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-Land of the Free
The Second Amendment Is One Supreme Court Justice from Repeal
In August, my colleague Charlie Cooke wrote an epic rant daring the Left to stop talking about repealing the Second Amendment and start doing it. Introduce the repeal to Congress, work it through the states, and tell the American people what you want to do -- take from them a fundamental, enumerated right from the Bill of Rights. As Charlie eloquently outlines, repealing the Second Amendment is an impossible task. Even worse for the Left, it's political suicide.

But if the Supreme Court's decision in Obergefell v. Hodges teaches us anything, it's that the age of judicial supremacy means that five justices can amend the Constitution far more efficiently than Congress and the state legislatures. And right now there are clearly four Supreme Court justices who are committed to the absurd view that the operative clause of the Second Amendment -- "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed" -- doesn't actually mean "the right of the people" and therefore doesn't encompass an individual right to own a weapon, even for self-defense. This view defies history yet is received, conventional wisdom on the judicial Left, in much the same way that it's received, conventional wisdom that the Constitution actually protects rights to abortion and gay marriage.

It is certain that the next Democratic nominee for the Supreme Court will adopt that same ahistorical view, and if that nominee replaces, for example, Justice Kennedy or Justice Scalia, then the five-justice majority in District of Columbia v. Heller will be gone. If that majority goes, then the next gun-rights case will transform the Second Amendment into nothing more than a historical artifact of the era when the militia consisted of able-bodied men with muskets over their mantles.
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Posted by: Blossom Unains5562 || 10/10/2015 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [38 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Just need more things like this to finally remove the blinders from the rubes eyes who desperately want to believe the fantasy that its still a constitutional republic and not an oligarchy. Maybe because faced with the reality that its no longer a legitimate democratic/republican form of government they actually might have to do something, but would rather just go along thus in a sense giving their consent to be so governed.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

It's time to stop talking about tea, and long past time to question the very legitimacy of those who've rigged the system to serve their interests and their agents.
Posted by: Procopius2k || 10/10/2015 8:21 Comments || Top||

The Grand Turk
HDP asking for the blessing of military and police voters
[Hurriyet Daily News] How many are they and what motives did they vote with? Was it because they had demands and expectations from the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) or just because of their opposition to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
... Turkey's version of Mohammed Morsi but they voted him back in so they deserve him...

The only data available is from certain voting stations located where the lodgings for military and police families are. There are no further breakdowns available.

But if HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtas feels he owes them also, so much the better.

Is there any point in trying to falsify it by saying "No, none of the members of the families of the military or the police would vote for you; even if they do, it is not because of their love for you; but either they are parallel or because of their hatred for Erdogan. Don't assume they are your votes."

However you assume and whichever way you count, it is a good thing that the HDP wants to connect with military and police families, to make a political and moral commitment for them, to feel responsible, to have their blessing. Actually it is a very good thing...

I personally would not question this any further... As long as a political party, which has obtained the preference of 13 percent of the total votes that make up the national will, does not demonize the military and the police and does not declare terror as innocent...

In his speech in Diyarbakir earlier this week, Demirtas mentioned the families of deaders: "Police and military staff families also voted for us in the west; we know that. Now, their sons are losing their lives. We owe all of them; we are obligated to bring peace; to stop the war..."

There is no point in questioning the accuracy of this. I hope it is right. I hope the HDP will play the role it has not played until today -- to replace armed struggle with the unarmed struggle to stop the festivities...

I hope these words do not echo on the rugged rocks of the Kandil mountain and come back as empty election pledges after Nov. 1... I hope this time the HDP does its share as the living proof of the fact that the weapons in the hands of the PKK have lost their meaning.

I hope he does not forget that the votes he received from the east or the west are a preference for unarmed struggle against armed struggle; he keeps it in his mind that these votes were given to him to support civilian politics.
Posted by: Fred || 10/10/2015 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [12 views] Top|| File under:

Jinns invade campuses
[DAWN] LAST week, a workshop titled 'Jinns and Black Magic' was organised in Islamabad by the department of humanities at the COMSATS Institute of Technology (CIIT), one of Pakistain's largest universities. The invited speaker, Raja Zia ul Haq, introduced as a 'spiritual cardiologist' is reputedly an expert on demonic possessions and evil spirits. He is popular: a press photograph shows no standing room left in the university's main auditorium.

Interesting logic was used to prove the existence of jinns and black magic. The speaker first categorised all unseen creatures into three types: those that fly; those that change shape and appearance depending upon circumstance; and those that find abode in garbage or dark places. Why, he asked, would Hollywood invest in horror movies and paranormal phenomena if these didn't actually exist?

But hang on! Doesn't his argument force you to accept that Hollywood's popular vampires, werewolves, and zombies are also real, not mere fiction? Surely this nonsensical claim could have been challenged by a single bold person in the audience. But, as at all such events, the organisers ensured that the preacher's three-hour monologue would be uninterruptable.
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Posted by: Fred || 10/10/2015 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [43 views] Top|| File under:

#1  ....And these people have nuclear weapons.

Posted by: Mike Kozlowski || 10/10/2015 8:22 Comments || Top||

Outrage over religious intolerance in India, while silence over similar incidents at home
[NATION.PK] Over the past many days the social media is outraged over the recent incidents of religious intolerance in India. For those who have managed to miss it, I am talking about the lynching of a Muslim man in Dadri, UP. According to the news reports available the man was alleged to have slaughtered a cow and consumed its meat. Some hard boyz didn't like this and decided to go and kill the poor guy and injured his son badly. Reactions from both sides then erupted, where a vast majority of people condemned the act and insisted that the culprits behind it be brought to justice immediately. Much politico point scoring was also carried out and all the bigwigs made a beeline towards the small inconspicuous Dadri to express 'sympathies' with the family and the Muslim community of the area. Since this incident, the police has made several arrests and many people are already under investigation. At the same time a few human angle stories have also sprouted up. Non-Muslims have provided a safe passage to Muslims who were in danger, at great personal risk.

This incident, coupled with a few others related to the beef ban, has put the Muslim sympathizing people of Pakistain into some kind of frenzy. Most of us feel personally betrayed at the grave intolerance which is taking place in India. This has also given some people a free for all to bring in other Muslim victimization issues like the atrocities committed in Kashmire, the acts of Mukti Bahni in 1971, the Babri Masjid incident, etc. However,
a poor excuse is better than no excuse at all...
what I didn't see was anyone juxtaposing these incidents with those that have taken place in Pakistain in the recent past, like the lynching of the Christian couple last year, or the ongoing kidnapping and forced conversions of young Hindu girls mainly in Sindh. Then there was also the horrible incident of the destruction of the Ahmadi house on the instigation of a famous televangelist. How about the atrocities committed on Shias in this country day in and day out? All of this is done on the basis of the religious beliefs. Political instigation, point scoring and even capital gains are motivations.
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Posted by: Fred || 10/10/2015 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [25 views] Top|| File under: Govt of Pakistan

A forewarning story of misogyny
[NATION.PK] The past week brought forth the most startling of news one could imagine from the already steady stream of surprises - "12 year old girl beaten to death by father and brother." The only thing more devastating than the tragedy itself was the cause of it. The young girl, later identified as Aniqa Khalid, was murdered because apparently her "rotis" were not round enough. Not only does this instance signify the prevalent cruelty in Pakistain, it also puts into question the uncertain status of women in our society.

The Pak society is plagued with instances of domestic violence: forceful marriages of underage girls, rape cases, and a list of such crimes that is apparently a never-ending one. Sadly, a Pak girl's life is replete with instances of gender discrimination if not the more disturbing accounts of domestic violence. Much of the inequality can be attributed to a long standing gender norms and roles that have dictated the lives of Pak women. Even in this day and age, the woman who spends most of her time stranded within the confines of her kitchen earns a status much elevated than that of a woman who is career oriented; the reason being that gender roles surrounding Pak woman require her to be a homemaker. Throughout her adolescence she is taught to be passive and submissive. Her conduct must be replicative of the society's morality; for it is her frail shoulders that the entire society's morality rests upon. In addition, she must perfect at managing the house while keeping her demeanor overtly shy and decent. Dupatta clad? That calls for bonus points. If all the requirements are spot on, her parents have done a fine job raising her.

On the contrary, a woman who prioritizes her career over family is clearly an abomination. In fact, she is the root of all evil. And if she stays out late at night, God forbid, she could be the reason for the onset of a formidable calamity. These are some of the basic standards that we require our women to live up to. Speaking of bare minimum traits required in a woman, one cannot help but fathom the dress code requirement. She must dress to protect her modesty. Her apparel must not tamper with the minds of innocent men or in such case, must certainly not jeopardize their modesty. A woman who dresses in "provocative" ways indeed "invites" trouble; for the lewd stares were an innocent response to the indecent apparel adorned by these women. In fact, it is precisely what derailed these pious men from the path of righteousness. Hence, the ogling is a natural response and given the circumstances, it is only normal for a man to act in such a way. After all, boys will be boys, no?
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Posted by: Fred || 10/10/2015 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [25 views] Top|| File under: Govt of Pakistan

Don't Chase Putin Out of Syria ‐ Let Him Fail On His Own
Putin is no chess master.
He's matched up against Obama. He doesn't have to be.
He overstretched and misstepped in Syria, and U.S. would be wiser to wait him out than chase him out.
Someone is parroting the White House line and calling it original thinking...
With each Russian escalatory step in Syria, the situation only seems to get worse.
To whom?
Critics pile on, citing it as an example of President Barack Obama's "failed" foreign policy, calling for Obama to "do something" -- confront Moscow, punish it for its reckless behavior, reassert leadership. But what would that something be?
Something other than what Champ is doing now?
Across the political spectrum, there are calls for a more muscular U.S. approach in Syria. Some are talking of proxy battles,
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Posted by: Blossom Unains5562 || 10/10/2015 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [73 views] Top|| File under:

#1  Has this piece been written by the white house?

Agree with Blossom
Posted by: paul || 10/10/2015 1:24 Comments || Top||

#2  Putin wages war.
Obama wages PR.

The difference between modern warfare and primitive warfare. The former is gearing one's entire means to achieve victory, the other is a display of bravado with some throwing of spears and words/sounds trying to intimidate an opponent (regardless of the modernity of the tools and equipment).
Posted by: Procopius2k || 10/10/2015 5:36 Comments || Top||

#3  'Great Powers don't have friends. They only have interests.'

Otto Von Bismark from memory
Posted by: phil_b || 10/10/2015 5:37 Comments || Top||

Terror Networks
Islamic State: If 10 Muslims Rape A Non-Muslim Woman, She Becomes Muslim
[FrontPageMagazine] Apparently Islam is a lot like an STD. Except it's transmitted through rape and mass murder. At least that's what the Islamic State says. And who can question the Caliph?

Noor (not her real name) was sold into slavery after ISIS overran her village in the Iraqi province of Sinjar. The 22-year-old says the militant who picked her out raped her -- but not before trying to justify himself.

"He showed me a letter and said, 'This shows any captured women will become Muslim if 10 ISIS fighters rape her.' There was a flag of ISIS and a picture of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi."

After abusing her, he passed her on to 11 of his friends, who also raped her.

Islamic State Jihadists had previously described raping non-Muslim children as a form of worship of Allah.

In the moments before he raped the 12-year-old girl, the Islamic State fighter took the time to explain that what he was about to do was not a sin. Because the preteen girl practiced a religion other than Islam, the Quran not only gave him the right to rape her -- it condoned and encouraged it, he insisted.

He bound her hands and gagged her. Then he knelt beside the bed and prostrated himself in prayer before getting on top of her. When it was over, he knelt to pray again, bookending the rape with acts of religious devotion.

"I kept telling him it hurts -- please stop," said the girl, whose body is so small an adult could circle her waist with two hands.

"He told me that according to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever. He said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to Allah," she said in an interview alongside her family in a refugee camp here, to which she escaped after 11 months of captivity.

Every time that he came to rape me, he would pray," said F, a 15-year-old girl who was captured on the shoulder of Mount Sinjar one year ago and was sold to an Iraqi fighter in his 20s. Like some others interviewed by The New York Times, she wanted to be identified only by her first initial because of the shame associated with rape.

"He kept telling me this is ibadah," she said, using a term from Islamic scripture meaning worship.

"He said that raping me is his prayer to Allah. I said to him, 'What you're doing to me is wrong, and it will not bring you closer to Allah.' And he said, 'No, it's allowed. It's halal,' " said the teenager, who escaped in April with the help of smugglers after being enslaved for nearly nine months....

Of course CNN throws in the obligatory claim that enslaving and raping women is un-Islamic. But that would make Islam's Prophet Mohammed... Un-Islamic.

"The people of ISIS don't represent Islam at all. In fact, if anything, they are anti-Islam," says London-based Imam Ajmal Masroor. "They have hijacked Islam. They have denigrated Islam. They have desecrated it."

"In Islam taking anyone as captive, mistreating them using them as sex slaves, torturing them and killing them is totally prohibited.

Except that Mohammed had sex slaves and his men distributed captives. Is the Koran un-Islamic?

The ISIS pamphlet in support of sex slavery quotes the Koran.

"Question 4: Is it permissible to have intercourse with a female captive?

"It is permissible to have sexual intercourse with the female captive. Allah the almighty said: '[Successful are the believers] who guard their chastity, except from their wives or (the captives and slaves) that their right hands possess, for then they are free from blame [Koran 23:5-6]'..."

Mohammed enslaved and raped women. Did Mohammed hijack Islam?
Posted by: Vast Right Wing Conspiracy || 10/10/2015 00:00 || Comments || Link || E-Mail|| [32 views] Top|| File under: Islamic State

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