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2021-05-09 Afghanistan
Violence Grips Several Provinces as Afghans Mourn Blast in Kabul
[ToloNews] In a latest incident of violence, at least 27 security force members were killed in Ghazni city in the past two days.

Lawmakers from Ghazni said that three government check posts have fallen to the Taliban
...mindless ferocity in a turban...
in the past few days.

Local officials in Baghlan said that hundreds of people have taken up arms to fight the Taliban.

"We have launched an operation code-named Pamir 302 which is aimed to suppressing and repelling the plans by the (enemy)," said Gen. Abbas Tawakoli, the deputy commander of 209 Shaheen Army Corps.

"We are not in the defensive position, we are on thevoffensive mode. There have been massive progress in Baghlan and Ghazni since yesterday," Afghan Chief of Army Staff Gen. Yasin Zia said.

Alongside Ghazni city, Khawja Omari, Jaghato, Waghaz and Khogyani districts have also faced deadly battles in the past days.

"The people are ready to fight alongside their security forces," said Faraidoon, the commander of public uprising force in Baghlan.

"Fighting has escalated significantly. Currently, festivities are underway there and many families are under siege," said Abdul Manan, a resident of Arezo village in Ghazni.

But, the Afghan Ministry of Defense said that offensive operations have been launched to eliminate Taliban in areas under their control.

Both parties the Afghan government and the Taliban have claimed of inflicting devastating toll on each other.

Reports say that civilians have also been killed during these festivities.

The Defense Ministry said that at least 250 Taliban fighters were killed in at least seven provinces in the last 24 hours.
MoD in a recent tweet said 250 gunnies and faceless myrmidons were killed and further 106 others were maimed across Afghanistan.

The ministry further added, ANDSF also discovered and neutralized 29 various types of landmines and IEDs placed to target civilians and security force members in the regions.

Afghan Military’s commando forces have stationed the Dahan-e-Ghori district in northern Baghlan province as fierce battles continue in the region. Security sources told media that Afghan commando reinforcements were deployed and three outposts fallen to the Taliban
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were recaptured. At least 10 security force members were rescued in the commando operations, reports indicate.

Afghan commandos in a joint operation with the Afghan army’ 209th Shaheen Corps were deployed to the area and that routs to Pul-e-Khumri city the center of Baghlan province were reopened.

According to sources Taliban have suffered heavy casualties, but details were not provided on its exact figure.

Reports indicate that the Taliban also attacked Nahrin district in Baghlan province on Friday night, but the attacks were rebuffed by the Afghan National Defense and Security forces.

On Friday, Afghan military’s commando units have launched air and ground offensives on the Taliban in Baghlan-e-Markazi in Baghlan province. According to security sources, at least 27 Talibs were so far killed in the Baghlan operations. Security sources in the region told the media that the Taliban are under commandos’ siege.

This comes as the Ministry of Defense denied Taliban claims of ’surrendered 200 Afghan troops’ in Baghlan-e-Markazi, and added that 17 Taliban were killed during the operations.

Reports indicate the Afghan military including commandos have launched attacks on Taliban bases in several other provinces in Afghanistan.

Moreover, local sources in Samangan province said that three security force members were killed in a Taliban attack in the Dara-e-Suf Bala district of the province. Sultan Ali Sultan, district governor of Dara-e-Suf Bala told media on Saturday that the incident took place on Friday night in Kotal Qala area of the district. Sultan added that following the Taliban attack from three positions on a security outpost, two coppers and a public uprising force member were killed in the area.

In the meantime, Security sources told the media that ANDSF has abandoned a military base and three outposts in the Alingar district of Laghman
...Afghan province with a population of about 445,600, which is multi-ethnic and mostly a rural society. During the invasions of Alexander the Great, the area was known as Lampaka, wich is apparently Olde Macedonian for Laghman.The city of Mihtarlam serves as the bucolic capital of the province. The population is half Pashtun, the remainder Tadjik and Pashai. It had a repution for great wealth until it was conquered in the tenth century by Abu Mansur Sabuktigin.
He conquered it and set fire to the places in its vicinity which were inhabited by infidels, and demolishing the idol-temples, he established Islam in them, He marched and captured other cities and killed the polluted wretches, destroying the idolatrous and gratifying the Musulmans. After wounding and killing beyond all measure, his hands and those of his friends became cold in counting the value of the plundered property.
After that it was mostly notable for the production of dirt, rocks, and holy men...
province on Friday. The base and outposts were abandoned following the Taliban offensive, the krazed killer group also claimed that they have captured 14 members of the Afghan forces and seized a number of weapons and ammunition.

Reports from the latest waves of skirmishes indicate that the Taliban overran security outposts in Arezo village on the outskirts of Ghazni city, at least 16 security force members were killed and three others were maimed during the battle.

In Maidan Wardak province, three Taliban infiltrators opened fire and killed 10 soldiers before they escaped to Taliban controlled area, looting military weapons with them.

Rohullah Ahmadzai, a front man for the Ministry of defense said, the Taliban have faced heavy casualties in Helmand
...an Afghan province populated mostly by Pashtuns, adjacent to Injun country in Pak Balochistan...
, Baghlan, Ghazni, Maidan Wardak, ANDSF has crushed "terrorists" with more strength than ever before.

The front man added that ANDSF raided a high-profile Taliban gathering in the Bolan area on the outskirts of Lashkargah city and killed a key Taliban commander. According to Ahmadzai, Taliban’s shadow governors were also maimed during the operation.

On the other hand, in Ghazni province, at least six government defense force members were killed after the Taliban stormed a security outpost in Arezo village of Ghazni province, and three others were maimed. Subsequently, 12 others were taken hostage, and eight soldiers surrendered in a second outpost without any resistance, reports indicated.

The battles should be taken from centers to districts and to remote areas rather than evacuating outposts or districts and stations at the center, Khan Agha Rezaee, head of parliament’s internal security commission told local media.

At least 23 Taliban fighters were killed and 27 others were maimed following an Afghan Air Force operation that targeted a gathering of Taliban commanders in the Bala Buluk district of Farah province. The Arclight airstrike
s were carried on Friday in Shewan village of the district.

Taliban claimed that they fired several rockets on a security base in the area following the attack.

Dadullah Qane, head of Farah provincial council said the Talibs have proved their dark face, and also massacred captured hostages.

Earlier, the Taliban has captured the second-biggest dam "Dahla Dam" in Afghanistan following months of fierce and heavy battle in Kandahar official told media. The Dahla Dam which supports irrigating farming lands and provides drinking water for the placid provincial capital fell to the Taliban on Thursday, AFP reported.

Qari Yousuf, a Taliban front man while talking to AFP said, "We have seized the Dahla Dam in Arghandab".

Haji Gulbuddin, governor of Arghandab district also confirmed to AFP that the dam is currently under the control of the Talibs.

"Our security forces ... asked for reinforcements but they failed to get it," Gulbuddin said.

Taliban also warned the Dahla dam workers not to go to work.

In the previous month, gunnies blew a bridge that connected the dam to adjacent districts, the dam provides irrigating and drinking water to about seven districts of Kandahar, AFP reported.

A grand of nearly $350 million was approved by the Asian Development Bank to expand the reservoir-style project in 2019.

Before falling to the Taliban intense battles were ongoing in the surroundings of the dam for the past six months, Taliban before retreating planted explosives across the area including residential complexes closes to the reservoir.
The Afghan National Army’s commando forces broke the siege in Dahana-e-Ghori district in the northern province of Baghlan as fighting continues there in the last three days.

Safiqullah Amiri, commander of commando forces regiment in the north who leads the operations in Baghlan, said that reinforcements have arrived in the district and that three outposts that had fallen to the Taliban
...mindless ferocity in a turban...
were retaken.

He said that at least 10 security force members were rescued during the operation.

Amiri said that he was accompanied by the deputy commander of the Afghan Army’s 209 Shaheen Corps and stationed more forces there. He added that ways connecting the district with Pul-e-Khumri city, the center of Baghlan, have been reopened.
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