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2020-12-29 Syria-Lebanon-Iran
Ain Issa: Syrian Army deploys to entrance, Turkish-backed forces continue attack, Russian units deploy

Syrian Army deploys to entrance of SDF-held town as Turkish-backed forces continue attack,
[AlMasdar] The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has deployed troops to the outskirts of a strategic city in the northern region of the Arab Republic, sources from the military said on Monday.

According to the sources, the Syrian Arab Army, along with the Russian military police, deployed its forces to the western outskirts of Ain Issa, which is currently being targeted by the Ottoman Turkish-backed murderous Moslems.

The reports said that the Syrian Arab Army is only deployed to the entrance of Ain Issa; they have not reached an agreement to enter the town, despite preliminary reports on Sunday and Monday.

On Sunday, a military expert told Sputnik Arabic that the Russian Reconciliation Center reached an agreement with the Syrian Democratic Forces to handover the town of Ain Issa to the government and SAA.

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despite this report, a source from the Syrian Arab Army has denied any agreement to handover the town, which was later corroborated by the Syrian Democratic Forces on Monday.

Meanwhile in northern al-Raqqa, the Ottoman Turkish-backed gunnies continued their attacks on the Ain Issa countryside, as their forces heavily targeted the nearby villages of al-Musharifah and al-Jahbah with heavy artillery and rockets.

Should the SDF agree to handover Ain Issa to the Syrian Arab Army, this should end the attacks by the Ottoman Turkish-backed murderous Moslems; however, nothing is guaranteed, as the Syrian Army shares control of Tal Tamr with the SDF in northwestern al-Hasakah, but this has not stopped the gunnies from attacking the area.

Russian army reinforcements pour into northern Syria as Turkish-backed forces threaten key town
[AlMasdar] The Russian Ministry of Defense deployed additional military units to northern Syria, amid tense conditions there, with the intensification of festivities between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and factions loyal to The Sick Man of Europe Turkey
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The deputy director of the Hmeimim Center for Reconciliation of the Conflicting Parties in Syria, affiliated with the Russian Defense Ministry, Marine Major General Vyacheslav Sitnik, said in a statement issued on Sunday evening:

"With the aim of strengthening efforts to stabilize the Ain Issa region, additional units of the Russian Military Police arrived today."

Sitnik indicated that unstable conditions were recorded in the Ain Issa region, adding that "agreements were reached previously during negotiations with the Ottoman Turkish side on establishing joint Russian-Syrian points."

The deputy director of the Hmeimim Center called on the parties involved in the exchange of fire to stop the escalation.

The Ain Issa region in northern al-Raqqa is witnessing continuous festivities between the Ottoman Turkish-backed factions and the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Turkey has extended its control over an area about 30 kilometers inside northeastern Syria, since the launch of its military operation "Peace Spring" on October 9, 2019.
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