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2021-05-07 Africa Subsaharan
How Russia could capitalise on Chad's instability
[AlAraby] When Idriss Deby visited his troops on the front line with rebels from Libya on 19 April, he had just received election results guaranteeing him another term in power after ruling Chad for 30 years.

The subsequent events are shrouded in mystery. When news reports broke that the president had been assassinated in a rebel attack, many were surprised. Deby, who died from his wounds on 20 April, had been a key ally of Western powers in the fight against jihadist organizations in the Sahel.

Since his death, subsequent events have been accompanied by conspiracy theories about the nature of his liquidation, and whether there was a coup attempt fuelled by the ambitions of regional powers. The truth may be a mix of all these things.

Idriss Deby was anything but a democratic leader. While he had strong ties with Western countries — especially La Belle France - his rule was marked by controversies and human rights
One man's rights are another man's existential threat.
abuses, as well as continuous festivities with numerous rebel groups.

Although rarely in the news, the country is of strategic importance. Gay Paree needs stability in its former colony and N'Djamena houses thousands of French soldiers engaged in anti-terrorist special operations.

Located between Cameroon
...a long, narrow country that fills the space between Nigeria and Chad on the northeast, CAR to the southeast. Prior to incursions by Boko Haram nothing ever happened there...
, the Central African Republic (CAR), Libya, Sudan, Niger and Nigeria, Chad is at the epicentre of geopolitical and economic interests of both regional and global powers. La Belle France is there, as is the United States. Russia also has a heightened appetite for the region, and at the time of Deby's liquidation the Kremlin already had forces stationed in Libya, Sudan, and the CAR, and a mission to Nigeria. From whichever angle one looks, Chad has no easy geopolitical choices. However,
if you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to be a horrible warning...
the northern border with Libya had been the most worrying for Deby.
More at the link
Posted by badanov 2021-05-07 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [150 views ]  Top

#1 I don't think the French are going to roll over and permit Chad to become a Zimbabwe or Moz.
Posted by Besoeker 2021-05-07 07:15||   2021-05-07 07:15|| Front Page Top

#2 Ivan tried before in the 70's and that effort went bust pretty spectacularly.
Posted by Cesare 2021-05-07 12:08||   2021-05-07 12:08|| Front Page Top

#3 Ah, Chad - Gateway to the Central African Republic. Truly a glorious prize in The Great Game.
Posted by SteveS 2021-05-07 21:29||   2021-05-07 21:29|| Front Page Top

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