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2021-07-06 Caucasus/Russia/Central Asia
CIS southern republics prepare for aftermath of Taliban takeover
Directly translated through Google Translate. Edited.

Narrative by Russian military journalist Boris Rozhin.

[ColonelCassad] In light of what is happening in Afghanistan, where the Taliban have already taken control of more than 70% of the Afghan-Tajik border, mobilization has been announced in Tajikistan.

It is planned to call up to 20,000 people who will be sent to reinforce on the borders with Afghanistan. For obvious reasons, no one will take the Taliban's word that they are not going anywhere - it is better to overdo it with such figures than to miss it.

The Taliban themselves said that their troops captured the northern regions of the country due to the collapse and degradation of government forces and that they doubted that the government would ever be able to regain control of these territories. As the military and border guards who fled to the territory of Tajikistan showed, some of the local militias and local residents went over to the side of the Taliban, which actually forced the military who remained loyal to the government in Kabul to retreat to the territory of the neighboring country without any serious fighting.

In fact, we are talking about the collapse of the rear.

The government claims that they did not expect such a powerful offensive by the Taliban and the fact that many areas surrendered to the Taliban without a fight, but they assured that the army was preparing a counteroffensive in the north and that it would not allow the loss of the semi-encircled Faizabad, from which the civilian administration had already fled.

Consequently, the expected "new normalcy" when the Taliban borders on Tajikistan (as it was in the late 90s) has already taken shape. That accordingly actualizes the whole list of potential threats to Central Asia in general and Tajikistan in particular.

Therefore, reasonable security measures will be taken by Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.
See the link for photos and charts

Dmitry Peshkov: Russia "keeping an eye out" for developments
[TASS] Russia is concerned about the developments in Afghanistan’s border regions after the withdrawal of US troops from there, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Monday.

"Of course, after the Americans and their allies pull out of Afghanistan, the situation in that country is a matter of grave concern for us. We are keeping a close eye [on the situation] and note that, unfortunately, destabilization is taking place," he said.

When asked whether Russia was exploring the possibility of sending additional troops to help Tajikistan protect the border, the Kremlin spokesman noted that Russian military servicemen and border guards would monitor the situation in Afghanistan’s border regions and make appropriate decisions. "As for an additional contingent, I cannot tell you. Of course, as the situation evolves, and we see that, unfortunately, it is not evolving in the best possible way, the necessary decisions will be made by our military and border guards," he stressed.

On Monday, the press center of the Border Guard Troops of Tajikistan’s State Committee for National Security said in a statement that more than 1,000 Afghan troops had retreated to Tajikistan after battles with the Taliban (outlawed in Russia). Afghan troops had to cross the Tajik border several times over the past two weeks.

Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) Stanislav Zas earlier said that the situation in Afghanistan’s northern regions was worsening, and that triggered alarm bells within the organization. According to Zas, it is essential to provide assistance to Tajikistan in ensuring the security of the southern border. On July 1, the Council of the CSTO Parliamentary Assembly approved a statement expressing concern about the situation in Afghanistan and urged all political actors in that country to facilitate the peace process.
More at the link
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