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2019-05-05 Israel-Palestine-Jordan
Gaza Twitter Round-up: Over 400 Gaza rockets, Israelis hit 180 sites, and much more
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Posted by Fred 2019-05-05 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [10794 views ]  Top
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#1 Take it to em. Shut off water and power
Posted by Frank G 2019-05-05 06:35||   2019-05-05 06:35|| Front Page Top

#2 yeah shut it off by carpet bombing them
Posted by chris 2019-05-05 07:25||   2019-05-05 07:25|| Front Page Top

#3 the IDF killed a Hamas field commander about an hour ago

also, the IDF says it has preliminary target data on a number of tunnels
Posted by lord garth 2019-05-05 08:25||   2019-05-05 08:25|| Front Page Top

#4 Targeted killings begin as security cabinet directs IDF to intensify strikes
The IDF spokesman announced the assassination of Hamed Ahmed Abed Khudri, which would mark the first time in a number of years that the IDF has used targeted assassinations against terrorist leaders.
Posted by Frank G 2019-05-05 10:16||   2019-05-05 10:16|| Front Page Top

#5 At least those summoned to Egypt for discussions are safe for the moment...
Posted by trailing wife 2019-05-05 13:30||   2019-05-05 13:30|| Front Page Top

#6 Over 600 rockets a couple of hours ago, according to today’s Times of Israel liveblog. But they have over 10,000 in stock somewhere.

3dc sent me this twitter link, commenting, “Paratroopers are gathering in Israel.”
Posted by trailing wife 2019-05-05 13:48||   2019-05-05 13:48|| Front Page Top

#7 yeah shut it off by carpet bombing them

You can just imagine the wailing, moaning and gnashing of the teeth if Trump were to lend them some Buffaloes but it just might put a stop to this nonsense right quick.
Posted by Abu Uluque 2019-05-05 14:23||   2019-05-05 14:23|| Front Page Top

#8 TOI: Tanks and reservists also called up - may be an offensive incursion
Posted by Frank G 2019-05-05 14:55||   2019-05-05 14:55|| Front Page Top

#9 @IDF on Twitter
Pics Hamas published of its rocket launches. They blur the bottom. Why?

1. So we won't know where the launch site is
2. So you won't see that they’re firing from civilian homes in Gaza

We have 2 things to say:
1. We know where they’re firing from
2. The blur isn't that good

Posted by Frank G 2019-05-05 15:16||   2019-05-05 15:16|| Front Page Top

#10 Three or four MOABs to soften up the target before sending the troops in. That'll do it. target the rocket storage sites..
Posted by Seeking Cure For Ignorance 2019-05-05 16:00||   2019-05-05 16:00|| Front Page Top

#11 Time to mow<\del> thatch the grass.
Posted by gorb 2019-05-05 17:39||   2019-05-05 17:39|| Front Page Top

#12 Oops. Time to fix my post. Sorry.
Posted by gorb 2019-05-05 17:39||   2019-05-05 17:39|| Front Page Top

#13 When should they start cleaning out the Congress?
Posted by AlanC 2019-05-05 19:30||   2019-05-05 19:30|| Front Page Top

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