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2021-05-28 -Signs, Portents, and the Weather-
Inside the Texas Capitol date rape drugging case that wasn't
[HOUSTONCHRONICLE] The news landed at the Texas Capitol last month like a bombshell: State police were investigating claims that a male lobbyist from one of the most influential firms in Austin had used a date rape drug on two female legislative staffers.The Capitol quickly swung into outrage mode. Female politicians wore pink in solidarity with the victims. The House speaker condemned the "disgusting, detestable allegations." After the alleged culprit was identified, some politicians banned his firm, HillCo Partners, from their offices. And new laws requiring that lobbyists receive harassment training were proposed.

Within a week, however, the Travis County district attorney and the Texas Department of Public Safety announced in a statement that they would not be bringing any charges. "We have concluded there is not enough evidence to support these allegations. ... No crime occurred in this instance," DPS and DA Jose Garza said.

Now, a DPS investigation has concluded that a legislative staffer fabricated the story of the date rape drug to cover up embarrassing personal behavior. "No evidence or facts obtained during the investigation support the allegation," the 50-page report said.

In a separate audio recording obtained by Hearst Newspapers, the investigator went even further, describing the accused lobbyist, Richard Dennis — not the female staffer — as "the victim" in this case. "She lied to me," the investigator, Special Agent Patrick Alonzo, can be heard saying. "She orchestrated all this."

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#1 Gotta remember: "rape" hoaxes predate "Hate crime" hoaxes.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2021-05-28 05:43||   2021-05-28 05:43|| Front Page Top

#2 Apologies...? Apologies...?
Posted by Richard Aubrey 2021-05-28 08:03||   2021-05-28 08:03|| Front Page Top

#3 Would I lie to you
Would I lie to you honey
Now would I say something that wasn't true
I'm askin you sugar would I lie-ie-ie-ie-ie-ie to you
Posted by Whimble Hupomoth2382 2021-05-28 08:09||   2021-05-28 08:09|| Front Page Top

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