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2021-02-08 Europe
Europe Moslem migrant colonist briefs: Some progress in arresting and convicting gangsters and lone wolves, closing jihad pipeline orgs

Ultraviolent ‘Underage’ Migrants Causing Havoc in French Prisons
7 January
For the last several months, the number of brawls, rebellions, and verbal assaults has increased in several French prisons, including an arson incident at the notorious Fleury-Mérogis prison last month. According to a report from French newspaper Le Figaro, many are blaming the surge in violence on the influx of foreign minors, who represent a large number of detentions in recent months. The migrants are mainly from West and North Africa, with Moroccan nationals being especially prevalent.

Mathieu Vasseur, a member of the prison guards union, alleged that “Most of them are not minors but adults and this is the main problem.”

Mr Vasseur added that “eight out of ten foreign minors are in fact, adults. Adults that are often well into their twenties.”

Sébastien Nicolas, national secretary of the Fo-Direction prison directors union, said he was concerned about the migrants’ behaviour towards other inmates, saying some are violent and rape younger inmates.

Last year, the Paris region of Ile-de-France saw at least 6,300 alleged underage migrant arrests in the year to October, with the whole of 2019 seeing 9,134 arrests. Many of the migrants are said to also be addicted to drugs such as benzodiazepine.

Since the height of the migrant crisis in 2015, Europe has taken in at least 210,000 alleged minor migrants. A 2019 report claimed that they cost the French state as much as two billion euros a year. France is not the only country to see an influx of underage migrant criminals. A September report claimed that in Spain as many as a quarter of those in juvenile detention were migrants from Morocco alone.

Sweden: Migration-Background Lawyers Accused of Leaking Police Info to Gang
6 January
Two migration-background lawyers have been accused of leaking confidential police investigation information to one of Stockholm’s most notorious drug-dealing gangs. Lawyers Ekrem Güngör and Amir Amdouni have been accused of passing on confidential information to the Vårby network, a Stockholm-based criminal outfit that has been a major player in the city’s drug trafficking trade for the last decade.

The accusations come after the gang leader was arrested in Spain in October and police raided the criminal organisation in November. Around 20 members of the gang, which is also accused of being involved in shootings, currently face charges, Expressen reports.

According to the newspaper, the two lawyers, who have reportedly specialised in defending gang members, used the nicknames “the King” and “the Prince” on the encrypted messaging service Encrochat, which was infiltrated by French investigators last year.

The case comes just months after another lawyer in Gothenburg was threatened with expulsion from the Bar Association after he reportedly passed on confidential information to the notorious Ali Khan clan. The Ali Khan clan is infamous in Gothenburg, with nearly all of its male members alleged to have criminal records. Its members have also been involved in crimes ranging from extortion to murder.

French Homicides Increased 91 Per Cent from 2000 to 2020
4 February
The number of homicides in France has nearly doubled in the last 20 years, with one criminologist stating that the country is undergoing an “epidemic” of murder cases. In total, France saw an historic 4,472 cases of homicide in 2020, with criminologist Alain Bauer comparing the growing violence to that of the United States.

“While we are rightly moved by the crisis of mass murders and violence that is returning to the United States, a similar movement that is not very visible, but more and more pronounced, is affecting France,” Bauer said, according t0 Le Figaro.

Bauer stated that many expected the number of murders to go down following the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015 and Nice in 2016, as both saw many casualties. But instead, the number of killings has continued to rise.
The native population of France is aging and therefore producing fewer children. They aren’t likely to suddenly take it in their heads to knife anyone. It’s the immigrants who’re young and childbearing, and of the immigrants, the Muslim colonists are the youngest and most prolific, therefore the largest contingent in the age group that commits the most, and most violent, crimes of violence.

Alleged Jihadist Terror Plotter Claimed Prophet Mohammed Justified Killing Babies
3 February
One of the three radical Islamist extremists who plotted to blow up a residential building in Paris claimed that killing babies was justified, according to the Islamic prophet Mohammed. Aymen B., one of the three plotters along with his cousin Sami B. and another man named Amine A., wrote that the prophet Mohammed authorised jihadists to “attack the enemy at night with the risk of killing babies and children”.

The Franco-Tunisian, along with his two other accomplices, are alleged to have plotted to blow up a residential building in Paris’s 16th district. After three years of investigation, the men face trial for their alleged terror plot, Le Parisien reports. The three men were initially arrested shortly after September 30th, 2017, when a chef discovered four gas canisters and four buckets of gasoline linked to a detonator connected to a mobile phone in his apartment building.

Cousins Aymen and Sami B. were on the French terror watchlist known as the S-File, and their DNA was found on a part of the explosive device left at the apartment building. Amine A., the third man accused of taking part in the plot, is suspected of being the instigator. He has denied the charges, telling investigators he had previously collaborated with the police and the DGSI and claimed he was monitoring Aymen B.

Prison Works: Police Link Decline in Malmo Murders to Gang Members Being Jailed
31 January
Police in the multicultural southern Swedish city of Malmö say that the murder rate has fallen since 2018 because many gang leaders are behind bars. In 2020, the city saw five murders, a major drop from the 13 that took place in 2018 and eight in 2019.

Mattias Sigfridsson, deputy police area manager in Malmö, told broadcaster SVT that the hacking of an encrypted app used by criminals called EncroChat has helped police prevent murders and violent crimes.

EncroChat was breached last year by investigators and led to the arrest of more than 700 organised criminals linked to drug trafficking, gun smuggling, and money laundering in the United Kingdom alone. As of December 2020, more than a thousand criminals who used the service had been arrested.

While Malmö has seen a reduction in murders last year, just one of the five cases has actually been solved. Two others await trial and the remaining two cases have no suspects at all. Several murders from previous years also remain unsolved.

2020 was also a high year for fatal shootings across Sweden, with 47 people killed in shootings compared to 42 in 2019 and 45 in 2018. The number of overall shootings also increased from 2019.

In Stockholm, 2020 saw a record number of explosions and bombings despite the Wuhan virus pandemic, but explosions and bombings across the entire country were down to 107 from 133 in 2019.

Brussels: Nearly 200 Islamic Terror-Related ‘Entities’ Shut Down Since 2014
31 January
Since 2014, the Belgian police have identified and closed 192 entities, including prayer rooms and organisations, linked to radical Islamic terrorism in Brussels as part of an anti-terror project.

The Belgian Fighters project — Belfi for short — placed a total of 832 entities under observation and closed 192 of them for links to radical Islamic terrorism between 2014 and the end of 2020. In addition, 308 illegal migrants were arrested and 19 of them subject to further charges and judicial arrest, according to the Belgian federal police, newspaper La Dernière Heure reports.

The Belfi operation was launched in 2014 after investigators noted that many Belgian citizens who had travelled to fight for jihadist groups overseas in the Middle East, many of them Brussels residents, had continued to receive government cash while doing so. While Belfi started as an anti-terrorism operation, it later expanded into other areas including forged travel documents, drug smuggling, and weapons smuggling. This has led to the dismantling of criminal networks across the Brussels region.
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