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Home Front: Politix
Never Mind? New York Times stealth edits its big scoop on the NRA and President Trump
[Twitchy] On Friday, the New York Times reported that President Trump met with NRA head Wayne LaPierre and that in return for their support as he head toward impeachment, the president would “‘stop the games’ over gun control legislation.”

But in the hours since they published the article, the NYT has stealth-edited the quid pro quo part out:
It’s Twitchy, so most of the article is actually tweets, which can be seen at the link.
It does say in the article that it was “Updated 6:23 p.m. ET,” but there’s no editor’s note to suggest what was changed:
Another tweet at the link says exactly that.
Wayne LaPierre: 2019-09-28 CNN: Trump and NRA head met at White House (!)
Wayne LaPierre: 2018-02-24 The answer to the problem of gun violence cannot just be “more guns.”
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Posted by:trailing wife

#1  The way WLP is burning the NRA down you'd think the media would go with that "Never distract your enemy while he's destroying his self."
Posted by: M. Murcek   2019-09-30 08:01