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2019-09-22 Olde Tyme Religion
Saudi Arabia Closes Down New Chick-Fil-A Location For Disappointing Lack Of Homophobia
[Babylon Bee] RIYADH‐Chick-fil-A executives were delighted when Riyadh development authorities invited the restaurant to open a new location in the city. They love serving delicious chicken sandwiches and spreading Chick-fil-A cheer wherever they're invited, even if they disagree with the worldviews, religions, and lifestyles of certain areas.

Unknown to them, however, Saudi Arabia only asked Chick-fil-A to come because they thought they were supposed to be homophobic, anti-LGBT, spreading hate and fear of gay people wherever they went.

"When we heard how homophobic Chick-fil-A was, we thought it was a perfect fit," said King Salman. "But they ran their restaurant for a solid three months here and never once did they stone a gay person, throw a gay person off a roof, or even use anti-LGBT slurs against them."

"In fact, all they would ever say was 'My pleasure!'" he said, clearly exasperated. "It was infuriating."
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#1 InstaProf had a link yesterday or before of activists near Boston leaving postings on public signs that read "Islam is right about women". Let the intersectionality of that hit. It wasn't long before someone in the comments section said to do the same thing with "Islam is right about gays".
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#2 ....ooops that was me.
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#3 Classic. Sting!
Posted by Lex 2019-09-22 10:15||   2019-09-22 10:15|| Front Page Top

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