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2020-02-21 -Land of the Free
New York Times' New Low - Guest Writer Sirajuddin Haqqani
Never thought I'd see this day. Shit, the taliban never thought they'd see this day.
[OpIndia] The reputation of the New York Times has been falling fast in recent years due to its questionable editorial standards. The liberal bias of the newspaper has led to a situation where it has sacrificed objective reporting of events for brownie points in liberal circles. The falling standards of the ’failing’ New York Times were once again on display when they provided a platform to an Islamic Terrorist from the Taliban.

In the opinion-editorial, the terrorist who happens to be the deputy leader of the Taliban proceeded to whitewash the crimes of his brethren and say laughable things such as "I am convinced that the killing and the maiming must stop." The terrorist also said, "Our negotiation team, led by my colleagues Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar and Sher Mohammed Abas Stanekzai, has worked tirelessly for the past 18 months with the American negotiators to make an agreement possible."

Sirajuddin Haqqani stated, "We stuck with the talks despite recurring disquiet and upset within our ranks over the intensified bombing campaign against our villages by the United States and the flip-flopping and ever-moving goal posts of the American side." In the oped, Haqqani also claimed that they were "forced to defend" against the USA and its allies does not mention the legitimacy of the Afghan government.

Haqqani is the leader of the Pakistan-based Haqqani Network comprised of fighters affiliated with al-Qaeda. He is wanted by the FBI and the United Nations for being "actively involved in the planning and execution of attacks" against US troops. He is also wanted in connection with a 2008 terrorist attack on a hotel in Kabul and an assassination attempt against Afghanistan’s president. The US announced a bounty of up to $10 million for information leading to his arrest.

The NYT appears to be ever willing to go to any length in order to oppose Donald Trump, the President of the US, and providing a platform to the Taliban to run their propaganda appears to be one an instance of it. The NYT’s conduct is in sync with that of the western press at large. For instance, the Washington Post described ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as an "austere religious scholar" after he was neutralized by US forces on the orders of Donald Trump.

Bloomberg News, owned by presidential aspirant Michael Bloomberg, glorified al-Baghdadi by describing him as someone who came from a small village and then achieved great success against all odds. The Western press’ glorification of terrorists and terrorism is something India encounters on a daily basis. They go to great lengths to whitewash the Jihad in Kashmir and call it a ’freedom struggle’. It’s only now that the people in the West are realizing the extent of the moral depravity of its mainstream media.
Posted by Dron66046 2020-02-21 15:01|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [184 views ]  Top
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#1 Pravda by the Hudson. We are at war. S.J.Res.23 -


(a) In General.--That the President is authorized to use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such organizations or persons, in order to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States by such nations, organizations or persons.

Only need two witnesses (not necessarily the entire circulation) to adjudge treason during time of war.
Posted by Procopius2k 2020-02-21 15:29||   2020-02-21 15:29|| Front Page Top

#2 It’s only now that the people in the West are realizing the extent of the moral depravity of its mainstream media.

Naaah - I had a pretty good idea after reading the Boston Globe for two months as a wee lad in high school.
Posted by Raj 2020-02-21 16:27||   2020-02-21 16:27|| Front Page Top

#3 We are signing a peace treaty with the Taliban in one week.
Posted by Uleck Spererong9442 2020-02-21 16:56||   2020-02-21 16:56|| Front Page Top

#4 We are signing a peace treaty with the Taliban in one week.

You think it's worth the paper it's printed on? I don't. They'll break it in three weeks, tops.
Posted by Raj 2020-02-21 18:28||   2020-02-21 18:28|| Front Page Top

#5 Weeks???


Days man, days
Posted by Sock Puppet of Doom  2020-02-21 19:53||   2020-02-21 19:53|| Front Page Top

#6 I'm an optimist!
Posted by Raj 2020-02-21 20:38||   2020-02-21 20:38|| Front Page Top

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