18 16:35|| Front Page Top

#15 It starts with age and quickly goes to wokeness, contribution to society rating, political elitist affiliation....
Posted by Airandee 2020-02-18 17:31||   2020-02-18 17:31|| Front Page Top

#16 Maybe we all should just kill ourselves on our 60th birthday. Make a ceremony of it, call it something flashy like: The Resolution.
Posted by swksvolFF 2020-02-18 17:39||   2020-02-18 17:39|| Front Page Top

#17 It's a good thing the Democrats all just senile bastards and underqualified wenches. Warms my heart when they let the music of their thoughts be heard.
Posted by Dron66046 2020-02-18 18:34||   2020-02-18 18:34|| Front Page Top

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