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2021-06-10 Government Corruption
Open Letter To America by Dr. Steven Hatfill
Dear America,

This is the story of possibly the greatest corruption scandal in our country’s history.

This is the story of how petty bureaucrats and drug companies unjustly discredited an inexpensive FDA-approved drug that would have prevented COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths for political spite and financial gain. These perpetrators, who now hold more significant positions in government, need to be held accountable for over 500,000 American deaths and the disruption of our economy.

This is the story of how a few key government officials failed to implement our well-formulated National Pandemic Plan and their weaponization of a dangerously complicit mainstream media.

I tell this story because we, the People, deserve answers — those responsible need to be held accountable for their actions. The COVID-19 pandemic was a proverbial "warning shot across our bow." Thus, we must forever prioritize pandemic preparedness as critical to our national security.

We deserve better. We deserve the truth. We deserve answers. We deserve JUSTICE.

I hope my words and timeline will help clarify what has happened, who is involved, and what action must be taken to protect our health and freedom.

My name is Dr. Steven Hatfill. I am a specialist physician, recognized Virologist and Bioweapons expert and I worked as an outside advisor to the Executive Office of the President of the United States from February 2020 through the inaugural transition period of 2021. My statements are not speculation because I had a front-row seat from the very beginning of the pandemic. My subsequent published papers and articles have been painstakingly referenced and fact-checked.

Some will tell you this is just another conspiracy theory, so I ask you to read on and judge for yourselves.

  1. 2005 — the United States creates its first-ever National Pandemic Plan, outlining the actions to combat a serious respiratory viral disease pandemic. This is based on the previous Biological Weapons Improved Response Plan.
  2. 2008 — President Obama closes the White House Global Health Security Office.

  3. 2013 — after the SARS and MERS outbreaks, Chinese virologists collect hundreds of samples from bats for study at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). Collaborative research begins on the Coronaviruses, including Gain Of Function (GOF) experiments (research which involves increasing the capacity of a pathogen to cause illness) in China and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

  4. 2014 — The West Africa Ebola virus outbreak occurs. Dr. Anthony Fauci MD promotes a single layer of gloves for nursing Ebola patients and other inadequate protective measures. His instructions endanger the lives of health care workers, and national guidelines for protection must be urgently updated.

  5. 2014 — United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) ban GOF research. The ban was implemented for 2014-2017.

  6. 2015 — Chinese virologists and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill conduct unauthorized GOF experiments on coronaviruses.

  7. 2017 — The 2005 Health and Human Services’ (HHS) National Pandemic Plan is updated. The specific responsibilities of local authorities, states, and the federal government have been clearly stated. The national plan is to use early, outpatient antiviral drug treatment, home quarantine, and case contact tracing to cover the "vaccine gap" (the time needed to develop a vaccine to coDear America,

  8. December 2019 — Chinese authorities report the first outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan. On January 21, the first recognized case of COVID-19 occurs in the United States.

  9. February 2020 — Dr. Steven Hatfill MD, a specialist physician and recognized Virologist, is brought into the White House as an outside medical advisor.

    Some members of the COVID-19 Task Force are considering the use of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), a safe and effective FDA-approved drug, to control the rapidly spreading pandemic. The drug proves to prevent hospitalization if taken when early symptoms of COVID-19 arise. The drug is cost-effective at 60 cents per tablet with COVID-19 treatment consisting of 11 tablets taken over five days. The FDA considers HCQ to be a safer drug than Tylenol.

  10. March 23, 2020 — The Director of BARDA, (Biological Advanced Research Development Authority) Rick Bright Ph.D., is instructed by his superiors to work with the FDA to establish an Investigational New Drug (IND) authorization for HCQ. The next day, the Director of Drug Evaluation and Research at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Dr. Janet Woodcock MD, contacts Rick Bright at BARDA.

  11. March 24, 2020 — Dr. Woodcock wrongly advises Bright that HCQ is a dangerous drug requiring a EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). Its use should be limited to hospitalized patients. Bright and Dr. Woodcock promote this course of action, despite the early clinical data showing HCQ was the most effective in outpatients if given early during the initial infection, effectively eliminating hospitalization.

  12. The FDA issues a EUA for HCQ — for hospital use only.
    In a legal document, Rick Bright makes a blatant admission of insubordination to multiple layers of leadership, including the White House, HHS Secretary Azar, and Dr. Robert Kadlec, MD, the Assistant HHS Secretary for Preparedness and Readiness.

    Bright states the following in his Whistleblower Complaint: "...instead of a Nationwide Expanded Access IND protocol. Implementing the EUA was a compromise position, to rein in HHS leadership’s initial campaign to make the drugs available to the public outside of a hospital setting".

    Question: When is it EVER acceptable to "compromise" public health during a rampaging pandemic?

  13. April 4, 2020 — Dr. Anthony Fauci MD, the member of the COVID-19 Task Force responsible for informing the President of the best course of action for pandemic control, appears to be unaware of the National Pandemic Plan. In a heated White House Situation Room meeting, Dr. Fauci refused to consider the use of HCQ for COVID-19 treatment. He dismisses the ever-accumulating HCQ efficacy reports from China, South Korea, and France as simply "anecdotal."

  14. April 22, 2020 — Rick Bright is fired as BARDA Director for his insubordination. Before his dismissal, he falsely informed the press that HCQ is a dangerous drug.

    Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of NIAID, who is not a virologist, disregards the National Pandemic Plan, which included outreach programs with physicians using HCQ for outpatient treatment and prevention to bring the COVID-19 pandemic under control.

    Dr. Fauci brushes off the accumulating evidence and diverts millions of federal funds into a program to test and manufacture an experimental drug named Remdesivir. Remdesivir must be administered via IV and can only in the hospital. Instead of early community treatment, as prescribed in the original pandemic plan. Dr. Fauci changes the plan to promote "Societal Lockdowns" and push the development of highly experimental mRNA vaccines by multinational pharmaceutical corporations.

    NOTE: Members of Fauci’s Covid-19 treatment panel have ties to Gilead Sciences, Inc. (Foster City, CA), the company that holds the patent for Remdesivir.

  15. May 16, 2020 — In Phase 1 clinical trials conducted by Gilead Sciences in cooperation with China and Japan, Remdesivir FAILED: "no statistically clinical effect, with severe adverse reactions."

    NOTE: On October 16, 2020, the WHO concludes that Remdesivir is an ineffective drug and does not recommend its use to treat COVID-19.

  16. May 20, 2020 — Shortly after becoming Senior Medical Advisor to the FDA Commissioner, Dr. Woodcock recused herself over future decisions concerning vaccines, citing a conflict of interest.

  17. June 15, 2020 — Dr. Fauci ignores the data that HCQ works if the drug is administered during the first five days of infection. Its EUA is revoked, despite the overwhelming evidence of its effectiveness. The FDA claims that HCQ is causing fatal heart rhythms in hospitalized patients when the COVID-19 virus itself is the cause.

  18. June 29, 2020 — Dr. Fauci recommends a 1.6-billion-dollar purchase of Remdesivir despite the drug’s Phase 1 failure in China.

Question: Why did Dr. Fauci discredit HCQ, leaving us defenceless, and order 1.6 billion dollars of an ineffective and toxic drug?

NOTE: Dr. Fauci’s actions pave the way for the fast-track development of experimental mRNA vaccines (and their subsequent patents), which can only receive a EUA if no other approved & effective medicines, like outpatient HCQ.

After widespread lockdowns and millions of global deaths, the experimental mRNA vaccines are granted a EUA and released to the public. As of the date of this letter, the pandemic still prevails, and there is no FDA approved outpatient treatment for COVID-19.


The actions of Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Janet Woodcock, and Rick Bright, Ph.D., must be independently investigated, and they must be held accountable.

All conflicts of interest and the interactions between government officials and pharmaceutical companies, including the publication of faulty research papers in respected medical journals, must be investigated, and they must be held accountable.

Immediately reinstate HCQ as an FDA-approved drug for COVID-19.
The U.S. Pandemic Plan must be immediately reinstated as initially crafted.

Establish an outside independent United States Pandemic Response Department, with board powers including oversight.

  • On June 2, 2021, the distribution of my content was canceled by PR NEWSWIRE, and I have been banned from further distribution. Their action is a brazen attempt to censor and block the true story and silence our voice as citizens.


    Contact your local, state, and federal representatives and demand answers. They would have you believe that you serve them, but you employ them. Hold them accountable.

    Cancel biased media subscriptions. Your money fuels their disinformation campaigns.

    Read the attached references and the complete, uncensored, and referenced articles at www.drstevenhatfill.com.

    Please ACT NOW, and together we can create a better future for America and the world.

    Dr. Steven J. Hatfill

    Oh, and please go to the link for the references. My hands hurt again. Further I do not wish to comment at this time.
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    #1 Study Shows Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin Greatly Improved COVID Survival Rate for Ventilated Patients
    “We found that when the cumulative doses of two drugs, HCQ and AZM, were above a certain level, patients had a survival rate 2.9 times the other patients,” the study’s conclusion states. Additionally, “By using causal analysis and considering of weight-adjusted cumulative dose, we prove the combined therapy, >3 g HCQ and > 1g AZM greatly increases survival in Covid patients on IMV and that HCQ cumulative dose > 80 mg/kg works substantially better.
    Posted by Jeremiah Uleack1446 2021-06-10 00:27||   2021-06-10 00:27|| Front Page Top

    #2 Thanks very much for the Hatfill story. He was yet another conservative, pro-USA fellow totally fok'd over by a renegade FBI, bit eventually vindicated.
    Posted by Besoeker 2021-06-10 05:52||   2021-06-10 05:52|| Front Page Top

    #3 If you can find Gerard Baker's WSJ article from June 7th "America’s Covid Groupthink Functioned Like China’s Repression", it's an exceptional (and long) read.

    Right now it's behind the WSJ paywall, but I'm sure someone will get it out there
    Posted by Mullah Richard 2021-06-10 07:57||   2021-06-10 07:57|| Front Page Top

    #4 This guy survived an FBI setup railroad job. That alone makes him worth listening to.
    Posted by M. Murcek 2021-06-10 10:43||   2021-06-10 10:43|| Front Page Top

    #5  the WHO concludes that Remdesivir is an ineffective drug and does not recommend its use to treat COVID-19.
    Be that as it may, on 22 Oct 2020 the FDA gave its full approval (not an EUA, but full approval) for Remdesvir to be used to treat COVID-19. AFAICT, it is the ONLY drug for COVID-19 that has received full FDA approval. All the vaccines have only an EUA approval.
    Posted by Butch Lumplump3685 2021-06-10 13:16||   2021-06-10 13:16|| Front Page Top

    #6 There was this recently: Two members of FDA panel resign in protest over Alzheimer’s drug approval AFAIK, nothing like this has happened so far with government official or panelists wrt COVID-19.
    Posted by Butch Lumplump3685 2021-06-10 13:20||   2021-06-10 13:20|| Front Page Top

    #7 Zinc. To get the full effect, HCQ must be combined with 50 mg zinc. Why do people keep ignoring this?
    Posted by KBK 2021-06-10 22:25||   2021-06-10 22:25|| Front Page Top

    #8 Because that wasn't going to give them their mountain of bodies.
    Posted by Thing From Snowy Mountain 2021-06-10 22:48||   2021-06-10 22:48|| Front Page Top

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