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2019-09-11 Iraq
U.S. Air Force Uses F-35s To Bomb ISIS Island at start of gov’t anti-ISIS operation in Salahuddin province
Very dramatic video at the link of lots of neatly lined up explosions.
[Jpost] The Spokesperson for Operation Inherent Resolve, the 81-member coalition to defeat ISIS
...embracing their inner Islamic Brute...
wrote that this is what it looks like when CENTCOM Air Force jets bomb a "ISIS infested island."

US Air Force F-35s and F-15s dropped 36,000 kilograms of bombs on an ISIS "infested" Epstein island in Iraq, leading to massive explosions and plumes of smoke that rose into the air just before dawn on Tuesday.

In one of the most explosive videos to come out of the war against ISIS the US tweeted film of massive explosions rocking an island. Spliced between aerial shots of the same explosions, and video from the ground with Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service members looking on, the island was pulverized. The Spokesperson for Operation Inherent Resolve, the 81-member coalition to defeat ISIS wrote that this is what it looks like when CENTCOM Air Force jets bomb a "ISIS infested island."

Video of the incident had circulated throughout the day with some wondering if it was real or was from today, but the tweet by front man Col. Myles Caggins III revealed the sheer massive firepower that was brought to bear on the ISIS enemy. There were so many explosions along the Z shaped island that it took wide angle lenses and multiple sweeps of the camera to record them all.

The island is called Qanus Island and a statement from the coalition said that "Coalition and Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service forces conducted air-strikes on Qanus island in the Salah ad-Din Province, Iraq on September 10, 2019." The statement said it was a join effort between the coalition and the Iraqis to defeat ISIS on the island. "The island is believed to be a major transit hub and safe haven for ISIS," the statement read. It said that the coalition had taken extraordinary efforts to protect noncombatants.

The coalition, in coordination with Iraqi and Kurdish Peshmerga also reportedly killed ten ISIS members in rural areas near Makhmour on Monday. Together the achievements show that ISIS is still trying to continue its threats but that intelligence and surveillance by the various forces involved have led to the defeat of ISIS cells and holdouts and attempts to rebuild networks destroyed in 2017.
Iraqi News adds:
“Follow-on ground clearance operations are currently taking place by the 2nd Iraqi Special Operations Forces Battalion to destroy a major transit hub for Daesh members moving from Syria and the Jazeera desert into Mosul, Makhmour, and the Kirkuk region,” the Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR) said in a press statement.

In this regard, Special Operations Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve, commander, Eric Hill said “we’re denying Daesh the ability to hide on Qanus Island.”

“We’re setting the conditions for our partner forces to continue bringing stability to the region,” he affirmed.

The statement indicated that the coalition forces used 80,000 pounds of munitions on the island “to disrupt Daesh the ability to hide in the thick vegetation.”

“CTS Forces continue to conduct ground clearance operations to destroy any remaining Fallul Daesh on the island.”
And from Rudaw:
US Central Command (CENTCOM) confirmed the airstrikes in a Tuesday tweet.

“Coalition warplanes conducted a series of airstrikes to support the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Forces to clear areas such as Kanous and deserts of of Saladin province. These operations prevent the crossing of Daesh from Syria and Jazira Desert to Mosul, Makhmour and Kirkuk,” CENTCOM tweeted.

ICT announced on Monday that they had killed 15 ISIS militants and arrested 9 others in a military rappel operation in the desert of Saladin province with the help of US-led coalition warplanes.
The Daily Mail has the usual photos, and adds:
Data shows that strikes have also picked up in Afghanistan with US jets dropping nearly 800 bombs against targets in Afghanistan last month.

In August, the OIR (Operation Inherent Resolve) and the Syrian Democratic Forces reported that they have detained more than 225 suspected Daesh fighters in the last 4 months and removed 4,000 pounds of explosives from the battlefield within the two months.

Within the same month, more than 200 bombs were dropped on the terrorist group.

Between July 2 and July 31, 2019, the OIR conducted 33 strikes consisting of 60 engagements against Daesh targets in Iraq.

The coalition also engaged 101 Daesh tactical units, destroyed 15 buildings, eight bed-down locations, seven tunnels, seven weapons caches, four vehicles, one improvised explosive device site and completed one terrain denial mission.

Iraq launches anti-Islamic State operation in Salahuddin

Salahuddin (IraqiNews.com) – An Iraqi counter-terrorism force announced on Tuesday the launch of a military operation to track down Islamic State militants in Salahuddin province.

The operation, dubbed “Black Dust”, was launched in Kanous village, northeast of Salahuddin, Alghad Press quoted the Counter-Terrorism Service as saying in a statement.

It is backed by warplanes of the U.S.-led international coalition and Nineveh police, the statement read.
Posted by trailing wife 2019-09-11 00:11|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [520 views ]  Top
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Posted by Dron66046 2019-09-11 00:45||   2019-09-11 00:45|| Front Page Top

#2 US warplanes carpet-bomb an 'ISIS-infested' island in northern Iraq with 40 TONS of laser-guided explosives in a bid to wipe out all of their terrorist strongholds and stop the flow of fighters to Syria
Posted by Skidmark 2019-09-11 02:35||   2019-09-11 02:35|| Front Page Top

#3 The Navy bombarded Tarawa for hours and hours. Told my father and his fellow Marines they would walk ashore without serious opposition. Just saying.
Posted by Procopius2k 2019-09-11 07:06||   2019-09-11 07:06|| Front Page Top

#4 To be fair, Tarawa (and Iwo) were rock formations that the Japanese trenched and tunneled extensively.

Qanus Island looks to be something much less. More like a sand bar at a bend in the river
Posted by Mullah Richard 2019-09-11 08:00||   2019-09-11 08:00|| Front Page Top

#5 #3 There are, IMO, a few differences between Japanese and Arabs.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2019-09-11 08:04||   2019-09-11 08:04|| Front Page Top

#6 Also...

Why not artillery? Just wasting money to try out the planes?
Posted by Bright Pebbles 2019-09-11 08:27||   2019-09-11 08:27|| Front Page Top

#7 Most likely we don't have artillery in range, BP.
Posted by DarthVader 2019-09-11 08:39||   2019-09-11 08:39|| Front Page Top

#8 I'm sure the Iraqis had artillery available.

The problem might have been that if the Iraqis had fired, say, 1000 shells and made little puffy smoke hits it would make the Iraqis look weak when the giant USA dropped kabooms hit.
Posted by lord garth 2019-09-11 09:21||   2019-09-11 09:21|| Front Page Top

#9 Wanted to try F-35.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2019-09-11 09:33||   2019-09-11 09:33|| Front Page Top

#10 That is most likely the other reason Grom.

Gotta get that combat time in for the new birds and pilots.
Posted by DarthVader 2019-09-11 10:19||   2019-09-11 10:19|| Front Page Top

#11 #5 whether devotion to Emperor or seeking Paradise, both seem to have no problem dying to the end.

"The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his."
Posted by Procopius2k 2019-09-11 10:25||   2019-09-11 10:25|| Front Page Top

#12 rotating inventory
Posted by bbrewer126 2019-09-11 11:18||   2019-09-11 11:18|| Front Page Top

#13 Why not artillery?

Arty won't penetrate into the tunnels.
Posted by Vinegar Protector of the Slytherins7734 2019-09-11 11:20||   2019-09-11 11:20|| Front Page Top

#14 #10 Know the problem (served with IDF artillery as a reservist).
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2019-09-11 11:53||   2019-09-11 11:53|| Front Page Top

#15 Practice on LGB target ranges can not simulate the 'fog of war' and high adrenal pilot jitters. Fresh fly-by-wire control systems need field calibration to void software limits that 'impede survive-ability'.
Posted by Skidmark 2019-09-11 13:30||   2019-09-11 13:30|| Front Page Top

#16 they could drop pianos or weights with '100 Tons' written on the side of them as long as it sends them all to hell on a shutter
Posted by Bob Grorong1136 2019-09-11 17:26||   2019-09-11 17:26|| Front Page Top

#17 #14 served

I suppose this means I should stop rubbing my hands in anticipation every time you don't post for a while. ;-)
Posted by Slolumble Flomoling4297 2019-09-11 20:03||   2019-09-11 20:03|| Front Page Top

#18 We need to use Arc Light more. 2000 lb bombs from B52's are relatively cheap. I am witness to the effectiveness, as BDA was my job for about 8 months. If the shrapnel didn't kill, the concussion surely did. Use it on ISIS, Taliban. Leave a trench along the Pak-AF border. Screw the UN.
Posted by Whiskey Mike 2019-09-11 20:11||   2019-09-11 20:11|| Front Page Top

#19 #9, #10. It's 9/11; good time to shake-out the F-35.
Posted by JohnQC 2019-09-11 23:39||   2019-09-11 23:39|| Front Page Top

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