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2021-07-27 Caucasus/Russia/Central Asia
Who introduced Chechen patrols into Russian cities?
Direct Translation vioa Google Translate. Edited.
By Dmitriy Steshin

[KP] The news that "Sharia patrols", "bearded guardsmen" and even "Kadyrov's special forces" appeared in New Moscow made me visit the city of Troitsk. This science city originates 16 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road and stretches along the Kaluga highway for as many as eight kilometers. And this transit feature is a headache for the local police. Most crimes are committed by "strays" from the highway. And then the warm June nights overlapped.

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And then the administration of Troitsk, represented by the head of the territorial security department, Pavel Shkurenko, decided to conclude an agreement with a private security company (PSC) "Korvet" from the Moscow region town of Vidnoe, which turned out to be staffed with young Chechens with long beards.

"A little over 20 years old, everyone is from 180 cm tall, pumped up, the mustache is shaved like that of terrorists (the Wahhabis do it emphatically - ed.)," says Ilya, a resident of Troitsk. He sits with a friend on a bench in the shade of old lime trees in a factory park. Friends drink beer from cans.

Did they come to you?
Yes, as you are now. Only they immediately asked to keep alcohol into the shops.

Were there any threats?
Our city is small, it is better not to threaten anyone here. Then, they in one company were asked "whose guys are you going to be?" And for some reason they were offended and they called a police squad.

"Yes, and we sat together on Jubilee Street in the evening, playing the guitar. And they are here, as here: from the night all come out in black, beards are black. We were scared of course. And they asked the guys to play quieter and left."

A woman with a Doberman on a leash enters into a conversation.

Aren't you indignant?
"As they left, of course, indignant. After all, we were just singing."

A spontaneous rally begins to gather around.

"Who are they, let them put things in order in Chechnya," the woman and her grandchildren are indignant.

"So they are citizens of Russia, and the Chechen Republic is an integral part of it," I notice.

"My neighbor’s husband was killed there," she replies. "We even had refugees from there."

"We do not send to Kadyrov to patrol our Cossack horse patrols. But they could have repeated," Ilya philosophizes, squeezing an unfinished can in his fist.

"And the fact that in our city almost 100% of the lease of premises passes through the Dagestanis, nobody cares, by chance? Who will protect them, if not the Chechens?" indignantly offered a resident passing by.

My attempts to find the famous "bearded" immediate response group in Troitsk were unsuccessful. I dialed the phone number that showed up on the back window of their car in the video. On the other end of the line , Alexander Malyshev, director of the private security company "Korvet", unexpectedly answered me.

The former officer, without interrupting, listened to me, and then said: "Yes, he had already taken them off their attire and called them back to Vidnoe, where our office is located."

I see their car moving along the Kaluga highway.

"This is how. We had a contract with the administration for a month. My guys showed what they are capable of."

And how do you see them if you yourself are in Vidnoye?
"They have body cameras on their chests, in the car there are also recorders and a geolocation system. From here I saw everything that they were doing, where they were going, with whom they communicated. And such control is conducted around the clock."

Who are they?
"Natives of the Chechen Republic, who were in the last war as children. Their generation has already been brought up in the spirit of patriotism and love for the Fatherland, served in the army, trained in the National Guard, received a security guard's license and admission to use service weapons. They are polite and executive guys."

And why immediately the Chechens had to go to Troitsk?

"Why not? They can be privately guarded already under 90%! They are, in principle, sharpened for this type of activity."

"Alexander Viktorovich, what real successes did they have?"

"Thanks to them, murder and theft of bicycles were solved in Troitsk."

It turns out that in the first days of July, the outfit went to the drinking company, into which the killer had got in. When our Chechens made a remark to the company and left, the offender committed the murder of one of his drinking companions. According to the footage from the video recorder, which was worn by one of the patrol officers, Troitsk investigators obtained a portrait of the villain and took him in hot pursuit.

"And once they approached a shopping center and noticed a man trying to steal a scooter from him," Malyshev continues.

The hijacker collided with the outfit eye to eye and abandoned his idea. All these episodes were confirmed by objective control footage.

"Yes, here during the heat, such drunken orgies under the windows of residential buildings had to be prevented, you just can't imagine! People called and begged to calm down the hooligans who ran without pants under the windows."

Where did you call?
"Do you understand how the Safe City system is developing in Troitsk? There are thousands of video cameras on the streets, from which the image gets into the situation center of the municipality, where the observers are sitting. They see some minor violation, receive a signal from local residents, but there is no one to send to see if what is happening is not within the competence of the police?!

"That is why we decided to create such rapid response teams in all districts of the city. I myself went to the administrations of the Moscow region, offered to implement, try. In Troitsk, they were not afraid and decided to experiment with us.

"Now, if the guards were all Slavic in appearance, no one would even notice anything."

Here the residents in Troitsk told me the same thing when I was looking for an apartment for them. "Only the Slavs." And our Slav security guard will not be afraid of shifts on the street from 17.00 to 05.00.

Will he endure when he is offered to sit on a bench several times a night and have a drink? Muslims do it easily. On the Internet, they are now insulted, but they showed the level of their work: at the end of the month, the administration of Troitsk recorded a decrease in complaints from residents about noisy companies that drank in public places.

We did not find any confirmation of Malyshev's words in the Troitsk administration. The administration even removed from their website a laudatory article about newcomer mercenaries who "put things in order in the city."

"Strongly flew from Moscow," says in a low voice an employee of the local administration. "They advised to break the agreements with the private security company."

And the head of the territorial security department, Pavel Shkurenko, is there?

He's standing on the porch, scratching the back of his head.

Hearing my questions, Shkurenko quickly disappeared behind the doors of the administration, which is guarded by another private security contractor.

"Don't bother him, he wanted the best, but it worked out," his colleague stood up for the retreating official.

"But, you know, the experiment itself was quite a success. If we had not filmed a video about this, which we ourselves published, then no one in Moscow would have learned anything. Such a reaction would not have followed."

"Aren't you yourself administratively in Moscow now?," I asked the interlocutor.

Colleague Shkurenko was silent for a second, rolled his eyes and disappeared after.

Beards without a mustache, as a marker of "strangers."

There would be no scandal with the "Shariah patrol", excuse me, the employees of the private security company "Korvet", if not for their completely unregulated "Wahhabist" beards. Yes, we have a single country, but ideas about a "normal" appearance are completely different. And sometimes they are similar. A young man with green hair will get equally hard on the neck behind the Ural Mountains and in Makhachkala or Nalchik. Not out of malice, but for showing disrespect for the local outlook on life.

In Troitsk, people are cultural, a scientific center, so they got by with a media scandal.

With Wahhabi/Salafi type beards, things are exactly the same as with green hair. These beards are not worn by chance, but to stand out. In this case, identify yourself as a devout Muslim among unbelievers.

It's hard to understand what's in the head of a person with such a beard. Maybe he is a law-abiding citizen, and maybe vice versa. In Uzbekistan, when a wave of Wahhabism began there, which ended in the bloody Andijan uprising, they did not understand it. The police shaved their Wahhabi beards right in the Tashkent market, considering them a 100% sign of radical Islamists.

Or just put for such beards.

That is, at first they were detained for their appearance, and then it turned out that the owner of the beard had something to sit in prison for. For some reason, the Uzbek police were deprived of sentimentality towards their fellow believers and quickly realized, how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Perhaps that is why there were a dozen or a hundred times fewer Wahhabi terrorist attacks in Uzbekistan, in contrast to Russia. And we remember very well who exactly, people of what views, tore up houses and the subway in Moscow. And what external distinguishing features they had from facial hair.

We also remember and know. Therefore, the residents of Troitsk reacted so sharply.

I am almost sure that the employees of this private security company have nothing to do with the ideas of Wahhabism. I'm almost sure, because I don't really understand why, then, wear beards, which outside the North Caucasus or the territories of ISIS are associated only with radical Islam.

Maybe the guys from the private security company just didn't know this? But we know that you shouldn't go to Grozny or Magas in shorts and miniskirts. And we do not go, we understand that in the North Caucasian republics it is not customary to go. And to appear there in this form means to show your disrespect for local residents, their customs and regional norms of behavior. So we do not need to go with beards of the "Wahhabi type," especially in a black uniform and with a weapon The wrong associations arise. It’s not far from trouble.

And there is no incitement in my opus: it is a call for mutual respect of citizens of different parts of the same country to each other.

Dmitry Steshin is a Russian military journalist who writes for Komsomol Pravda
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#1 Yeah, it'll take about ONCE for someone to slap me for walking about in public holding my wife's hand.
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#2 Their generation has already been brought up in the spirit of patriotism and love for the Fatherland, served in the army, trained in the National Guard, received a security guard's license and admission to use service weapons

Wow. I had forgotten what optimists Russians were.
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