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2019-09-03 -Short Attention Span Theater-
American Airlines passengers' shock as traveller takes miniature HORSE onto flight
[SUN] AMERICAN Airlines passengers were left stunned after noticing a miniature HORSE had joined their flight.

Evan Nowak said he noticed the animal, which had been brought onboard by a fellow traveller, while flying on an a service from Chicago to Omaha.

He posted the footage to Twitter, which showed the horse calmly sitting near the front of the plane in an aisle seat.

He added: "At this time we would like to begin boarding with any active duty military, families travelling with children under the age of 3, and horses..."

Another passenger, Amberley Babbage, also spotted the animal at check in, tweeting: "There was a small horse in line at the airport today and I’m so curious about it. #ORD"

The horse was later revealed to be called Flirty - and even has its o wn Twitter and Instagram account.
Posted by Besoeker 2019-09-03 00:33|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [480 views ]  Top

#1 Well, I've seen cows on some flights.
Posted by gorb 2019-09-03 07:37||   2019-09-03 07:37|| Front Page Top

#2 I blame the FAA not enforcing the limit on non-humans to guide dogs for the blind. These are hazards in evac situation. If you need 'comfort' get a dolly or a teddy bear for the ride.

And remember in case of loss of pressure put your mask on first before helping the child or drunk next to you.
Posted by Procopius2k 2019-09-03 08:02||   2019-09-03 08:02|| Front Page Top

#3 Frank Zappa did a song about a pygmy pony - dude was way ahead of his time...
Posted by Raj 2019-09-03 09:44||   2019-09-03 09:44|| Front Page Top

#4 Compared to some of the people I have sat next to on Delta, a small horse wouldn't be much of an issue.
Posted by Besoeker 2019-09-03 10:30||   2019-09-03 10:30|| Front Page Top

#5 Remember the first time I watched Golden Child.

The airplane scene, with people out of control and animals everywhere.

And everyone laughed, because it was so ridiculous.
Posted by swksvolFF 2019-09-03 10:59||   2019-09-03 10:59|| Front Page Top

#6 Well, I've seen cows on some flights.

I've seen a few Water Buffalo.
Posted by Winky Gurly-Brown8184 2019-09-03 12:37||   2019-09-03 12:37|| Front Page Top

#7 Not to mention the chimps.

What ? What'd I say ? I mean I seen monkeyz.
Posted by Dron66046 2019-09-03 14:06||   2019-09-03 14:06|| Front Page Top

#8 That's excessive. There's no reason to ban Stormy Daniels from flying.
Posted by European Conservative 2019-09-03 14:08||   2019-09-03 14:08|| Front Page Top

#9 Do the horses and Stormy pass the methane guide lines?
Posted by Ebbuns Borgia3791 2019-09-03 15:43||   2019-09-03 15:43|| Front Page Top

#10 Hey Wilbur, check out the udders on that stewardess!
And get me some o' that barleycorn, if yaknowwhatuhmean
Posted by Ed 2019-09-03 19:56||   2019-09-03 19:56|| Front Page Top

#11 The trouble with horses that fly?
It sucks when they piss in your eye
Or someone less lucky
Gets struck by the puckey
And kicks up a ruckus. "Buh-bye."
Posted by Maggie Unegum2075 2019-09-03 22:59||   2019-09-03 22:59|| Front Page Top

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