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Tuesday November 24th, 2015

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-Signs, Portents, and the Weather-: Obama Says Global Climate Conference in Paris Will Be 'a Powerful Rebuke to the Terrorists'
Posted by DarthVader 11/24/2015  16:31 7 Comments 12 words Read the whole thing on page 6
#1: Yep. He's gonna get a lot more innocent people killed.

Anything to bring down America and advance global jihad, eh Hussein?
Posted by: DarthVader|| 2015-11-24 16:33 ||Comments

#2: Hostage situation reported in northern France
Posted by: g(r)omgoru|| 2015-11-24 16:48 ||Comments

#3: This broke my BS meter.
Posted by: Anguper Hupomosing9418|| 2015-11-24 17:38 ||Comments

#4: Worse yet... People are taking him seriously..

What is he gong to do? Bribe them with carbon credits?
Posted by: CrazyFool|| 2015-11-24 18:17 ||Comments

#5: they have an imaginary skydaddy who forgives all their sins if they kill themselves while murdering random civilians

we have hot air...

who will win?
Posted by: anon1|| 2015-11-24 19:14 ||Comments

#6: we have hot air...

If the hot air was from blast overpressure...
Posted by: SteveS|| 2015-11-24 19:45 ||Comments

#7: LOL!
Posted by: Sven the pelter|| 2015-11-24 20:09 ||Comments

Science & Technology: Blue Origin - Successful launch and landing of booster and capsule
Posted by 3dc 11/24/2015  15:03 4 Comments 32 words Read the whole thing on page 3
Blue Origin - Successful launch and landing of booster and capsule
#1: The new space race is on!
Posted by: DarthVader|| 2015-11-24 15:52 ||Comments

Posted by: 3dc|| 2015-11-24 16:58 ||Comments

#3: Bright spot for the day.
Posted by: Whiskey Mike|| 2015-11-24 17:26 ||Comments

#4: Hey, they didn't build that!
Posted by: Barack Obama|| 2015-11-24 18:59 ||Comments

Syria-Lebanon-Iran: Red on Red: al-Qaeda suicide bomber kills IS leaders in Syria
Posted by frozen al 11/24/2015  13:11 3 Comments 0 words Read the whole thing on page 1

The Grand Turk: Russian entry into Turkish airspace lasted 'seconds'
Posted by Steve White 11/24/2015  13:03 5 Comments 125 words Read the whole thing on page 1
The United States believes Russia's incursion into Turkish airspace on Tuesday likely lasted only a matter of seconds before Turkey shot down a Russian warplane, a U.S. official said, saying the assessment was based on preliminary indications.
Seconds? That means the Turks were alert, tracking the aircraft (perhaps from time of take-off from the base in Latakia) and in no mood to tolerate any incursion of any kind.
The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the United States was still investigating the incident.
Obama can't possibly know what do to here. He doesn't have the experience, moral character or resolve.
#1: Does it mean, Obama is smart enough not to interfere when Turkey is taught a lesson?
Posted by: g(r)omgoru|| 2015-11-24 13:26 ||Comments

#2: Well considering the Israelis blew away another Syrian SU-24 in 2014 when it just went 800 meters into Israel during an about face, one should consider that people take their air space security very seriously in this area and act accordingly.
Posted by: DarthVader|| 2015-11-24 13:40 ||Comments

#3: When it was shot down it was in Syrian air space. Obama is defending the Turks. He sais, "Turkey has every right to defend it's air space". Too bad he doesn't feel the same 2ay about the U.S.
Posted by: Deacon Blues|| 2015-11-24 14:02 ||Comments

#4: How can we fuck this up best?

In 1862 The Army of the Potomac had faith in only one general, his name was Bobby Lee, he worked for the Army of Northern Virginia. I feel like Putin is in the roll of RE Lee.
Posted by: Shipman|| 2015-11-24 14:21 ||Comments


Careful with frame sizes, folks: nothing wider than 500 pixels. Images/videos that violate that rule can be resized or deleted at the moderators' option.
Posted by: Warthog|| 2015-11-24 19:13 ||Comments

Syria-Lebanon-Iran: Teen Who Wenth To Syria To Join ISIS Killed After Attempting To Flee Raqqa
Posted by DarthVader 11/24/2015  11:58 8 Comments 0 words Read the whole thing on page 2

Terror Networks: FSB: Russian plane bomb planted under passenger seat
Posted by Pappy 11/24/2015  08:52 5 Comments 190 words Read the whole thing on page 2
Using chemical and other forensic tests FSB agents narrowed down the “likely” location of the bomb to seats 30A and 31A, according to a report in Life News. And they added the bomb packed explosives “equal to one kilo of TNT”.

The report added that the bomb appeared to have been stowed in the space usually reserved for a lifejacket, adding to fears that Islamic State may have used a mole inside the airport to smuggle it on board.

“Investigators and secret service experts managed to locate the seat under which the terrorists planted the bomb which destroyed Airbus A321,” says the report in LifeNews.

“The bomb which was equal to one kilo of TNT exploded and its forces went forwards and hit the rows up to 27. The wave went slightly backwards too and hit the row 32.

Although the Kremlin initially rejected the idea, the head of Russia’s FSB security service told President Vladimir Putin last week it was now clear the explosion was caused by a homemade explosive device on board the plane.

A $50 million reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest of those responsible.
#1: “The bomb which was equal to one kilo of TNT exploded and its forces went forwards and hit the rows up to 27. The wave went slightly backwards too and hit the row 32.

You idiots keep telling them how their bomb performed. I'm sure they appreciate the feedback.
Posted by: gorb|| 2015-11-24 11:48 ||Comments

#2: So did Erdoğan finance these mooks?
Posted by: 3dc|| 2015-11-24 11:54 ||Comments

#3: 1 kg explosive force? Not sure how much C4 (for example) that would require but I think that would indeed fit under a seat.
Posted by: Steve White|| 2015-11-24 12:38 ||Comments

#4: 1 kg explosive force? Not sure how much C4 (for example) that would require

This video shows the effect of 10 oz. of C4 going off inside an airliner.


Posted by: frozen al|| 2015-11-24 12:52 ||Comments

#5: C4 releases 40% more energy than TNT. The damage is much greater since the blast wave is much faster.
Posted by: Betty Hitler2611|| 2015-11-24 14:15 ||Comments

The Grand Turk: Putin calls Turkey's downing of Russian jet a 'stab in the back'
Posted by g(r)omgoru 11/24/2015  08:40 25 Comments 39 words Read the whole thing on page 1
President Vladimir Putin called Turkey's downing of a Russian fighter jet "a stab in the back" carried out by the accomplices of terrorists, saying the incident would have serious consequences for Moscow's relations with Ankara.
#1: Hard to argue with that. The question is how will he respond, and how will NATO respond if Turkey is attacked. There is potential here for very bad things - see Sarajevo, 1914 - though I doubt we will see a NATO response to a Russian retaliation against Turkey beyond a harshly worded letter. That, of course, would further embolden Putin to do whatever he wanted (in this case, slapping Erdogan is fine with me, just on general principles.)
Posted by: Glenmore|| 2015-11-24 08:55 ||Comments

#2: Expel Turkey from NATO.
Posted by: swksvolFF|| 2015-11-24 09:00 ||Comments

#3: The same Turkey that once it granted Obama operational space in Incirlik turned around and immediately attacked the Kurds who were fighting ISIS?
Posted by: Procopius2k|| 2015-11-24 09:07 ||Comments

#4: I have no doubt the Russians will punish Turkey. E.g. send weapons to the Kurds, maybe shoot a couple of Turkish planes down if they venture close enough to Syrian airspace.

Of deeper consequence is what NATO will choose to do. The usual cowardice, or courage to identify and deliberately oppose the enemy?
Posted by: si vis pacem, para bellum|| 2015-11-24 09:48 ||Comments

#5: Expel Turkey from NATO. They are not friends of the West, and haven't been for a while. Let them choke on their own ashes.
Posted by: Whiskeymike|| 2015-11-24 09:48 ||Comments

#6: The same Turkey that didn't stand with us in 2003?
Posted by: Steve White|| 2015-11-24 09:49 ||Comments

#7: "Of deeper consequence is what NATO will choose to do. The usual cowardice, or courage to identify and deliberately oppose the enemy?"

I think the definition of enemy is vague given the region/situation/point in time. Which party is more likely to stand with us against the Islamists? Putin would be a better frenemy in that case. I am NOT a fan of Putin, but Erdoğan is not our friend.
Posted by: Whiskeymike|| 2015-11-24 09:58 ||Comments

#8: The Rooshuns were acting as if they owned all the airspace above and around Syria. The Turks have repeatedly warned the Russians (and Syrians) to stay out of their airspace. So yesterday they made good on that. You have to back up your warnings, after all.
Posted by: Steve White|| 2015-11-24 10:03 ||Comments

#9: Valid point, Steve.
Posted by: Whiskeymike|| 2015-11-24 10:05 ||Comments

#10: This is all just as stupid as 1914. It is also a direct result of our meddling in the Middle East. And for what? How did it benefit us to get rid of Saddam, Qdaffy, Mubarak? How would it benefit us to get rid of Assad?

Oh well, maybe another world war will clear the air. Make the world safe for democracy or something.
Posted by: Abu Uluque|| 2015-11-24 10:21 ||Comments

#11: maybe another world war will clear the air
No, but the dust cloud would kick in the nuclear winter effect, and counterbalance the global warming that is responsible for Islamic terrorism.
Posted by: Glenmore|| 2015-11-24 10:30 ||Comments

#12: The Rooshuns were acting as if they owned all the airspace above and around Syria. The Turks have repeatedly warned the Russians (and Syrians) to stay out of their airspace. So yesterday they made good on that. You have to back up your warnings, after all.

Seems to me the Russians were relying on a common sense response from Turkey. Seems to me some Turkish general was out to prove his manhood. This should have been dealt with behind closed doors, not in real time.
Posted by: gorb|| 2015-11-24 11:39 ||Comments

#13: Indeed. Scrambling a flock of interceptors to chase the intruder off is one thing, actively shooting down the plane quite another. The Turks were mad because the Russians are killing their pawns. I'm surprised Erdogan was willing to take this to the next level.

Any naval movement towards Constantinople?
Posted by: SteveS|| 2015-11-24 12:15 ||Comments

#14: SteveWhite. A long time ago Russia and America were allies against the Nazis. Time to dust up that alliance this time against the islamo-nazis.

But of course that will not be made until Omuslim is out of the WH. I fear what can happen in the interim
Posted by: JFM|| 2015-11-24 12:36 ||Comments

#15: Taking out Saddam was not a mistake. Given the time and issues surrounding 9/11 it was necessary. The aftermath was not well done.

Taking out Mubarak, Qaddaffi, going after Assad were pointless and screwed the region for good and all.

Erdogan thinks he is the big boy on that block now and deserves a slap down. Arranging/allowing for Putin to do it would be another colossal mistake but is about what I expect from our current regime.
Posted by: AlanC|| 2015-11-24 12:40 ||Comments

#16: Reportedly the order was given directly by Prime Minister Erdogan... If the Russian plane did enter Turkish airspace, it was only a few seconds according to US Defense analysis.
Posted by: si vis pacem, para bellum|| 2015-11-24 13:10 ||Comments

#17: Rooshun presidential spox Dmitri Peskov said a Russian military response to the incident is not on the table
Posted by: badanov|||| 2015-11-24 13:24 ||Comments

#18: "Yippy, try the sushi, it's to die for"
Posted by: Frank G|| 2015-11-24 13:28 ||Comments

#19: At #15: Mubarak's time had come. He was so old he was just about embalmed. Had he stayed on to the end his evil spawn would have taken power. The problem wasn't displacing Mubarak, it was allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to take power. That's completely at the feet of Obama. Sisi was there and ready the entire time.

Taking out Daffy was indeed pointless from a geopolitical standpoint, as he'd been neutered by Dubya. Daffy was still an evil asshole, so I don't regret too much what happened to him. But the 'aftermath' in Libya has been a complete (and foreseeable) Charlie Fox.

And why anyone, anyone in the West thought that a "red line" would unhorse Assad is beyond me. Assad leaves office only when he's dead, and Obama wasn't ready to arrange that.
Posted by: Steve White|| 2015-11-24 13:48 ||Comments

#20: The Russians and Kurds are interfering with the ISIS oil pipeline to Turkey. Can't have that, now, somebody won't get paid.
Posted by: Deacon Blues|| 2015-11-24 14:07 ||Comments

#21: The Russians have played this game before... many times. They had it coming.
Posted by: European Conservative|| 2015-11-24 15:38 ||Comments

#22: SteveW, Mubarak was on the way out naturally, there was no need for the Incompetent/Evil in Chief to try and insert himself/us in the situation. I can't imagine what Bozo would do differently if his goal was the elevation of the MoBro to dominance in the entire region.

The other "incidents" comport with your view, feckless, ignorant and stupid.
Posted by: AlanC|| 2015-11-24 16:55 ||Comments

#23: The Russo-Ottoman now Russo-Turkey rivalry for control of the Bosphorus + Black Sea Region, Trade has been going on for centuries.



Where the US-N-Only-The-US devols itself to being just One-of-Many OWG-NWO "Co-Superpowers".

E.g. Russia = Putin + Lavrov-desired GLOBAL "MULTI-POLARITY", NOT UNI-POLAR.


Posted by: JosephMendiola|| 2015-11-24 20:08 ||Comments

#24: Obama, the naiad of the Arab Spring?

Remember all those American NGOs who were issued arrest warrants for illegally politicking? Remember how pissy Obama was when Morsi was ousted; hell contracts were suspended and Egypt scolded. Daffy and Assad were supposed to just hang your hat, old boy, the days of your kind are over. When they fought back, and started winning, is when NATO began military operations - the NFZs, bullets and beans. That effort only left a void in Libya and introduced actual Iranian and Russian troops in Syria.

Could you imagine: an Obama elected -cough- head of government in Libya, Egypt, and Syria, with BFF Erdogon in Turkey, overviewing that trio, and we see where he wants to go, and if Obama's A-Team electioneers had defeated Netenyahu and Israel had their version of John Kerry at the helm?

Erdogon has been trying to get official NATO entry since his F-4 got shot down over Syria. Money from human trafficking. Money from oil. Money for arms trafficking.
Posted by: swksvolFF|| 2015-11-24 20:30 ||Comments



By the above scope, Turkey = Russia, China, + Iran, Other? in finding out their role or value to the Globies + future [US-led Anti-US] OWG-NWO.
Posted by: JosephMendiola|| 2015-11-24 22:48 ||Comments

The Grand Turk: Tensions rise after Turkey shoots down Russian jet, says it will take the issue to the UN, NATO
Posted by anon1 11/24/2015  06:47 62 Comments 439 words Read the whole thing on page 1
Update from Al Ahram at 7:10 a.m. ET:
NATO in 'close contact' with Turkey after Russian jet downed
See also this, posted earlier. Please add all updates over the course of the day to one of these two threads, or we'll end up with a dozen articles and discussion chopped up between them.
[AlAhram] NATO
...the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It's headquartered in Belgium. That sez it all....
is in "close contact" with Ankara and watching developments after key alliance member The Sick Man of Europe Turkey
...the only place on the face of the earth that misses the Ottoman Empire....
shot down a Russian fighter jet on the Syrian border, an official said Tuesday.

"NATO is monitoring the situation closely. We are in contact with Turkish authorities," the official told AFP in an email.

He gave no further details and made no comment when asked whether Turkey would seek an emergency NATO meeting, as it did in early October after Russian planes violated its airspace several times.

On that occasion, NATO condemned the Russian incursions and warned of "the extreme danger of such irresponsible behaviour."

All 28 NATO members pledge a one-for-all, all-for-one response to any military threat if a member invokes what is known as Article Five when it comes under attack.

The only time this has been invoked was by the United States after the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington.
At this point, it seems to me that the under-armied (Europe and Britain) and no-boots-on-the-ground (need you ask, dear Reader?) nations of NATO will choose to continue watching and monitoring rather than actually take on the Russian bear. On the other hand, I can see President Putin sending Russian jets to pound Sultan Recep I's brand new palace into rubble as his opening gambit.
#1: Russia in Turkish airspace, was warned 10 times in 5 minutes.

the stupid factor of having Turkey in NATO now means if Russia retaliates then we are at war with Putin

Note also -- interesting for another reason

Putin has been violating airspace from Portugal to Scotland..... if the jets start getting shot down perhaps this might end
Posted by: anon1|| 2015-11-24 06:51 ||Comments

#2: UPDATE - Russia denies it was in Turkish airspace

NATO calling emergency meeting in a couple of hours

NOTE - all Erdogan the Islamist has to do is set Nato to war against Russia and then the Caliphate gets its enemies to fight each other instead of Islamist fascism
Posted by: anon1|| 2015-11-24 07:31 ||Comments

#3: Just kick Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Turkey of a a nation out of NATO and let Russia have at his Islamic Muslim Brotherhood ass.
Posted by: 3dc|| 2015-11-24 07:34 ||Comments

#4: UPDATE - one of the russian pilots is said to be dead

from the Guardian (enemedia but sadly has a good update page)

A spokesman for the Syrian rebel group which claimed to have captured a Russian pilot whose plane was shot down over northwestern Syria says he was dead upon landing, AP reports.

Jahed Ahmad of the 10th Brigade in the Coast said that the two Russian crew members tried to land in their parachutes in government-held areas after they ejected, but came under fire from members of his group.

He adds that rebels shot one of the pilots, who landed dead on the ground on Tuesday.

The fate of the second pilot was not immediately known.

The group released a video showing gunmen standing around a blond pilot whose face was bruised and appeared dead.
Posted by: anon1|| 2015-11-24 07:39 ||Comments

#5: Thanks for staying on top of this for us early in the American morning, anon1.
Posted by: trailing wife|| 2015-11-24 07:48 ||Comments

#6: no worries TW

UPDATE - Twitter video here said to be of russian pilot. Note - you need to sign up for twitter
Posted by: anon1|| 2015-11-24 07:59 ||Comments

#7: Yesterday's post on 5 triggers to WWIII seems to have a new immediacy now.

Could Obastard have stewed up a bigger mess of $hit in the world than he has done? Maybe he needs to tell Putin to press that reset button.
Posted by: AlanC|| 2015-11-24 08:03 ||Comments

#8: UPDATE- alleged flight path of russian jet also on twitter here

ps - in above link to video allegedly of downed russian pilot. He is dead. There is no parachute suggesting he survived landing and was killed or died after. The turbans are yelling allahu akhbar and russki russki. (via reddit)
Posted by: anon1|| 2015-11-24 08:03 ||Comments

#9: Fish-hooks check
Pennacillin check
Whiskey- um, Hummm who been in the emergency Rum?
Bong - Where it is?

Srsly tho, my hair stood on end reading the headline.
Posted by: Shipman|| 2015-11-24 08:08 ||Comments

#10: UPDATE - via bellingcat which has lots of good info - id Russian pilot as being from Latakia by his helmet

for those without twitter - YouTube video of Russian pilot, clearer but WARNING - GRAPHIC
Posted by: anon1|| 2015-11-24 08:11 ||Comments

#11: Well, looks like the discussion on here from yesterday is coming to fruition.
Posted by: chris|| 2015-11-24 08:18 ||Comments

#12: I see, after the dust settles, Turkish Kurdistan as no flight zone.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru|| 2015-11-24 08:27 ||Comments

#13: p.s. Su-24 is a bomber, not a fighter.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru|| 2015-11-24 08:35 ||Comments

#14: Rooshuns are saying it was their SU-24 bomber, hit while flying at 18,000 feet (6,000 meters)

The Rooshuns claim it was flying in Syrian airspace and that both pilots ejected.

The MoD insists it was hit by ground fire.

The SU-24 is one of the oldest military aircraft still in use.
Posted by: badanov|||| 2015-11-24 08:35 ||Comments

#15: Hmmm. Bomb the only party that is fighting Daesh on the ground. Withhold any support to the Kurds especially when they fight Daesh close to the Turkish border. Next, enable a flood of "Syrian refugees" to swarm Greece and Western Europe, directly leading to terror attacks in Paris, and a complete shutdown of Brussels. Next, shoot down a Russian bomber while it is attacking Daesh and other Islamofascists.

One would legitimately think Turkey is on the side of Daesh.

NATO will have to choose which side it's on. One should also consider the Turkish treachery during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Posted by: si vis pacem, para bellum|| 2015-11-24 08:48 ||Comments

#16: NATO have no militaries and we have no CiC.

We are well and truly hosed.
Posted by: badanov|||| 2015-11-24 08:53 ||Comments

#17: Well to me this proves that Turkey is actively and openly supporting ISIS.

I say its time to show Turkey the door.

They are running contrary to NATO and are actively supporting groups that are attacking NATO members SOOOO..........

Just sit back and watch Putin send a cruise missile or two into Erdogan's Villa's back yard.
Posted by: Mystic|| 2015-11-24 09:00 ||Comments

#18: SU-24 is way younger than our B-52.
Posted by: Glenmore|| 2015-11-24 09:00 ||Comments

#19: Hard to argue with that. The question is how will he respond, and how will NATO respond if Turkey is attacked. There is potential here for very bad things - see Sarajevo, 1914 - though I doubt we will see a NATO response to a Russian retaliation against Turkey beyond a harshly worded letter. That, of course, would further embolden Putin to do whatever he wanted (in this case, slapping Erdogan is fine with me, just on general principles.) (copied from different thread.)
Posted by: Glenmore|| 2015-11-24 09:01 ||Comments

#20: So the Muzzie ground forces admit shooting at the parachuting Russians - isn't that a war crime?
Posted by: Glenmore|| 2015-11-24 09:02 ||Comments

#21: UPDATE - Russian citizens have found one of the YouTube videos showing the jihadis celebrating with their allan snackbars.

There is a torrent of cyrilic alphabet hate. But from what is in English, here is a sample - *Russia should nuke Turkish gypsies. And if USA will try to invade Russia then Russia should nuke USrael too*


*once upon a time was a country with name turkey*

I think it is safe to say the Russian public response to the images of their fighter pilots busted up, dead and surrounded by allan snackbars jubillating and pointing at the sky is going to be enraged
Posted by: anon1|| 2015-11-24 09:13 ||Comments

#22: I hope that the JCS can stop our Muslim Brotherhood Prez Obama from siding with Turkey.
Posted by: 3dc|| 2015-11-24 09:19 ||Comments

#23: We're about to find out if Obama is more Muslim than Marxist. Decisions, decisions, decisions.
Posted by: Procopius2k|| 2015-11-24 09:26 ||Comments

#24: Why P2K: Islam & Marxism (revenge against betrayers of world revolution) go together here. So, it's no question.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru|| 2015-11-24 09:31 ||Comments

#25: UPDATE -
there are reports (and images) of the alleged downing of Russian helicopter involved in the rescue of the Su-24 aircrew
Posted by: anon1|| 2015-11-24 09:40 ||Comments

#26: Well, I guess you're right, given that all seek the 'fundamental transformation' of America. This is their opportunity. Fallout 5 - coming to your neighborhood.
Posted by: Procopius2k|| 2015-11-24 09:41 ||Comments

#27: UPDATE - from Bellingcat twitter feed - crew from downed rescue heli was evacuated by other helicopter. Then RUS air force destroyed wreckage.

PUTIN - in his statement has accused Turkey of funding and supporting Islamic State, said the oil is bought by Turkey -> financing terrorism. Said nothing should be left alive on the ground where the russian jets were shot down if it is true the pilots were killed. Said turkey are accomplices of terrorism. Called it a *stab in the back* - and said they ran off to NATO as if Russia had shot down a Turkish jet. -- all this is second hand off bellingcat twitter feed

Link to Putin actual live YouTube webcast is here
Posted by: anon1|| 2015-11-24 09:57 ||Comments

#28: Putin isn't just protecting Assad, he's going to re conquer Syria for Assad and take out all resistance, even non ISIS and western back rebels, and that might mean WW3 because Turkey won't want Assad to take back lands that are currently free and run by Ethnic Turks.
Posted by: Sneanter Uliger4939|| 2015-11-24 10:01 ||Comments

#29: Does anyone know if Turkey could be throw out of NATO? There's no reason for them to be in anymore and they are going to cause more trouble. Indeed, it's time to rethink NATO itself.
Posted by: Spot|| 2015-11-24 10:10 ||Comments

#30: That was quick. When we were talking about it yesterday, it all seemed so...theoretical.
Posted by: SteveS|| 2015-11-24 11:00 ||Comments

#31: The problem is we should have tossed Turkey out of NATO years ago. It's awkward to discuss such things on the eve of war. Enemies will see that as weakness in the alliance.

Having said that, if Turkey did shoot the plane down in Syrian airspace perhaps that is all that is necessary to dump them.

Or dissolve the whole thing and structure a new treaty with the Anglosphere instead.
Posted by: rjschwarz|| 2015-11-24 11:08 ||Comments

#32: It is reported that both of the pilots have been executed in there parachute harnesses, and that a Russian search and rescue helicopter sent after them has also been shot down.

I would wholeheartedly support Putin conducting a annihilation bombing campaign along the Syrian/Turkey border, using cluster munitions and thermobaric bombs, to reduce the local surviving population into babbling, shell-shocked recluses.
Posted by: Lone Ranger|| 2015-11-24 11:08 ||Comments

One would legitimately think Turkey is on the side of Daesh.

NATO will have to choose which side it's on.

Yeah. That's not really clear, is it?
Posted by: Abu Uluque|| 2015-11-24 11:24 ||Comments

#34: From a Facebook thread on this very matter:

Turkey (or at least, Erdogan's Turkey, let's say) is pissed off because

1) The Russians are hitting Daesh's "oil pipeline" to Turkey, which profits greatly some Turkish element, including apparently young Bilal Erdogan;

2) Kurdish forces are pushing back de facto Turkish ally Daesh and cutting its logistic lines, as well as creating a viable prot-Kurish State, something that Turkey simply does not want to happen;

3) Russian planes are providing CAS for loyalist fighting back a new push by Turkmenes rebels, backed by Turkey (up to and including artillery support): Turkey has declared an unilateral 15 km/10 miles NFZ into Syria, and this is their ground for claiming airspace violation and repeated warnings during 5 minutes (from their own flight radar pictures, the Russian plane never left Syrian airspace, and only overflew a 2 km wide Turkish "promontory" into Syria, IE a 10-15 secondes max overflight).
Posted by: badanov|||| 2015-11-24 12:43 ||Comments

#35: That's a good assessment there badanov
Posted by: Rex Mundi|| 2015-11-24 12:48 ||Comments

#36: I suspect the Russian response to their pilots being executed will be rather more robust than our response to either a) our Libyan ambassador being executed and dragged through the street or b) our troopers in Mogadishu being shot and dragged through the street.
Posted by: Steve White|| 2015-11-24 12:51 ||Comments

#37: I think Badanov is on it: the Kurdish angle here is the one that I think drives Erdogan more than anything. The Kurd politicians in Turkey actively opposed him in the last two elections and were a key part of the coalition that won the June election. Erdogan has hit the PKK hard over the years and has pursued them into Iraq and Syria. The Syrian Kurdish revolutionary group is an out-and-out enemy to the Turks.

So if the Kurds are fighting ISIS, Erdogan will be sympathetic to the latter just on principles.
Posted by: Steve White|| 2015-11-24 12:54 ||Comments

#38: From Russian military journalist Boris Rozhin's blog, a graphical representation of the area of operation and encounter. The red dotted lines are the Russian aircraft's path.

Posted by: badanov|||| 2015-11-24 12:57 ||Comments

#39: Anon 1's tube at #10

Russian pilots do not wear helmets? mmmhmmm.
Also, FSA? Are they not the ones who are supposed to be fighting ISJV?
Posted by: swksvolFF|| 2015-11-24 13:03 ||Comments

#40: Those comments are not mine, BTW. Sorry.
Posted by: badanov|||| 2015-11-24 13:04 ||Comments

#41: Jeebus, president selfie is farting in the bathtub again.

Cutting off supply lines, reducing influx of foreign fighters - sounds like Turkey.

Expel Turkey from NATO.
Posted by: swksvolFF|| 2015-11-24 13:10 ||Comments

#42: With this act of provocation, or war, whichever you believe, you gotta wonder which side Turkey is on in this conflict.
Posted by: badanov|||| 2015-11-24 13:15 ||Comments

#43: you gotta wonder which side Turkey is on in this conflict

You do?
Posted by: g(r)omgoru|| 2015-11-24 13:22 ||Comments

#44: Turkey is on Turkey's side.

Was the supposed intrusion into Turkish airspace, or that funny little NFZ declared the other week?
Posted by: swksvolFF|| 2015-11-24 13:56 ||Comments

#45: 3dc you are too late. Obumbles has sided with Turkey. It's very obvious whose side he is on.
Posted by: Deacon Blues|| 2015-11-24 14:16 ||Comments

#46: If I was Putin I'd take up the cause of Kurdish independence. It might be logistically complicated but the idea will make Johnny Turk shat himself.
Posted by: rjschwarz|| 2015-11-24 15:08 ||Comments

#47: Obama is consistent in his support of Daesh
Posted by: Rex Mundi|| 2015-11-24 15:17 ||Comments

#48: Mark my words from yesterday. It will be Turkey trying to stop Russian ships on their way to Syria, transiting the Bosphorus that will be the real trigger. Putin absolutely will not tolerate that.
Posted by: phil_b|| 2015-11-24 15:40 ||Comments

#49: Russian Federation MoD said emphatically their aircraft were in Syrian air space the whole time, and that Turkey interceptors made no effort to contact the Russian pilots. A SAR mission mounted using Russian marines was fired on by Syrian rebels, forcing two birds down, one of which was destroyed by rebel mortar fire.
Posted by: badanov|||| 2015-11-24 16:02 ||Comments

#50: Good times. Good times.
Posted by: Frank G|| 2015-11-24 16:06 ||Comments

#51: RT,

“This incident shows for the first time that we are to dealing with an actor who is unpredictable according to statements from various parts of the region – that is not Russia, that is Turkey,” Gabriel said, as cited by DPA news agency. He added that Turkey was playing “a complicated role” in the Syrian conflict.

A clear message Turkey is on its own on this.
Posted by: phil_b|| 2015-11-24 16:32 ||Comments

#52: Obumbles has sided with Turkey. It's very obvious whose side he is on.

As long as it a war of words. How long do you think it remain this way?
Russia has either to give up it's dreams of restored superpower status, or make roast Turkey.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru|| 2015-11-24 16:47 ||Comments

#53: And if you can't believe Russian state media...

The Turks have a good excuse... they should just say they mistook the Russian jet for a Malaysian passenger plane.
Posted by: European Conservative|| 2015-11-24 18:19 ||Comments

#54: Will Russia roast some Turkey for Thanksgiving?

(Had to do it.)
Posted by: charger|| 2015-11-24 18:56 ||Comments

#55: Turkey is about to be stuffed.
Posted by: BrerRabbit|| 2015-11-24 19:06 ||Comments

#56: At #48: no Putin won't tolerate it. There is an international treaty that governs Rooshun ships transiting the Bosporus (The Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits, a 1936 agreement). That treaty gives the Russians guarantees that permit passage of their military ships specifically. Closing the Bosporus to them would be a clear treaty violation.
Posted by: Steve White|| 2015-11-24 19:30 ||Comments

#57: Closing the Bosporus to them would be a clear treaty violation.

*Then* could we kick Turkey out of NATO? Because I can see Erdogan doing this to establish his Islamic bona fides and to show he isn't a puppet of the West.
Posted by: SteveS|| 2015-11-24 19:48 ||Comments

#58: wikipedia,

In April 1982, the Convention was amended to allow Turkey to close the Straits at its discretion in peacetime as well as during wartime.
Posted by: phil_b|| 2015-11-24 20:06 ||Comments

#59: Badanov on his comment #34, IMHO is spot on the mark. ISIS oil flows through by and large into Iraq through Mosul or through Turkey in multiple smuggling routes. So someone in Turkey is losing his share of cut.

Turkey is sticking it to the EU because they were not allowed in. So they transit refugees, migrants, and jihadies on a flood. Another means of getting fees for transit.

Erdogon wants to set his country up as the Ottoman Empire V2.0 leader of the Muslims etc etc. IOW, the care and feeding of the hungry ego. He is setting himself up for a fall.

Putin can make Erdogon's life a living hell from many fronts. The PKK could use materiel, all right. Proxy covert ops could raise all kinds of mischief----------or worse. Turkey has been playing all sides and it is catching up with her.
Posted by: Alaska Paul|| 2015-11-24 20:38 ||Comments

#60: Russia is soon going to run out of routes to pipe their gas to Europe.
Posted by: bbrewer126|| 2015-11-24 21:14 ||Comments

#61: May you live in interesting times! Moscow: Just hours after the downing of a Russian warplane by the Turkish air force on Tuesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called on Russian citizens not to visit Turkey for tourism or any other purpose for the time being. He added that he was cancelling his scheduled trip to Istanbul for a meeting with his Turkish counterpart.
The stopping of Russian tourist visits to Turkey would be a major blow to the Turkish economy, as millions of Russians visit the country each year.
Ankara says that the Su-24 jet violated its airspace, while Moscow claims it was shot down in Syrian territory.…/Russians-should-avoid-travel-to-Turk…-
Posted by: 3dc|| 2015-11-24 22:06 ||Comments

#62: Must be hard on VladVedev to resist the historical Russian, Tsarist, or even Soviet urge to invade Turkey???

Trade, + now add Oil-Gas = Pipeline-istan to the mix.
Posted by: JosephMendiola|| 2015-11-24 23:04 ||Comments

The Grand Turk: Turkish F16s shoot down warplane near Syrian border
Posted by Anguper Hupomosing9418 11/24/2015  04:36 10 Comments 177 words Read the whole thing on page 1
Turkish fighter jets shot down a warplane near the Syrian border after it violated Turkey's airspace on Tuesday, a Turkish military official said, but the nationality of the downed aircraft was not immediately clear.
Ruskie Defense Ministry acknowledges the flight and asserts it was over Syrian territory, per Fox. There are also reports of two helicopters attempting to rescue the pair of airmen who successfully ejected and are trying to evade capture at the moment.
Both Russia and its ally, Syria's government, have carried out strikes in the area. A Syrian military source said the reported downing was being investigated and Russia's defense ministry was not immediately available for comment.

Turkish F16s warned the jet over the airspace violations before shooting it down, the military official told Reuters.
See also subsequent article here.
#1: Oddly enough, we were just talking about this yesterday. link
Posted by: trailing wife|| 2015-11-24 07:36 ||Comments

#2: At what point do we get honest and lump Turkey onto the ISIS side of the conflict.
Posted by: rjschwarz|| 2015-11-24 11:02 ||Comments

#3: THis is not an F-16. This looks like an old A-4 Skyhawk.
Posted by: JFM|| 2015-11-24 11:59 ||Comments

#4: The picture may well only be for illustrative purposes only, JFM. We do that a lot here at Rantburg -- and not all of us know our flying machines.
Posted by: trailing wife|| 2015-11-24 13:35 ||Comments

#5: The pic is of a genuine Su-24.
Posted by: Steve White|| 2015-11-24 13:50 ||Comments

#6: Wasn't that USSRs answer to the F-111 Aardvark?
Posted by: swksvolFF|| 2015-11-24 13:58 ||Comments

#7: Re #6: yes, the Aardvarkski, some say.
Posted by: USN, Ret.|| 2015-11-24 15:36 ||Comments

#8: Ethnic Turkmen in Syria admit killing Russian pilots as they parachuted.
I suspect things will become extremely unpleasant for ethnic Turkmen in Syria, in the very near future, if it hasn't already happened today.
Posted by: Anguper Hupomosing9418|| 2015-11-24 17:07 ||Comments

#9: Oddly enough, we were just talking about this yesterday
You don't need to be a professional metereologist to be able to tell which way the wind is blowing.
Posted by: Anguper Hupomosing9418|| 2015-11-24 17:08 ||Comments

#10: Migs have been putting F-16's under missile lock. My take is an F-16 pilot took exception. Shooting parachuting pilots will have consequences....
Posted by: Sven the pelter|| 2015-11-24 20:05 ||Comments

Southeast Asia: Military court charges two in Bangkok blast
Posted by ryuge 11/24/2015  02:32 0 Comments 124 words Read the whole thing on page 1
[AlJizz] A Thai military court has charged two men police accused of carrying out a deadly bombing at a Bangkok shrine that killed 20 people and left more than 120 wounded. The pair, identified as Adem Karadag and Yusufu Miefaili, faced 10 charges on Tuesday in connection with the August 17 blast at the Erawan Shrine.

Officials said there was no political or religious motivation behind the attack. They say the explosion was revenge by a people-smuggling network against Thai authorities for breaking up their operation.

The two have been held at an army base since their arrests in August and September. They are being tried at a military court, where cases of national security have been handled since the army seized power in a coup in May.

Home Front: Culture Wars: Black Oregon college student assaulted by three white classmates
Posted by g(r)omgoru 11/24/2015  01:17 10 Comments 117 words Read the whole thing on page 3
The assault of a black Oregon college student by three white students is being investigated by a police hate crime unit and comes days after Portland police received reports of racist threats on social media, authorities said on Monday.

The 26-year-old black man was assaulted on Friday night by three white men near the campus pool at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, police said.

"The victim told police that the suspect used racial epithets before assaulting him," Portland Police Department spokesman Pete Simpson said in a statement. "The victim fought back and was able to get away and go to his residence on campus."
Place your bets here
#1: I bet....

Posted by: DarthVader|| 2015-11-24 01:41 ||Comments

#2: I have a $3 bill on "fake"! or "it never happened"
Posted by: Nguard|| 2015-11-24 01:52 ||Comments

#3: C) they were black females who self-identified as white...and male
Posted by: Frank G|| 2015-11-24 07:22 ||Comments

#4: Hoax.
Posted by: jvalentour|| 2015-11-24 09:23 ||Comments

#5: #14 chris pored over JOE fully loaded,
The CAPS and the slugs he decoded:
"I thought I heard singing...
Then clacking, bells ringing..."
And that's when his noggin exploded!
Posted by: Zenobia Floger6220 || 11/23/2015 23:09 Comments || Top||

#15 Oops. Scrap the attributive colon

Okay so Ima out ZF him or itn an English Teacher!

Hear them Down on Rantburg Square
Dropping Essie's every where,
I'd rather see my students shooting smack!

You sir!
Did you go to school?
Yup, Gainesville by a mule.

Have you a pet?
A dawg!

No one taught him dawg instead of dog,
Hear a Georgia man Or worse A Dothan man converse,
I'd rather be fishing on the flats!
Rednecks, loading up their arms (points at Deacon)

Next up Mall Fair Laddie, in which A young urban yoot is removed from WalMart and taught to steal from Saks 5th Ave.

Posted by: Shipman|| 2015-11-24 10:07 ||Comments

#6: Woops
Posted by: Shipman|| 2015-11-24 10:08 ||Comments

#7: Obvious hoax - someone's telling me white Portland hipster types know how to fight?

Snark of the day.
Posted by: Raj|| 2015-11-24 10:31 ||Comments

#8: I had a friend in college. He had a lot of black friends. Actual friends they played basketball with, not just cover-story friends.

Anyway some black guys showed up at a party uninvited and jumped the fence and when thrown out came back with reinforcements. My friend said some really racist things during the fight. Seems his mind just went to 'hurt them in every way possible' and that included hurting their feelings.

Next day we ran into some of the black guys from the fight and they were cool with it. Realized they were dicks. They were pissed at one guy who used a taser during the fight but that's a different story.

Ah, the 80s, when not everything turned into lawsuits and jailtime.
Posted by: rjschwarz|| 2015-11-24 11:01 ||Comments

#9: "Lewis & Clark College officials are investigating a report that a transgender student was assaulted on campus early Saturday morning."

Oregon Live article

I have spent a lot of time on this campus--just lived around the corner, as it were--and this is a small school. "...three white men near the campus pool..." Nah. If you're attending L & C, you're going to be able to pinpoint these "students" pretty darn quickly.
Posted by:|||| 2015-11-24 12:30 ||Comments

#10: Fixed the link so it doesn't break the Burg.
Posted by: trailing wife|| 2015-11-24 13:41 ||Comments

Syria-Lebanon-Iran: U.S. Warplanes Destroy 283 Fuel Trucks in Syria
Posted by trailing wife 11/24/2015  00:43 6 Comments 426 words Read the whole thing on page 1
Some do better with a bit of competition...
[AnNahar] U.S. warplanes have destroyed 283 fuel tankers that were being used to transport oil to help fund the Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
group in eastern Syria, officials said Monday.

The huge air raid is another milestone as the U.S.-led coalition intensifies its campaign against the jihadists and focuses on their oil-smuggling infrastructure, estimated to net the group some $500 million a year.

Pentagon front man Captain Jeff Davis said the strike occurred Saturday between Al Hasakah and Dayr Az Zawr in the east. It came less than a week after another, similar strike destroyed 116 IS fuel trucks.

Just as in that earlier case, U.S. jets on Saturday first conducted a low-flying "show of force" over the trucks, then dropped leaflets telling drivers to flee.

The Pentagon says that while the trucks were being used to support the IS group, the drivers themselves were not thought to be jihadists.

U.S. A-10 air-to-ground attack planes and AC-130 gunships then destroyed the tankers, Davis said, adding there had been no reports of civilian casualties.

"We have very methodically gone through this to ensure that we are doing this in a way that is humane and not going to cause civilian casualties," Davis said, while "also recognizing the fact that these trucks are an integral link in the revenue stream that is providing revenue ... to ISIL."

Russia, which is conducting a separate air campaign in Syria, claims to have destroyed dozens of fuel trucks and has declared a "free hunt" for any trucks carrying oil "belonging to terrorists" in IS-controlled areas.

A U.S. military front man said that in the earlier U.S. strike that destroyed 116 trucks, the leaflets dropped stated: "Get out of your trucks now, and run away from them."
#1: Did they give them a 45 minute head start this time?
Posted by: DarthVader|| 2015-11-24 01:16 ||Comments

#2: Yes:

Just as in that earlier case, U.S. jets on Saturday first conducted a low-flying "show of force" over the trucks, then dropped leaflets telling drivers to flee.
Posted by: Pappy|| 2015-11-24 08:46 ||Comments

#3: Is this the attack where they ran out of munitions before getting all the trucks?
I didn't know ISIS HAD that many fuel tankers - Hi-Luxes with a drum in the back?
Posted by: Glenmore|| 2015-11-24 09:04 ||Comments

#4: Is this the attack where they ran out of munitions before getting all the trucks?

No, that was last week.
Posted by: trailing wife on the road|| 2015-11-24 09:32 ||Comments

#5: Looks like they were afraid of using the same excuse twice.
Posted by: gorb|| 2015-11-24 11:40 ||Comments

#6: The US repor believes that the truck drivers may be Civilians forced or hired by the ISIS to drive the trucks, but are not actually memebers or part of the ISIS???


Allegations of poor attack planning or incompetence based on the premise that iff the US = US Fed-DOD believed that the ISIS/ISIL relied heavily or excessively on Energy = Oil-Gas sales to third-parties via road-mobile vehicles for income, WHY DID IT PLAN AIR STRIKES OR AIR ATTACKS AGZ SAME WIDOUT ENOUGH MUNITIONS???

* BHARAT RAKSHAK > [Red Flag News] US PILOTS: OBAMA BLOCKED 75% OF ISIS STRIKES, i.e. AIrtsrikes agz reliable or creditable IS targets.
Posted by: JosephMendiola|| 2015-11-24 22:58 ||Comments

Syria-Lebanon-Iran: Russian Jets Hit 472 Targets in Syria in Past Two Days
Posted by trailing wife 11/24/2015  00:00 7 Comments 279 words Read the whole thing on page 1
[AnNahar] Moscow on Monday said its warplanes had hit 472 targets in war-torn Syria in the past two days, including tanker trucks and oil infrastructure in territory controlled by the Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....

"In 141 combat sorties in the past two days, warplanes of the Russian airforce struck 472 terrorist targets in the provinces of Aleppo, Damascus, Idlib, Latakia, Hama, Homs, Raqa and Deir Ezzor," the Russian defense ministry said in a statement.

The military said that the latest strikes had destroyed 80 tanker trucks near the Islamic State stronghold of Raqa, as well as a large oil storage tank and a oil refinery south of the city.

Fuel reserves some 50 kilometers (31 miles) north of Deir Ezzor were also destroyed in the strikes, the defense ministry said.

The Russian defense ministry said last week that it was "hunting" oil transporters in a bid to cut IS financing and claimed that in the past five days some 1,000 fuel trucks had been destroyed.

The Russian military claimed that "terrorists" had suffered "serious losses" in Saraqib, a city in the northwestern province of Idlib province, and in the town of Qalaat al-Madiq in the Hama province.
#1: And in a side note but one that may have significant "the shit is about to hit the fan" ramifications, the Turks are claiming to have shot down a Su-25 Soviet aircraft.

Given Putin's disposition lately, the last thing I would do is claim responsibility for doing anything to anything with a red star on it.
Posted by: Mystic|| 2015-11-24 05:48 ||Comments

#2: Time for an orthodox crusade?
Posted by: g(r)omgoru|| 2015-11-24 06:16 ||Comments

#3: suggestion for movie title: Rise of Constantinople

other movie that should have been done, based on the armored push through Southern Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom: Baghdad 500
Posted by: si vis pacem, para bellum|| 2015-11-24 08:54 ||Comments

#4: vis,

You mean the world's longest drive by shooting as the Marines called the dash to Baghdad???
Posted by: Mystic|| 2015-11-24 08:55 ||Comments

#5: You would think ISIS would be begging Putin to stop bombing if these numbers are correct. I seriously doubt their accuracy as well as the Pentagon numbers.
Posted by: jvalentour|| 2015-11-24 09:27 ||Comments

#6: I like that too, Mystic.
Posted by: si vis pacem, para bellum|| 2015-11-24 09:51 ||Comments

#7: The Russians use different metrics than the US. For ex. the destruction of the 283 oil tankers (if in one place) is 1 target hit requiring multiple aircraft, probably around a squadron of shooters.

The Russian metric is seems to be any bomb release or cannon fired at a target is a strike. Otherwise 141 sorties could in no way hit 472 targets. That's 3.3 targets/sortie, even higher when a lot or sorties are devoted to supporting the bomb droppers.
Posted by: Betty Hitler2611|| 2015-11-24 14:28 ||Comments

India-Pakistan: Soldier, Four Suspected Rebels Killed in Indian Kashmir
Posted by trailing wife 11/24/2015  00:00 0 Comments 387 words Read the whole thing on page 1
[AnNahar] Four suspected rebels and a soldier were killed in three separate festivities Monday in Indian-administered Kashmire, authorities said.

Government forces acting on a tip-off trapped three suspected forces of Evil in an alley and killed them near the town of Ashmuqam, 80 kilometers (50 miles) south of the main city of Srinagar.

The joint team of army, paramilitaries and police shot the snuffies after coming under fire from them, a police statement said.

"The encounter ended with the elimination of three snuffies of HM (Hizbul Mujahideen) outfit," it said, adding they were all locals.

In a separate incident a suspected rebel was killed at Maniga, near the frontier town of Kupwara in the north of the Himalayan territory, during an army search of the forested area.

Police Superintendent Aijaz Ahmed said government forces were hunting a group who killed a special forces officer last week and injured two other soldiers.

One myrmidon was killed during the operation and a search for others was continuing, Ahmed told AFP.

A soldier died in the early morning after his patrol came under fire in the Naoshera sector near the heavily militarized Line of Control that divides the disputed territory between India and Pakistain.

"In the ensuing firefight one soldier was injured and attained martyrdom while being evacuated to a military hospital," said defense front man Manish Mehta.

Kashmire has been divided between India and Pakistain since the end of British colonial rule in 1947. Both claim the territory in its entirety.

Several rebel groups have for decades been battling Indian forces, seeking independence or a merger of Kashmire with Pakistain.

Tens of thousands have died in the fighting, mostly civilians.

Britain: Britain's Cameron to Pledge Extra £12 Billion for Defense
Posted by trailing wife 11/24/2015  00:00 1 Comments 235 words Read the whole thing on page 2
Sense appears.
[AnNahar] David Cameron
... has stated that he is certainly a big Thatcher fan, but I don't know whether that makes me a Thatcherite, which means he's not. Since he is not deeply ideological he lacks core principles and is easily led. He has been described as certainly not a Pitt, Elder or Younger, but he does wear a nice suit so maybe he's Beau Brummel ...
will pledge an extra £12 billion ($18.2 billion, 17.1 billion euros) for the military Monday as he pushes Britannia's parliament towards a vote on joining air strikes in Syria within days.

The Strategic Defense and Security Review (SDSR) will map out Britannia's defense strategy for the next five years after this month's Gay Paree attacks which killed 130 people showed the Islamic State
#1: PM Cameron is repor planning to sell Govt-Public lands + initiate major reforms in order to ensure that the Brit Armed Forces have the best equipment + training $$$ could buy for their upcoming Anti-Terror/ISIS fight.
Posted by: JosephMendiola|| 2015-11-24 23:11 ||Comments

-Lurid Crime Tales-: 17 wounded in black on black shootout
Posted by badanov 11/24/2015  00:00 9 Comments 71 words Read the whole thing on page 3
(CNN)A shooting in a New Orleans park left 17 people injured, and police say they know there are "hundreds of witnesses" who have yet to come forward with what they know.

Several hundred people -- estimates range between 300 and 500 -- had gathered at Bunny Friend Playground for an impromptu music video filming late Sunday when two groups began firing on each other, the New Orleans Police Department said in a statement.
#1: Blek on bleak?
Posted by: g(r)omgoru|| 2015-11-24 01:29 ||Comments

#2: From the article- sounds like the local gang bangers showed up at a local party and crapped in the punch bowl. As usual.
Posted by: Nguard|| 2015-11-24 01:55 ||Comments

#3: Despite all those witnesses nobody saw nuttin'.
Most of those witnesses are good people, but they know the gangs are stronger than the cops, and will kill anyone who talks. Quite similar, I believe, to the situation in Syria & Iraq wrt ISIS.
Posted by: Glenmore|| 2015-11-24 09:28 ||Comments

#4: ...who says a death penalty doesn't have a deterrent effect?
Posted by: Procopius2k|| 2015-11-24 09:48 ||Comments

#5: Not sure about deterrent effect but I am awful sure it has an anti-reoccurrence effect.
Posted by: JFM|| 2015-11-24 10:31 ||Comments

#6: The threat of the death penalty against witnesses has a strong deterrent effect against them talking to the police.
Posted by: Glenmore|| 2015-11-24 10:37 ||Comments

#7: High body count for a single day, but at least it wasn't a hate crime. Because that would be hateful.
Posted by: SteveS|| 2015-11-24 10:54 ||Comments

#8: "Your name?"
"Didna Donuffin"
Posted by: Frank G|| 2015-11-24 11:05 ||Comments

#9: 17 injured, 4-5 severely, but none killed.
Posted by: Glenmore|| 2015-11-24 11:46 ||Comments

India-Pakistan: Two alleged terrorists killed
Posted by badanov 11/24/2015  00:00 0 Comments 83 words Read the whole thing on page 1
Khuzdar: Two alleged terrorists were killed and another arrested in injured condition during an operation carried out by security forces in the Khuzdar.

On a tip-off, the security forces raided a hideout in the Tunak area. The alleged holed-up terrorists started firing on the raiding team.

The security forces retaliated and two suspected terrorists were killed and the third was arrested in injured condition.The security forces also claimed to have recovered a huge cache of weapons, explosives and ammunitions from the hideout.

India-Pakistan: Most wanted terrorist arrested from Malakand
Posted by badanov 11/24/2015  00:00 0 Comments 53 words Read the whole thing on page 1
PESHAWAR: The Anti-Terrorism department on Monday has arrested most-wanted terrorist during an operation conducted in Charial, an area of Malakand division.

As per media reports, the arrested terrorist was allegedly involved in various terror attacks on security forces back in 2009. The authorities shifted the accused to undisclosed location, where he is being investigated.

India-Pakistan: Dozens held by Rangers in city-wide raids
Posted by badanov 11/24/2015  00:00 0 Comments 179 words Read the whole thing on page 1
KARACHI: The Sindh Rangers on Sunday claimed to have arrested 15 suspects affiliated with a ‘political party’ and equal number of alleged militants associated with banned organisations in a series of ‘targeted’ raids in Ittehad Town, Bilal Colony, Peerabad, Lyari, Machhar Colony, Frontier Colony and other areas on Saturday night and Sunday.

In a separate statement, a Rangers spokesperson said that three alleged hitmen were also detained in a targeted raid carried out on a tip-off in the Al-Falah area.

Weapons were seized from them, he added.

A Rangers spokesperson said that six suspects allegedly belonged to the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) were held in Ittehad Town. Four TTP suspects were held in Lyari and Machhar Colony while five suspects belonging to banned organisations were held in Bilal Colony, Peerabad, and Frontier Colony.

The Rangers conducted raids in Al-Falah, Safoora, Surjani, Martin Quarters, Ramswami/Dhobi Ghat, P&T Colony on hideouts of hitmen and hardened criminals ‘affiliated with a political party,’ said the spokesperson. During the actions 15 alleged criminals, including hitmen, were arrested and weapons seized.

Published in Dawn, November 23rd, 2015

India-Pakistan: CTD office escapes IED attack
Posted by badanov 11/24/2015  00:00 0 Comments 290 words Read the whole thing on page 1
KARACHI: An improvised explosive device (IED) was thrown into the premises of Counter Terrorism Department’s headquarters early on Monday (CTD) by unknown attackers.

“Unknown attackers threw the IED in our premises and fled from the spot,” said CTD SSP Amir Farooqi.

The Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS) was summoned to the site of the incident, and managed to defuse the explosive device before it detonated.

The premises of the CTD headquarters was evacuated in order to ensure the safety of the law enforcement personnel present there.

“The device was thrown over the wall and landed in the parking area of the CTD headquarters,” stated Farooqi.

He added that the wires of the device disconnected after it landed inside the premises, hence it failed it explode.

The CTD is leading the fight in Karachi alongside the Rangers against terror and sectarian outfits.

Earlier in 2010, the same premises were targeted with a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) which caused massive damage to the premises and caused a large number of casualties.

The structure, especially residential quarters located across the road and around the CID offices, were also razed to the ground by the impact of the blast, killing and wounding many residents.

The ‘operation’ against criminal elements in Pakistan’s commercial hub was initiated back in September 2013 after the federal cabinet empowered Rangers to lead a targeted advance with the support of police against criminals already identified by federal military and civilian agencies for their alleged involvement in targeted killings, kidnappings for ransom, extortion and terrorism in Karachi.

Karachi, a teeming metropolis of around 18 million people, is rife with political, ethnic, sectarian and criminal violence. Proscribed organisations have also used Karachi as a base to generate funds for furthering their anti-state agenda.

Africa North: Qataris broker Tebu-Tuareg ceasefire and Obari withdrawal
Posted by badanov 11/24/2015  00:00 0 Comments 167 words Read the whole thing on page 1
Tripoli, 23 November 2015:

Qatar today announced that it had brokered a peace agreement between Tebu and Tuareg tribesmen, whose representatives it had brought together in the Qatari capital Doha.

The deal would see both sides withdraw their forces from Obari and observe a ceasefire.

However, few details of the negotiations were given by the Qatari foreign ministry to the news agency Reuters. It is unclear how the Gulf state organised its intervention nor what argument it used to persuade the two tribes to come to Doha, let along sign up to the agreement.

Past efforts to end the fighting, which has been particularly deadly since September 2014, have come to grief. The previous attempt by Amazigh elders from the Jebel Nafusa came unravelled when the Tuareg accused the Tebu of violating a temporary month-long truce.

A joint Tebu-Tuareg committee to be chaired by the Amazigh was set up to oversee the ceasefire and iron out disagreements. Its second meeting, scheduled for Sebha last month, did not however take place.

Arabia: UAE blames extremists for delay in Yemen ops
Posted by badanov 11/24/2015  00:00 0 Comments 265 words Read the whole thing on page 1
ADEN: A key member of a Saudi-led Arab coalition has blamed extremists for delays in its military operations to expel Shiite Houthi rebels from the key southwestern province of Taez.

The coalition on Monday intensified airstrikes against the Iran-backed rebels in Taez as an Emirati minister blamed an influential Sunni party’s for the delays. Coalition jets carried out several strikes against rebel positions on the outskirts of Rahida, the province’s second-largest city, military sources said.

On the ground, loyalist troops and allied Popular Resistance fighters fired Katyusha rockets and mortar rounds at rebel positions, said Fadhl Hasan, commander of the operations to retake Rahida.

Breaking the siege of the government-held provincial capital of the same name is seen as crucial for the recapture of other central provinces and for opening the way to the rebel-controlled capital Sanaa. Pro-government forces have retaken “19 military positions” from the rebels in areas surrounding Rahida since the offensive began a week ago.

Military officials have said land mines were hampering the progress of government forces and had caused casualties.

The advance has also been slowed down by the “betrayal of some Popular Resistance fighters,” another military source said.

Emirati State Minister for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash tweeted Sunday that “had it not been for the failure of Al-Islah and the Muslim Brotherhood to act,” Taez would already have been “liberated.”

Al-Islah is a main component of the Popular Resistance which also groups tribesmen, soldiers and southern separatists. The party, highly influential in Taez, is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, which the UAE has banned as a “terror” group.

Syria-Lebanon-Iran: ISIS leadership evacuates families from Shaddadi
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ARA News

HASAKAH – Militants of the Islamic State (ISIS) extremist group in the city of Shaddadi south of Hasakah have transferred most of their family members to Deir ez-Zor province in eastern Syria, local sources reported on Monday.

Dozens of private cars have left Shaddadi city carrying families of ISIS members. Most of the cars have reportedly headed to al-Mayadeen city in Deir ez-Zor province, eyewitnesses told ARA News.

“Daesh militants are evacuating their families from Shaddadi in anticipation of attacks by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF),” civil rights activist Salman Hamo said.

“They fear the continuous advance by the SDF towards the city,” Hamo told ARA News.

This comes amid a dramatic progress by the Kurdish-Arab alliance of the SDF in Hasakah province.

Over the past two weeks, the SDF, backed by the U.S.-led coalition’s air cover, has expelled ISIS from more than 200 villages and towns in Hasakah, including the strategic town of al-Hawl on the border with Iraq.

The SDF leadership has announced its intention to liberate Shaddadi city in the coming days.

Shaddadi is considered the last major stronghold for the ISIS radical group in Hasakah province.

Reporting by: Qehreman Miste

Source: ARA News

Syria-Lebanon-Iran: ISIS forces counterattack near Raqqa and Kobane
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ARA News

KOBANE – Kurdish forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) on Monday announced the death of more than 20 militants from the radical group of Islamic State (ISIS) in renewed clashes near Kobane and Tel Abyad in northern Syria.

The YPG has also destroyed two ISIS-manned vehicles and seized a third one “loaded with a large deal of explosives”.

Leadership of the YPG said in a statement on Monday that ISIS militants have targeted with mortar fire the villages of Mughira in the vicinity of Ain Issa town near Tel Abyad. The group has also bombed the village of Shuqef in the southern countryside of Kobane.

“The terrorists also targeted our headquarters near the village of al-Hisha eastern Ain Issa with heavy weapons,” the statement read.

The ISIS-led attacks caused material damage and the injury of at least five people.

“Subsequent to the terror attacks, our forces (YPG) clashed with ISIS and were able to kill more than 20 terrorists and destroyed two ISIS-manned vehicles, beside seizing another vehicles filled with a large amount of ammunition and explosive devices.”

The Kurdish fighters have also attacked ISIS headquarters in the village of Khirbet Hilda in the northern countryside of Raqqa on Monday evening. The results of the attack were not immediately clear.

In the meantime, the U.S.-led coalition conducted several airstrikes on ISIS positions in the eastern countryside of Jarablus, west of Kobane, during which two ISIS tactical units were destroyed.

Speaking to ARA News, Haboun Osman, a spokesman for the YPG, confirmed that their forces have been coordinating with the U.S.-led coalition over anti-ISIS military operations near Raqqa and Kobane.

“ISIS extremists were forced to retreat from their positions in the countryside of Ain Issa north of Raqqa as the majority of their fortifications have been destroyed outright,” he said.

Reporting by: Jan Nasro

Source: ARA New

Iraq: Iraqi rebels kill ISIS security officer
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ARA News

URFA – A senior official from the radical group of Islamic State (ISIS) was killed on Monday by an Iraqi rebel group known as Ahrar al-Mosul, Iraqi police reported.

“Gunmen of Ahrar al-Mosul group shot dead Farooq Ahmed al-Lahibi, Daesh’s intelligence official, along with a number of escorts in a sheep market in western Mosul,” Nineveh police said in a press statement, using the Arabic acronym for ISIS.

The source confirmed that al-Lahibi was killed along with four companions under heavy fire by the Iraqi rebel group.

Speaking to ARA News, an informed source said Ahrar al-Mosul group is an armed organization led by former spokesman of the Council of Representatives Osama al-Nujaifi, assisted by his brother, former governor of Nineveh province Atheel al-Nujaifi.

“Ahrar al-Mosul group consists of hundreds of officers and soldiers from the former Iraqi army with a number of university students and other sympathizers,” the source said on the condition of anonymity.

The source pointed out that ISIS extremists were able to kill a number of Ahrar al-Mosul group in clashes near Mosul earlier this month.

The so-called ‘Free Officers Movement’ in Mosul has joined the Ahrar al-Mosul with about 200 fighters to fight ISIS.

Ahrar al-Mosul group was able to kill a number of senior militants from the ISIS terror group over the past few months, mainly in the city of Mosul, according to Iraqi security sources.

Reporting by: Muhammad Ali

Source: ARA News
#1: “Gunmenof Ahrar al-Mosul group shot dead Farooq Ahmed al-Lahibi, Daesh’s intelligence official, along with a number of escorts in a sheep market in western Mosul,”

another Honeypot casualty
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#2: Hope he had on clean underwear.
Posted by: Betty Hitler2611|| 2015-11-24 15:33 ||Comments

Iraq: Iraqi militia attack ISIS checkpoints in Diyala
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( Diyali – Memeber of Diyali Provincial Council Karim al-Jabouri announced on Monday, that the clan fighters had managed to repel an attack by ISIS militants on security posts belonging to the militia of al-Hashed east of Baqubah.

Jabouri said in a statement received by, “al-Hashed in the area of Shurwin (45 km east of Baqubah) had managed to repel an attack by ISIS on several joint security posts near the river of Diyali,” adding that, “al-Hashed had succeeded, in coordination with the army and police forces, to prevent the advance of ISIS towards its security posts, in addition to dismantling two explosive devices that were planted to target the military troops.”

Iraq: Bomb blast wounds 2 in Baqubah
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( Diyali – A source in Diyali police said on Monday, that a policeman and a civilian had been injured in a bomb blast northeast of Baqubah.

The source informed, “A bomb that was emplaced under a vehicle parked near the al-Asri Neighborhood in central Maqdadediyah (35 km northeast of Baqubah), has went off, resulting in the injury of a policeman and a civilian who were near the site of the blast,” adding that, “A security force cordoned off the area of the incident and transferred the injured to a hospital to receive the treatment, while opened an investigation into the incident.”

Iraq: 25 ISIS Bad Guys die in Salahuddin province
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( Salah AL-Dien – A security source in Salahuddin province announced on Monday, that the joint forces were able to repel an ISIS attack on the oil fields of Alas and Ajil in Salah AL-Dien province.

The source said in an interview for, “The army, federal police and al-Hashed al-Shaabi were able, at a late hour last night, to repel an attack by ISIS on the oil fields in Ajil and Alas in an attempt to control them,” noting that, “Those forces were able to kill 25 ISIS elements and wound 10 others.”

The source, who asked anonymity, added: “The army aviation participated in repelling the attack,” indicating that, “It managed to destroy seven vehicles and kill its occupants.”

Iraq: ISIS executes 10 civilians in Kirkuk
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( Kirkuk – A local source in Kirkuk province announced on Saturday, that the ISIS executed 10 civilians and hung their bodies on electricity poles southwest of the province.

The source said in an interview for, “The organization (ISIS) executed 10 civilians in the area of Zab in Hawija District (75 km southwest of Kirkuk),” noting that, “ISIS hung their bodies on electricity poles.”

The source, who asked to remain anonymous, added: “The reason of their execution goes back to being accused of leaving the land and refusing to join the ranks of the organization.”

Africa Horn: Shaboob Number Three Reported Killed
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A top al-Shabab official believed to be the leader of a pro-Islamic State faction has been shot dead in an ambush in southern Somalia according to local residents

Sources told VOA’s Somali Service Sunday that Sheikh Hussein Abdi Gedi and four others were ambushed by rival al-Shabab fighters near Gududley village in Middle Jubba region.

Gedi was one of the top al-Shabab scholars and the group’s Deputy Governor of the Jubba region until recently, when he reportedly left the al-Qaida linked group and attempted to persuade al-Shabab fighters to support the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria instead.

It’s the third attack by al-Shabab against fighters thought to be supporters of the Islamic State. Earlier this month the al-Shabab leadership has made it clear in a speech through their spokesman that they will not accept divisions and vowed fight to stop those “dividing the Muslims.”

Al-Shabab has lost most of the territory it once controlled in southern Somalia but continues to carry out deadly attacks in the capital, Mogadishu, and in neighboring Kenya.
#1: Might've been a good time to put out a rumor or two about cash awards.
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Home Front: WoT: MSNBC's 'No-Fly List Is Islamophobia' Poster Boy Arrested in Turkey as Part of ISIS Cell
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PJ Media does some nice reporting with a healthy dose of snark.
A man, who just two years ago was the poster boy for the far-Left media's attacks against the U.S. government's no-fly list for "unfairly" targeting Muslims, finds himself and several family members sitting in a Turkish prison -- arrested earlier this month near the Turkey-Syria border as members of an ISIS cell.

It's a long way from 2013 when Saadiq Long's cause was being championed by MSNBC's Chris Hayes, Glenn Greenwald, and Mother Jones, and was being represented by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) terror front.

His story got considerable media attention when his CAIR media representatives here pushed the story that Long wanted to return to his native Oklahoma from his current home in Qatar to visit his ailing mother but couldn't because he was on the TSA's no-fly list. They said his case represented institutional "Islamophobia."

Long's cause got international attention when Glenn Greenwald published an article at The Guardian saying that Long was "effectively exiled from his own country." Kevin Drum of Mother Jones branded it the "Kafkaesque World of the No-Fly List." CAIR has 22 article entries related to Long's case on its website.

After several months of wrangling between his CAIR attorneys and the Department of Homeland Security, Long was temporarily removed from the no-fly list and allowed to return to Oklahoma.

Once home, however, he was still subject to FBI surveillance according to claims he made during a press conference with his CAIR handlers. After an incident with local police and the FBI, Long was apparently placed back on the no-fly list, preventing his return to Qatar.

That prompted even more outrage from the far-Left media and garnered him an appearance with his CAIR handler on Chris Hayes' MSNBC show. Eventually, Long boarded a bus to Mexico and got on a flight there to return home to Qatar.

U.S. and Turkish officials confirmed Long's arrest to PJ Media, saying that he was arrested along with eight others operating along the Turkish-Syrian border. So far, no U.S. media outlet has reported on his arrest.
No kidding. MS-NBC hasn't said a peep? Not a word from Mother Jones?
#1: Kafkaesque World

A harem, a bed, a believer.
Next morning, a huge Ungeziefer!
The press is in trauma:
"It's worse than Obama!
There must've been dust in that reefer."
Posted by: Zenobia Floger6220|| 2015-11-24 01:59 ||Comments

Posted by: Flomolet Shease3308|| 2015-11-24 05:09 ||Comments

#3: Even though I don't like the no fly list as it is horribly broken, it was put in place for a reason and there are still reasons for asstwats like this moron to be on there.
Posted by: DarthVader|| 2015-11-24 10:43 ||Comments

Syria-Lebanon-Iran: U.S. ran out of ammo in attack on ISIS trucks
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American forces made one of their most effective hits against the Islamic State on Nov. 15, when U.S. planes destroyed 116 tanker trucks used by the terrorist organization to transport the stolen oil that is its financial lifeblood.

American A-10 and C-130 warplanes targeted a group of about 300 trucks near Abu Kamal, in Syria. Given that the Islamic State is thought to have just over 1,000 trucks in its entire fleet, the group of 300 represented a huge target for U.S. planes.
The drivers as well -- you need to discourage guys from hopping into the cab of an ISIS oil tanker. Sucks but that's how you win a war: you break the will of the other side.
At a Pentagon news conference last Wednesday, reporters wanted to know why American forces did not take out more than 116 trucks. Why not all 300, or something close to that? A U.S. official said the American attackers simply ran out of ammunition.
#1: My bullshit detector just pegged so hard that it wrapped the needle around the pin.

A lie this big can only mean one thing.
Posted by: gorb|| 2015-11-24 01:16 ||Comments

#2: U.S. officials settled on a plan to drop leaflets on the trucks about 45 minutes before the raid warning the drivers that an attack was coming,

How come Ike didn't to that for the locals operating the French railroad system in '44?
Posted by: Procopius2k|| 2015-11-24 09:46 ||Comments

Israel-Palestine-Jordan: IAF jets strike in Gaza
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[Ynet] Israeli strikes target Hamas, always the voice of sweet reason, affiliated positions in the central Gazoo Strip in retaliation for morning rocket fire on Eshkol Regional Council.

Local reports in Gazoo indicated late Monday night that Israeli jets had struck several targets affiliated with Hamas in retaliation for rocket fire from the Paleostinian enclave in the morning.

The Arclight airstrikes were subsequently confirmed by the IDF.

The Gazoo rocket strike that spurred Monday's Arclight airstrikes against Hamas, landed in an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council.

No damage or injuries were reported and code red sirens remained silent, suggesting that the rocket's trajectory was well away from populated areas.

Simultaneous reports from Syria suggested that IAF jets had struck Hezbollah targets as well, but the rumors were initially unconfirmed by officials.

Israel-Palestine-Jordan: Shots fired at soldiers at north Jerusalem checkpoint, two stabbing attacks earlier in the day
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[IsraelTimes] No Israeli injuries reported in shooting incident; IDF soldier killed in stabbing attack hours earlier

Paleostinian gunnies Monday night shot up Israeli security personnel at a military checkpoint between Jerusalem and the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Border Police officers manning the Qalandiya checkpoint were uninjured in the incident, and returned fire towards the shooters, according to the Israel Police. It was unclear if there were any Paleostinian casualties.

The Qalandiya checkpoint is a frequent flash point for festivities between IDF forces and Paleostinian protesters.

Monday saw two separate attacks carried out by Paleostinian assailants against Israelis.

Outside a West Bank gas station on Route 443, 18-year-old IDF soldier Ziv Mizrahi was fatally stabbed by a Paleostinian from the West Bank village of Katana. Magen David Adom paramedics attempted to revive Mizrahi, who was an IDF driver, but a front man said first responders were forced to pronounced him dead
He's dead, Jim!
at the scene.

Police identified Ahmad Taha as the assailant. He was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers in the area.

Another woman was lightly hurt when her car was hit by gunfire from security forces trying to thwart the attack.

Hours before, two teenage Paleostinian girls armed with scissors injured an elderly Paleostinian they mistook for an Israeli Jew in a stabbing terror attack near Jerusalem's busy Mahane Yehuda market.

Police later identified the two attackers as cousins Hadil and Nurhan Awad, aged 14 and 16, from Qalandiya. Sixteen-year-old Hadil died at the scene and 14-year-old Nurhan was badly hurt and detained, a police spokesperson said.

After attack, soldiers and Arab woman unite in peace dance
Truly charming.
In spontaneous response to stabbing in downtown Jerusalem, Hawala Jaber from Umm al-Fahm vents her anger at 'bullsh*t they do here to the Jews'

Channel 2 news hound covering the Jerusalem stabbing attack on Monday afternoon stumbled on an unusual sight, even for unpredictable Jerusalem: An Arab woman dancing to a Hebrew song with several IDF soldiers, embracing them, and preaching coexistence.

Hawala Jaber, a resident of Umm al-Fahm in her 50s, has been working in Jewish homes for many years, said veteran Channel 2 news hound Moshe Nussbaum, calling the incident “one of the most surreal scenes I have seen.”

Jaber, who was passing close to the scene of Monday's terror attack in Jerusalem when she broke out into dance, told the TV station she is "very angry at the bullshit they do here to the Jews."

Two Paleostinian girls, aged 14 and 16, stabbed a Paleostinian man in his 70s with a pair of scissors, thinking he was an Israeli Jew.

The older Paleostinian teenager was shot and killed at the scene, whereas her younger cousin was badly injured by the gunfire. An Israeli security guard, 27, was lightly injured by friendly fire at the site of the attack outside the Mahane Yehuda market on Jaffa Road.

Speaking Hebrew tinged with a heavy Arabic accent less than an hour after the attack, Jaber told Nussbaum: "We live here together, we are all flesh and we are all blood. Under the blood, there is no such thing, Arab or Jew. It is all nonsense, we all live together. In the Old City, you have Jews here and Arabs here and just a road between them. All our lives we live together."

Jaber said the turbans are "crazies, no brain. They must be giving them pills that make their heads turn," drawing applause from Israeli civilians gathered around her.

As the Channel 2 crew continued filming, two young female soldiers who were nearby spontaneously burst into a traditional song. The lyrics: "The eternal nation is not afraid of the long road ahead."

An Israeli man joined them and they started dancing in a circle; he then grabbed Jaber, who joined them in the dance. An ultra-Orthodox man and other shoppers looked on. In the footage, Jaber is also seen embracing and kissing the troops.

Israel-Palestine-Jordan: Israel plans series of restrictions on Palestinians in bid to quell terror surge
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[IsraelTimes] Arab workers to be banned from Etzion settlement bloc; extended family of gunnies to be barred from Israel; mass Hamas, always the voice of sweet reason, arrests expected

Amid an escalation of Paleostinian terror attacks, Israel is reportedly set to introduce a series of dramatic new security measures -- including barring the extended family of terrorist assailants from entering Israel, conducting mass arrests of Hamas activists in the West Bank, and deploying large numbers of reserve troops to safeguard terror hot spots.

Legal preparations for some of the measures are now being finalized, Israel's Channel 2 news reported Monday, hours after an Israeli soldier was stabbed to death at a gas station, and a 21-year-old Israeli woman murdered on Sunday was laid to rest.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, visiting the Gush Etzion Junction in the West Bank, south of Jerusalem, where Hadar Buchris was stabbed to death on Sunday, said the Israel Defense Forces was stepping up its operations in the West Bank and had been given free rein in the area to preempt terror attacks. He urged Israelis to be resilient in the fight against terror.

Among the new measures planned, Channel 2 reported, are wide-ranging arrests of Hamas activists in the West Bank, to prevent the Islamist terror group -- which seeks the elimination of Israel and spearheaded an onslaught of suicide kabooms in the Second Intifada from 2000-2005 -- from stepping up its involvement in the current terror wave. Israel is also looking into the legality of deporting -- from the West Bank to Gazoo -- alleged inciters of violence against Israel.

In a further measure that underlines the sharply increased friction in day-to-day interaction between Israelis and Paleostinians, Israel is also reportedly set to bar all Paleostinian workers from supermarkets, factories and other facilities in the Etzion Bloc of settlements south of Jerusalem, an area that has seen several recent terror attacks. The Paleostinian Maan website said 2,000 Paleostinians could be affected.

As an apparent deterrent and punitive measure, Israel is also to bar the extended family of terrorist assailants from entering Israel -- meaning "80-100" relatives of an attacker, Channel 2 said.

Finally, the report said, the IDF will deploy soldiers called up for reserve duty in January to bolster the standing army and protect terror hot spots, including roads that have been targeted by car-ramming Paleostinian terrorists.

Syria-Lebanon-Iran: Syria troops advance against ISIS in Homs province
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[AlAhram] The Syrian army recaptured a town and village in the central province of Homs from the Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
bad boy group on Monday, state media and a monitoring group said.
"The army in cooperation with Popular Defence groups (pro-regime militias) took control of Maheen and Hawareen in the southeast of Homs province after inflicting heavy losses on Daesh [Islamic State]," state television
... and if you can't believe state television who can you believe?
said, using the Arabic acronym for ISIS.

Britannia-based monitoring group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the army's advance, which it said had been backed by Russian warplanes and military helicopters.

The Observatory also reported that regime forces advanced Monday in a mountainous area north of the coastal city of Latakia, heartland of the minority Alawite sect to which Syria's ruling clan belongs.

The monitor said the government forces gained ground in Jabal Zahi and Jabal Zweik after fierce fighting with Salafist tough guys, while Russian warplanes provided air cover.

Syria's state run news agency also reported advances by regime troops in Latakia, where the Observatory says they have been gaining ground over the past week.

The recapture of Maheen comes after it was overrun by ISIS on November 1.

Previously, a ceasefire had been in force under which rebel factions remained inside the town but government forces manned checkpoints around it.

ISIS forces launched their assault on Maheen from neighbouring Al-Qaryatain, which the group captured earlier this year, kidnapping hundreds of civilians and destroying ancient Christian sites.

The army advance now puts Al-Qaryatain, which is just 15 kilometres (nine miles) from Maheen, in their sights.

Elsewhere in Homs province, the Observatory said government forces were advancing on the outskirts of the ancient city of Palmyra, which ISIS captured in May.

Since seizing the famed city, ISIS has destroyed many of its UNESCO World Heritage sites, including ancient temples, drawing international condemnation.

The latest advances come nearly two months into a Russian air campaign in support of Hereditary President-for-Life Bashir Pencilneck al-Assad
The Scourge of Hama...
Moscow says its air strikes target ISIS and other "terrorists", but rebels and their backers say moderate and Islamist opposition fighters have borne the brunt of attacks.

Africa North: Woman, child killed in bombing in Egypt's North Sinai
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[AlAhram] This is the second attack to take place in North Sinai on Monday, with the first killing one policeman and injuring two conscripts

A woman and a child were killed in Egypt after a bomb detonated in the El-Jurah district of El-Arish city in North Sinai's Sheikh Zuwaid, Al-Ahram Arabic news website reported.

According to a security source, the bomb, seemingly planted to target police and army forces, went kaboom! as a donkey cart carrying the victims was passing by.

Earlier on Monday, an improvised bomb (IED) killed a policeman and injured two conscripts in the troubled governorate. The IED went kaboom! while a patrol vehicle was passing through the Abu-Taweel area.

Europe: Belgian authorities charge fourth suspect with Paris attacks
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[AlAhram] A Belgian anti-terrorism judge on Monday charged a suspect with involvement in the Paris attacks, the federal prosecutor's office said, the fourth person to face charges in Belgium over the November 13 atrocities.

The suspect was arrested in a series of police raids in Belgium on Sunday night along with 15 other people who were all released without charge, as authorities warned of a Paris-style plot facing Brussels.

"The investigating judge specialised in terrorism cases placed into custody a man arrested during the operations of last night. He is charged with participating in activities of a terrorist group and with terrorist attack (Paris)," the prosecutor's office said in a statement.

"After thorough interrogation by the federal judicial police, the remaining 15 persons were released by the investigating judge."

Mohammed Amri, 27, and Hamza Attou, 20, were charged last Monday on suspicion of helping alleged Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam with escaping to Brussels after the November 13 carnage in which 130 people died.

A third person who has not been publicly named was also charged with involvement in the Paris attacks on Friday and is reported to have helped Salah when he was dropped off in the Belgian capital.

Africa North: 5 Sudanese migrants killed by Egyptian border guards at Israeli border
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[AlAhram] The Egyptian army front man said that the migrants had fired shots at border guards, injuring one

Egyptian border guards killed five Sudanese migrants attempting to cross into Israel through the Egyptian Sinai border, according to military spokesperson Mohammed Samir.

Six other migrants were maimed and five were detained, Samir said, adding that all those involved held Sudanese citizenship.

Samir said that the border-jumpers ignored warning shots and fired back at border guards, one of whom was injured.

The front man added that the injured were taken to nearby hospitals and the detained have been referred to the appropriate investigative authorities.

Sinai is a major route for African migrants trying to reach Israel.

In mid November, 15 African migrants were found rubbed out in Egypt's North Sinai governorate near the Israeli border. The circumstances of their deaths have not been determined.

Iraq: French jets strike ISIS targets in Iraq from Charles de Gaulle for first time
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[AlAhram] French jets struck Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
targets in Iraq on Monday, taking off from the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier for the first time, the military said on Twitter on Monday. The tweet said two targets had been destroyed, without elaborating.

La Belle France's defence minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, had told Europe 1 radio on Sunday the flagship of the French Navy, deployed to the eastern Mediterranean to back La Belle France's involvement in air strikes in Iraq and Syria, would be fully operational from Monday.

French President Francois Hollande
...the Socialist president of La Belle France, an economic bad joke for la Belle France but seemingly a foreign policy realist...
also said last week La Belle France would step up its attacks against Islamic State targets in Syria. He has also called for a grand coalition, including the United States and Russia, to eradicate Islamic State, and is due to meet with Barack Obama
If you like your coverage you can keep it...
and Vladimir Putin
...Second and fourth President and sixth of the Russian Federation and the first to remain sober. Putin is credited with bringing political stability and re-establishing something like the rule of law, which occasionally results in somebody dropping dead from polonium poisoning. Under Putin, a new group of business magnates controlling significant swathes of Russia's economy has emerged, all of whom have close personal ties to Putin. The old bunch, without close personal ties to Putin, are in jail or in exile or dead...
this week.
An Nahar adds:
"We carried out strikes in Ramadi and Mosul in support of ground forces that were pushing against troops of (the Islamic State group)," said army chief of staff General Pierre de Villiers, aboard the carrier.
It's not much, but at least we know where they hit, if not what.
#1: The UK = Brits are repor offering the Frenchies use of their RAF AirBase on CYPRUS for their Syria-Iraq airstrikes.
Posted by: JosephMendiola|| 2015-11-24 23:21 ||Comments

Europe: Brussels terror alert stays, schools and metro to reopen Wednesday
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Maybe. Assuming no new information about impending excitements emerges.
The Guardian has more.
[AlAhram] Brussels will remain under the highest level of alert for another week due to an ongoing terrorism threat, but schools and the underground train system will reopen from Wednesday, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said.

"The crisis centre decided to maintain the alert level four, which means the threat remains serious and imminent," Michel told a presser, adding the threat level will be reviewed again next Monday.

"We want to thank the people for their calm and understanding," he added.

The army and police will continue to be deployed in force and the country will reduce the number of events with large crowds, for fear of a repeat of the Gay Paree gun and suicide kabooms on November 13, Michel said.

But he added his government was trying to bring the country "back to normal as quickly as possible" while working with the security services.

It decided to reopen schools and the underground metro from Wednesday.

"For schools, that means that in the coming hours, we will guarantee a level of security everywhere on the country's territory," the prime minister said. "As for the metro, the aim is to reopen the metro gradually, but starting on Wednesday."

The rest of the country will remain on alert level three, which means an attack is considered possible and the threat credible.

Brussels has been locked down since Saturday with armed police and troops patrolling quiet streets.

Syria-Lebanon-Iran: Putin says Russian air strikes to last until Egypt plane bombers are punished
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[AlAhram] President Vladimir Putin
...Second and fourth President and sixth of the Russian Federation and the first to remain sober. Putin is credited with bringing political stability and re-establishing something like the rule of law, which occasionally results in somebody dropping dead from polonium poisoning. Under Putin, a new group of business magnates controlling significant swathes of Russia's economy has emerged, all of whom have close personal ties to Putin. The old bunch, without close personal ties to Putin, are in jail or in exile or dead...
said on Monday Russian air strikes in Syria would last as long as was necessary to punish those guilty of blowing up a Russian airliner over Egypt last month, an incident in which 224 people were killed.

The Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
Death Eater group (ISIS) claimed Wednesday that it planted "the bomb that downed the Russian airliner Airbus A-321" over Sinai last month.

ISIS also claimed they downed the Russian plane due to "Russia's rash arrogant decision" to participate directly with its own air force in the war against the "Muslims of Al-Sham," in Syria, starting 30 September 2015.

The Kremlin said last week that a bomb had ripped apart a Russian passenger jet over Egypt last month and promised to hunt down those responsible and intensify its air strikes on Islamist forces of Evil in Syria in response.

Egypt has opened an investigation into the causes of the crash, and allowed Russia to take part in the probe that is still underway.
#1: And the only appropriate punishment can be meted to them in Hell?
Posted by: g(r)omgoru|| 2015-11-24 01:31 ||Comments

Syria-Lebanon-Iran: Turkmens clash with Russia-backed al-Assad forces in northwest Syria
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[Hurriyet] As The Sick Man of Europe Turkey
...the only place on the face of the earth that misses the Ottoman Empire....
has called for a U.N. Security Council meeting to discuss attacks on Turkmens in neighboring Syria, local Turkmens and the forces of Syrian Hereditary President-for-Life Bashir Pencilneck al-Assad
Horror of Homs...
started fighting each other on Nov. 23 to secure control of a hill close to the Turkmen-dominated Bayirbucak region in northwestern Syria.

Turkmen forces clashed with regime forces backed by Russian support from the air with warplanes and choppers and also missiles from the sea. The fighting could be heard from the Yayladagi district in Turkey's southern province of Hatay, on the border with Syria.

The fierce festivities over control of the "Burc Kasap" mountain are strategically important, as the side that controls the mountain typically has superiority over the Bayirbucak region.

...back at the the conspirators' cleverly concealed hideout the long-awaited message arrived. They quickly got to work with their decoder rings...
the Turkish Red Islamic Thingy said it would boost humanitarian aid to Syrian Turkmens who have been displaced because of al-Assad regime attacks backed by Russian Arclight airstrikes, its head Ahmet Lutfi Akar told Anadolu Agency on Nov. 23.

Around 1,700 Syrian Turkmen have arrived in southern Turkey over the last three days, southern Hatay province Governor Ercan Topaca said Nov. 22.

Red Islamic Thingy head Akar said tens of thousands of Turkmens from Syria's northwestern region of Bayirbucak had recently been displaced, and the Turkish Red Islamic Thingy would step up its humanitarian efforts in response to the developing situation.

"In cooperation with AFAD [the Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority], we have sent to the region a large batch of tents, blankets, sleeping bags and food supplies. We are continuing to send humanitarian aid to the region, and as of today we are further accelerating our efforts," he added.

Syria-Lebanon-Iran: Sinjar turns into ghost town after ISIL rule
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This kind of thing -- the destruction of a Kurdish city during which another Kurdish population was decimated -- makes the future neo-Ottoman Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan I chortle with evil glee. Photos can be seen here.
[Hurriyet] The town of Sinjar has become a ghost town since the departure of Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
and Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) turbans in early November.

Hurriyet news hounds entered the northern Iraqi town near the border with Syria, where around 250,000 Yezidis had lived before the area was seized by ISIL jihadists in August 2014. Many of the fleeing Yezidis were killed, women were forced to slavery, and many died on the mountains trying to escape. Those who managed to survive the harsh conditions of their escape took shelter in the area ruled by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq.

Sinjar was recaptured from ISIL on Nov. 13 in a major operation led by forces from Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region and backed by U.S.-led air strikes. Around 27,000 Peshmerga forces from the Massoud Barzani
... hereditary head of the Kurdish Democratic Party, maybe a little too close to the Medes and the Persians for most people's tastes...
-led KRG entered the town on Nov. 12 and took control. Civilians are still banned from entering the ruined town, where landmines and bomb traps remain active, but Hurriyet news hounds were able to enter the town, where they witnessed traces of war, death, cruelty and occupation.

Camps built for the Yezidis by the KRG and international aid institutions can be seen on the road from Zoha, around 150 kilometers from Sinjar. One side of Sinjar has a road bordering the northern Syrian region of Rojava, where People's Protection Units (YPG) turbans and their flags can be seen. On the road passing from the other side is the city of djinn-infested Mosul
... the home of a particularly ferocious and hairy djinn...
, still under the control of ISIL. In the towns of Sinone and Rabia, which were also occupied by ISIL last year, have no signs of the life.

Yezidis are now living in thousands of tents in the valleys near the mountains that surround Sinjar. These mountains today create a natural border between the Yezidis and ISIL Death Eaters, and on the top of these mountains a mock-up of a vehicle with a heavy machine gun symbolizes the Peshmerga forces ruling on the Yezidi side.

In the ruined Sinjar itself, traces of departed ISIL turbans can be seen everywhere, with bullet holes and turned over cars visible on every street.

Peshmerga forces in the town told Hurriyet's news hounds not to make any move without their knowledge, particularly warning about bomb traps or unwent kaboom! landmines in the area. Sinjar is now filled with pictures of KRG head Barzani and flags of his Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

On the walls of the many burned-out houses, scrawled graffiti proudly describes how buildings were looted by ISIL and which senior ISIL commanders carried out the looting.

The Grand Turk: Turkish police detain 11 ISIL suspects in three provinces
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[Hurriyet] Turkish police detained 11 people on suspicions of being members of the Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in simultaneous raids in three provinces across the country on Nov. 23.

Eight suspects were detained in the eastern province of Bingöl, two were detained in the northwestern province of Balikesir, while one other was apprehended in the southeastern province of Diyarbakir.

The simultaneous raids were conducted as part of an investigation under the aegis of the Diyarbakir Public Prosecutor's Office.

The 10 suspects who were detained in Bingöl and Balikesir were sent to Diyarbakir.

Europe: Greek Cyprus to deport six from France over suspected extremist links
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[Hurriyet] Greek Cyprus was expected to deport six French citizens to Switzerland
...home of the Helvetians, famous for cheese, watches, yodeling, and William Tell...
on Nov. 23 after they were detained at the island's main airport and suspected of links to holy warrior groups, authorities said.

The six French passport holders, five men of Turkish descent and one of Algerian descent, were detained on Nov. 21 evening after arriving at Larnaca airport on a low-cost flight from Basel, Switzerland, police said.
I wondered about that. The Swiss should be embarrassed that they didn't notice there was a problem.
Police said the suspects were aged between 25 and 33.

Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou told state radio that at least three of the six appeared to have "strong links to terrorist groups".

"There were suspicions against these specific individuals upon their arrival at the island," Nicolaou said.

"We have information suggesting that they have strong links to terrorist groups, while Interpol has already informed us that three of those suspects have been identified as having links to a terrorist organization," he said.

"The other three also appear to have some sort of link. They will probably be deported back to Switzerland at some point on Monday [Nov. 23]."

Greek Cyprus has stepped up security at its airports, ports and other public places following the jihadist attacks in Gay Paree earlier this month that left 130 people dead.
#1: Never mind, they aren't connected to the Paris attacks reports An Nahar, but they are undesirable as members of an Islamist association and therefore are being sent back anyway.
Posted by: trailing wife|| 2015-11-24 23:20 ||Comments

Europe: France targets prepaid debit cards in fight against terror finance
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How soon until they make cash illegal?
[Hurriyet] La Belle France, announcing fresh moves against terrorist financing, said on Nov. 23 it would target prepaid debit cards which it said were used in the recent Gay Paree attacks.

"We will regulate more strictly the use of prepaid cards which were used in the November 13 attacks, in order to make it harder to remain anonymous," Finance Minister Michel Sapin told a news conference.

Currently, prepaid credit cards can be recharged without identity checks so long as they don't exceed 2,500 euros over one year.

Details of stricter debit card rules, which are part of a wider set of measures to combat the financing of terror, are to be given in early 2016, the finance ministry said.

"There are new means of payment which have been created which should be on our radar," said Bruno Dalles, head of the ministry's Tracfin financing intelligence unit.

"I am thinking particularly of prepaid cards, especially if they are delivered in nearby foreign countries and used in La Belle France, for example to book hotel rooms," he told the news conference.

Among other measures, finance ministry officials are to be given easier access to information about suspects on police watchlists, allowing them to probe their finances, Sapin said.

La Belle France is to also to make it easier to freeze a wide range of assets of individuals suspected of committing, or planning to commit, acts of terror, not just their bank accounts, as is the case now.

Sapin also said he would ask EU members to accelerate implementing the bloc's latest anti-money laundering measures.

"We have received messages of sympathy and support from our (foreign) colleagues," Sapin said, but now "we must go beyond emotion and take action".

Sapin also asked the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an international body fighting money-laundering and terrorist financing, to become "more subtle" when identifying uncooperative states.

For now, the FATF's black list only contains two countries, Iran and North Korea, he noted.

La Belle France will also be asking for easier EU access to SWIFT, the transit system for 90 percent of international bank transfers, Sapin said.
#1: Where were they in the 2008 election? Oh, now you're paying attention.
Posted by: Procopius2k|| 2015-11-24 09:19 ||Comments

#2: Also, their customer loyalty cards will no longer be honored at Avis.
Posted by: SteveS|| 2015-11-24 12:35 ||Comments

#3: Carefully, Froggy, you might affect the Democrud presidential ambitions of the Beast. How else are the Islamist backers of another ValJar/Huma administration going to funnel the money into the race?
Posted by: NoMoreBS|| 2015-11-24 14:51 ||Comments

Iraq: More than 200 Anbar residents held captive by ISIS rescued in Iraqi operation
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Since no date or time period is given in this report, I assume it is a retrospective of cumulative action.
[Rudaw] At least 210 people in Iraq's Anbar province, held captive by the Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
group (ISIS) last year were rescued by Iraqi forces and reunited with their families, the Iraqi military said Monday.

Several ISIS bandidos Lions of Islam also were killed in festivities with the Iraqi forces that were trying to free the hostages.

A statement by the military said that the operation took place in southern Anbar province. It said the captives were from 70 different families and that they had been returned to their tribes.

ISIS seized the Anbar capital of Ramadi on May 17, in what was considered one of the jihadists' most important victories, since majority Sunni Anbar is Iraq's largest province.

The Iraqi government began a military campaign against the bandidos Lions of Islam in Anbar on July 13, vowing it would continue until the province is entirely cleared of the turbans.

In September, the bandidos Lions of Islam destroyed the key al-Boshjal bridge to stop the advance of Iraqi forces. The Anbar provincial council has asked the Iraqi military to help rescue imprisoned Anbar residents, warning that ISIS might want to use them as human shields.

ISIS is in control of about a third of Iraq since launching a lightning offensive in June last year.
#1: and speaking of Anbar province, how's that furious Ramadi liberation op coming

the one that was 'days away' two weeks ago


that one
Posted by: lord garth|| 2015-11-24 07:43 ||Comments

Iraq: Iraqi forces bombard ISIS in Ramadi
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[Rudaw] At least eight Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
(ISIS) Lions of Islam were killed during an attack by Iraqi warplanes in Ramadi, according to a statement released Sunday by the media war office of the joint operation.

"Iraqi warplanes targeted ISIS strongholds in Ramadi and managed to kill eight Lions of Islam and destroy a vehicle and a barrel bomb," said the statement.

The operation was carried out in the Tameem district of western Ramadi in Anbar province.

The statement added that warplanes blasted ISIS in eastern Fallujah,
... the City of Mosques, which might have somthing to do with why it's not called Center of Prosperity or a really nice place to raise your kids...
destroying a vehicle and killing some ISIS Lions of Islam inside it.

Iraq: Baghdad asks Kurdistan airports to close as Russia targets ISIS in Syria
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[Rudaw] Baghdad has asked that the airports in Erbil and Sulaimani halt all flights for 48 hours, in order to protect the safety of travelers while Russian jets are targeting the Islamic State
...formerly ISIS or ISIL, depending on your preference. Before that al-Qaeda in Iraq, as shaped by Abu Musab Zarqawi. They're very devout, committing every atrocity they can find in the Koran and inventing a few more. They fling Allah around with every other sentence, but to hear the pols talk they're not really Moslems....
(ISIS) in Syria.

"We have been informed by Baghdad to halt the flights because of Russian jets attacking Daesh [Islamic State] (ISIS) in Syria. This is for the safety of travelers," Talar Faiyq, head of Erbil International Airport, told Rudaw late Sunday.

She said all flights were halted for Monday and Tuesday and will not resume at least until Wednesday.

Kurdistan grounds all flights due to missile danger

[Rudaw] For the first time in its history, Erbil International Airport will be grounding all its flights for the next two days, said Talar Salih on Monday.

Speaking at a conference held in the region's capital airport, Salih said all incoming and outgoing flights to the Kurdistan region have been cancelled, including those at Sulaimani Airport.

The closures are in response to a warning issued by the Iraq Civil Aviation Authority regarding Russian cruise missiles launched from the Caspian Sea that will cross through airspace in northern Iraq and Syria.

All commercial airlines have suspended operations at the region's airports "until the integrity of the airspace can be confirmed by the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority," said a statement released from Erbil International Airport.

The closure will last through today and Tuesday, but could extend longer, the statement said. Passengers are advised to check with their airlines regarding refunds and flight rescheduling.

The Grand Turk: Syrian child’s lifeless body discovered on Turkish beach
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Watch all the heartwringing and counterproductive virtue signalling try to start up again. You've been warned.
[Rudaw] A 4-year old Syrian toddler whose lifeless body was found off the coast of the western Turkish city of Bodrum Sunday by fishermen was among a group of 15 migrants reported missing after a boat sank on its way to Greece, according to Turkish media.

The toddler was identified as a 4-year-old Syrian girl named Sena after a survivor, Nirvan Hassan, identified her, according to the Hurriyet Daily News. Nine bodies have so far been recovered from the lost craft, and the corpses have been sent to the bustling provincial capital Mugla for an appointment with Dr. Quincy, Hurriyet added.

"When she got on the boat, her mother would continuously call out Sena. That's when I learned her name," the Zaman newspaper quoted another survivor as recalling of the incident.

The drowning death of Sena mirrors the death of 3-year-old Kurdish toddler Alan Kurdi, whose body also washed up on The Sick Man of Europe Turkey
...the only place on the face of the earth that misses the Ottoman Empire....
's Aegean coast after a boat carrying him alongside his family and 15 other migrants sank in September. A picture of Kurdi's limp, lifeless body circulating on social media became a symbol of Syrian refugees fleeing violence in their homeland.
#1: It could mention that the Kurdi's had been in turkey for 2 years before their dad bought a lifeboat and got some of his family killed for a chance at western benefits.
Posted by: Bright Pebbles|| 2015-11-24 05:43 ||Comments

Iraq: Kurds join forces to battle ISIS
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[Rudaw] Kurds from across Greater Kurdistan have come together to fight ISIS. In the above video Kurds from throughout the region praise their united effort against ISIS in Shingal.

"The united Peshmerga fighters from all parts of Kurdistan fighting ISIS shoulder to shoulder have raised their morale because they feel like they are connected together with a strong relationship," one unnamed Kurdish fighter told Rudaw.
Six minute video at link -- click on the headline to go there.

Africa Horn: Somali Pirates Hijack Iranian Fishing Vessel
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Somali pirates have hijacked an Iranian fishing vessel with 15 crew members, a Somali official and a maritime expert said on Monday amid warnings that piracy might be making a comeback in the Indian Ocean.

Although there are still occasional cases of sea attacks, piracy near Somalia’s coast had largely subsided in the past three years, mainly due to shipping firms hiring private security details and the presence of international warships.

The Iranian ship was taken on Sunday evening in waters off northern Somali city of Eyl, said Abdirizak Mohamed Dirir, director of the anti-piracy and seaport ministry in Puntland, a semi-autonomous region in Somalia.

“Pirates hijacked an Iranian-flagged fishing vessel with its 15 crew from near Eyl,” Dirir said.

John Steed, East Africa region manager for the Oceans Beyond Piracy group, confirmed the hijacking and said the vessel was called Muhammidi.

Two other Iranian fishing ships were captured by suspected pirates in March. The 16 crew from one boat managed to raise anchor and escape in August, but the other ship and 26 crew remain in captivity.

Steed said there were three other unsuccessful sea attacks by Somali pirates in the past week, including one last night.

“This indicates that the level of illegal fishing is bringing the threat of return of Somali piracy ever closer,” added Kenya-based Steed.

Somali officials say the decline in piracy in recent years has emboldened foreign-flagged illegal fishing vessels to plunder Somalia’s fish stocks closer to shore, bringing them within reach of pirate gangs.

In a report published in October, the U.N. Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group said it was “concerned that illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing by foreign vessels may re-establish the conflict dynamic with local fishing communities that contributed to the rise of piracy a decade ago”.

The last outbreak of Somali piracy, at the end of the previous decade, cost the world’s shipping industry billions of dollars as pirates paralyzed shipping lanes, kidnapped hundreds of seafarers and seized vessels more than 1,000 miles from Somalia’s coastline.
It would be fair to ask the International maritime patrol patrolling in the area to chase off the illegal fishing boats.
#1: Seems like it would behoove a wannabe gubmint of Somalia (pick one) to issue Letters of Marque to the privateers and sic them on said pisces poachers. The privateers could haul the lot back to the mainland and present them to a local newly installed maritime court. Said poachers would be held without bail until all fines were paid in full. Said fines paid would be split with the privateers as described in said Letters.
Posted by: JHH|| 2015-11-24 16:21 ||Comments

Africa Horn: Three Kenyan soldiers wounded in blast
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NAIROBI -- Three Kenyan soldiers were wounded, one of them critically, when their vehicle was hit in eastern Kenya by a roadside bomb that the Somali Islamist al Shabaab group said it had planted. The blast in Hulugho, Garissa County, which lies next to the Somali border, shows the group still has the ability to stage attacks outside Somalia even though the rebels have been driven out of major strongholds inside the Horn of Africa nation.

Kenya is part of an African Union force that has been battling the Islamist rebels. Al Shabaab has often staged attacks in Kenya and has said it will continue to launch strikes until Kenyan forces leave Somalia.

“Three soldiers were injured. One was critical, but (they) were evacuated for medical attention,” Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) spokesman, Colonel David Obonyo, told Reuters in a brief message, adding the blast was caused by an improvised explosive devices, or IED.

Earlier, al Shabaab had claimed responsibility for the attack and said all those in the vehicle had died. “We destroyed a KDF military vehicle and destroyed all on board,” Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab, al Shabaab’s military operation spokesman, told Reuters.

Africa Horn: UN appoints British diplomat Michael Keating to Somalia
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Ugandan born British citizen Michael Keating and Chatham House Associate Director is set to replace the outgoing UN Special Envoy to Somalia Nicholas Kay whose tenure comes to a close next month, terrorfree Somalia can authoritatively reveal.

Keating who has variously served in public and private sectors in senior political, development and humanitarian positions has spent his childhood in Uganda, Kenya, Somalia and Iran.

Between 2011 and 2012, Keating served as Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General in Afghanistan where he worked with government, civil society and international community including the NATO assistance force, ISAF on elections, reconciliation, rule of law among others.

Keating comes to office at a crucial time when Somalia is navigating a delicate political process which will culminate into an election in August 2016 when the term of the current administration lapses. He will also be tasked with working closely with the African Union Mission in Somalia, AMISOM in bolstering security in the country ahead of the elections.

During Kay’s tenure, Somalia has achieved remarkable progress including the state formation process, development of state structures and preparations for elections.

Keating was born in Kampala, Uganda in 1959.

Europe: Macedonia/Greece border: Stranded migrants block rail line
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Europe: France continues search for elusive jihadi
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They seek him here,
they seek him there,
those Frenchies seek him everywhere.
Is he in heaven or is he in hell?
That damned elusive Pimpernel.
A suspected explosive belt was found dumped near Paris on Monday and the mobile phone of a fugitive believed to have taken part in the attacks on Nov. 13 was detected in two locations in the city, a source close to the investigation said.

Abdeslam's mobile phone was detected after the attacks in the 18th district in the north of Paris, near an abandoned car that he had rented, and then later in Chatillon in the south, the source said on Monday.

Detectives were examining what appeared to be an explosive belt found in a litter bin in the town of Montrouge, south of the capital and not far from Chatillon.

The source said it was too soon to say whether the belt had been in contact with Abdeslam, whose elder brother blew himself during the gun and suicide bomb attacks.
#1: My wife's son is stationed at Gielenkirchen in Northern Germany.

He sent my wife a text saying that the police had raided a house and arrested a number of suspected terrorist in a town about 12 minutes from the NATO base.

Because Gielenkirchen is hard against the Dutch border, 12 minutes could mean Germany, Nederlands, Luxembourg or Belgium.
Posted by: Sock Puppet of Doom|| 2015-11-24 00:10 ||Comments

Syria-Lebanon-Iran: Iran leader hosts Putin, says U.S. policies threaten Tehran, Moscow
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Iran's supreme leader, at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Tehran, said on Monday U.S. policies in the Middle East region were a threat to both countries and called for closer ties between Tehran and Moscow.

The civil war in Syria has evolved into a c*********k wider proxy struggle between wannabe global powers.

"The United States is now trying to achieve its failed military objectives in Syria by political means," he added, referring to proposed peace talks to end the civil war in Syria.

The U.S. State Department pushed back against the remarks, saying its only intentions are to support the Obamagenda, foreign policy be damned in Syria are to help find a peaceful solution to the conflict there.

Khamenei praised Putin for "neutralizing Washington's plots"...

On Monday Putin relaxed an export ban on nuclear equipment and technology to Iran.

Iran's ambassador to Russia also said on Monday that Moscow had started the process of supplying Tehran with an S-300 anti-missile rocket system.
The only thing missing is
مرگ بر آمريكا
said by Khamenei.
#1: Check here for what I meant to post after "the only thing missing.
Posted by: Anguper Hupomosing9418|| 2015-11-24 01:06 ||Comments

#2: Speaking of Persian, and death to... me...

A lonely old maid of Canarsie
Once tutored her pvssy in Farsi,
The better to ambush
That tomcat from Flatbush,
A bushy-tailed, one-eyed old Parsee.
Posted by: Zenobia Floger6220|| 2015-11-24 10:33 ||Comments

#3: So glad you found your way to Rantburg, Zenobia F. That was ... inspired. :-)
Posted by: trailing wife|| 2015-11-24 13:55 ||Comments

#4: I'd love to find out how the Russia-led + Iran-led OWG Global Federal Union(s) will ultimately decide or choose their lines of demarcation differentiating or separating their two competing "Spheres of Influence".

Posted by: JosephMendiola|| 2015-11-24 23:19 ||Comments

Home Front: Culture Wars: Clock Boy threatens school district w lawsuit
Posted by lord garth 11/24/2015  00:00 15 Comments 174 words Read the whole thing on page 3
You knew this was coming...
The family wants $10 million from the City of Irving and $5 million from Irving ISD for damages it claims Ahmed and the family suffered after the teen was arrested. The family also wants an apology from the two entities.

Mohamed, 14, was arrested by Irving police in September after he brought a homemade digital clock to school that was mistaken for a bomb by Irving MacArthur High School faculty. The subsequent fallout made international headlines.

Mohamed and his immediately family are now overseas in Qatar and enrolling in school after a foundation has offered to pay for his education. The letter demanding money from the city and district says that the family wants "more than anything to come home" to Irving.
and nothing says "I love my city" like threatening to file suit against them
The letter gives both the city and the district 60 days to pay up or else face a lawsuit.
#1: Wow, that byes a lot of Kalashnikovs.
Posted by: g(r)omgoru|| 2015-11-24 01:27 ||Comments

#2: It was *not* a homemade clock - it was a radio-shack inserted into a briefcase. He did not 'invent' or 'create' anything - except a hoax bomb he 'set off' during english class.

Charge them as terrorist for building a hoax-bomb (which is what it really was).
Posted by: CrazyFool|| 2015-11-24 01:33 ||Comments

#3: Mohamed the clock-faking cuckoo
Now plans for his flock to make beaucoup:
"New project! Enrich us
For being suspicious
Of creepy young Muslims who spook you."
Posted by: Zenobia Floger6220|| 2015-11-24 03:25 ||Comments

#4: hack his emails, release the dirt....
Posted by: anon1|| 2015-11-24 07:50 ||Comments

#5: If I use a fake gun in a robbery, do I get away with not being charge with 'armed robbery'?

In most jurisdictions, there does not have to be an actual application of force in order for a theft to be considered robbery. It is usually sufficient if the victim believed that they would be harmed if they did not cooperate.

Thus, most courts would consider the use of a fake weapon to be armed robbery. However, it is essential that the victim reasonably believes that the weapon was real and not fake. Also, if a toy gun is used to strike a victim during a robbery, then it actually becomes a weapon for legal purposes.
- cite
Posted by: Procopius2k|| 2015-11-24 09:17 ||Comments

#6: Attorney Kelly Hollingsworth lives in the same general community he is suing. Perhaps he needs to understand how his neighbors and community feel about this?

He works at Laney & Bollinger Law Firm
600 Ash St, Plainview Texas (806) 293-2618 or

Just saying. Be polite
Posted by: Frank G|| 2015-11-24 09:34 ||Comments

#7: Just saying. Be polite

Polite Matis style?
Posted by: g(r)omgoru|| 2015-11-24 09:39 ||Comments

#8: Hard to sue when you and your family are under 15,000ft of North Atlantic water.

Just sayin'.
Posted by: DarthVader|| 2015-11-24 11:14 ||Comments

#9: Be exquisitely polite, please. Threatening lawyers is unwise, not to mention actionable.
Posted by: trailing wife|| 2015-11-24 13:48 ||Comments

#10: Is there anyone who didn't see the lawsuit coming, and wondered if the entire thing was a lawsuit scam from the start?
Posted by: NoMoreBS|| 2015-11-24 14:48 ||Comments

#11: Threatening lawyers is unwise, not to mention actionable. Would sending them a printed circuit board with a battery pack attached, that goes "tick-tick-tick", be considered a "threat" to any reasonable person?
Posted by: Anguper Hupomosing9418|| 2015-11-24 16:50 ||Comments

#12: Here's an example of just fooling around, a kitchen timer designed to look like a bomb.
Posted by: Anguper Hupomosing9418|| 2015-11-24 17:42 ||Comments

#13: You can bet if he as a white, christian, conservative, he would be even now mouldering in some PoundMeInTheAss federal prison.
Posted by: CrazyFool|| 2015-11-24 18:23 ||Comments

#14: With any luck hoaxBomb boy will find out that discovery can be a bitch. But unfortunately the school will simply fold like a wet noodle :( .
Posted by: CrazyFool|| 2015-11-24 18:41 ||Comments

#15: "Fuck you. Pay me."

--Henry Hill
Posted by: charger|| 2015-11-24 18:58 ||Comments

Syria-Lebanon-Iran: U.S. Official: Use of Chemical Weapons is Routine in Syria
Posted by Steve White 11/24/2015  00:00 7 Comments 69 words Read the whole thing on page 1
The use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war is becoming routine, a U.S. official said in The Hague on Monday, calling on members of the global chemical weapons body to collectively condemn their use.

“Today, we must raise our voice collectively and emphatically to condemn such use,” Rafael Foley told a meeting of the Executive Council at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).
#1: Well, combustion of gunpowder is a chemical reaction, isn't it?
Posted by: g(r)omgoru|| 2015-11-24 01:05 ||Comments

#2: Go to your room Grom.... :p
Posted by: DarthVader|| 2015-11-24 01:41 ||Comments

#3: Warning link starts music and vid automatically.
Posted by: 3dc|| 2015-11-24 07:03 ||Comments

#4: We always figured that's what happened to Saddam's chemical weapons program - it got moved to Syria ahead of the US attack.
Posted by: Glenmore|| 2015-11-24 09:06 ||Comments

#5: Glad yhey keep repea ting the same shit every week.
Posted by: chris|| 2015-11-24 12:02 ||Comments

#6: #1 Well, combustion of gunpowder is a chemical reaction, isn't it?

My President assures us we are not at war with free radical chemical reactions.
Posted by: SteveS|| 2015-11-24 12:38 ||Comments

#7: "Red Lines® For Everyone!"
Posted by: Mullah Richard|| 2015-11-24 13:57 ||Comments