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2021-02-01 Home Front: Politix
Kamala Harris Sends Joe Manchin and Kirsten Sinema a Not-So-Subtle Message
[PJ] Joe Biden is putting pressure on moderate Democrats in the Senate to follow his lead to enact his agenda. With no margin for error at all in the Senate, the president is sending a not-so-subtle message to West Virginia’s Joe Manchin and Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema that they better toe the line or suffer the consequences.

The pressure came from Vice President Kamala Harris who made two appearances on local TV stations — one in Arizona and one in West Virginia — to deliver the message.

Fox News:
Whether the Harris interviews were designed to pressure Manchin and Sinema into backing the American Rescue Plan was not immediately clear. Following the TV appearances, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked why the vice president chose to address local media in the two states.

"We want to make the case to the American people across the country. ... This is a way to do just that," Psaki said. She added that Harris would likely do more regional interviews in other states.

In her TV remarks, Harris explained the "urgency" of the $1.9 trillion plan that would give out an additional $1,400 in stimulus checks to Americans, expand unemployment insurance, and increase the child tax credit.

It’s significant that Harris specifically mentioned the stimulus checks to individuals. Manchin has stated he believes the checks should only go to those in need. This directly contradicts the president’s wishes and has Manchin siding with Republicans who have proposed limiting the checks to those making less than $75,000.

But Manchin has a tough sell with voters on his hands when it comes to Biden’s planned destruction of the coal industry. Harris didn’t exactly tell those thousands of miners in West Virginia to "learn to code," but she came close.
Posted by Besoeker 2021-02-01 06:50|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6534 views ]  Top

#1 Considering her "land mine" screwup and general unpopularity in WVA, sending Harris was another typical Biden (or whomever is really calling the shots) screwup.
Posted by Mercutio 2021-02-01 07:38||   2021-02-01 07:38|| Front Page Top

#2 The hand of Susan Rice and the real President Obama and the ValJar minions. This is how you keep the fractious aristocracy in line, by threatening their lucrative fiefdoms. Welcome to feudalism amerikan style. The corporate and media oligarchs have been planning this for a long time and feeding the Marxist wing of the evil party. Covid gave them the isolation they needed to steal the last election and fhey are acting with lightening speed k to cement in the power.
Posted by NoMoreBS 2021-02-01 13:11||   2021-02-01 13:11|| Front Page Top

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