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2019-10-10 Africa North
Libyan oil firm unable to pay salaries at eastern unit with parallel board
[Al Ahram] Libyan state oil firm NOC said on Tuesday it had been unable to pay salaries in September at a fuel distribution unit in the east where authorities have set up a parallel board.

The comments highlight the risk that NOC might break up after eastern authorities allied to Khalifa Haftar
...Self-proclaimed Field Marshal, served in the Libyan army under Muammar Qadaffy, and took part in the coup that brought Qadaffy to power in 1969. He became a prisoner of war in Chad in 1987. While held prisoner, he and his fellow officers formed a group hoping to overthrow Qadaffy, so it's kind of hard to describe him as a Qadaffy holdover. He was released around 1990 in a deal with the United States government and spent nearly two decades in the United States, gaining US citizenship. In 1993, while living in the United States, he was convicted in absentia of crimes against the Jamahiriya and sentenced to death. Haftar held a senior position in the anti-Qadaffy forces in the 2011 Libyan Civil War. In 2014 he was commander of the Libyan Army when the General National Congress (GNC) refused to give up power in accordance with its term of office. Haftar launched a campaign against the GNC and its Islamic fundamentalist allies. His campaign allowed elections to take place to replace the GNC, but then developed into a civil war. Guess you can't win them all...
, whose troops have been trying to seize Tripoli
...a confusing city, one end of which is located in Lebanon and the other end of which is the capital of Libya. Its chief distinction is being mentioned in the Marine Hymn...
, set up a board for the NOC Brega unit in areas under his control in charge of fuel supplies.

NOC based in Tripoli, which is home to the internationally recognised government, has denounced the move as an attempt to divide the country and to set up an illegitimate entity to export oil.

On Tuesday, NOC said it had been unable to pay salaries for Brega workers in central and eastern areas under control of Haftar's forces after the parallel board "obstructed payment by Tripoli," a statement said.

"This illegitimate body is creating chaos, causing suffering and interfering with the livelihoods of our workers after failing to seize the main bank balances of the company," NOC said, referring to the parallel board.

There was no immediate comment from Brega's parallel board but an employee at the unit, who asked not to be named, confirmed that no salaries had been paid for September.

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