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2019-08-07 Home Front: Politix
McConnell’s Team Responds After Ocasio-Cortez Asks ‘Are You Paying For Young Men To Practice Groping’
[DAILYCALLER] Mitch McConnell’s campaign responded to accusations he is paying "for young men to practice groping" after a photo of teens in "Team Mitch" shirts posing lewdly with a cardboard figure of Alexandria Boom Boom Ocasio-Cortez
Dem represntative from da Bronx in Noo Yawk and leader of the Mean Girl Caucus in Congress. One of the Great Minds of the 21st Century, she is known as much for her innaleck as for her dance moves. She is all in favor of socialism, even though she's fuzzy on the details...

"These young men are not campaign staff, they’re high schoolers and it’s incredible that the national media has sought to once again paint a target on their backs rather than report real, and significant news in our country," the Kentucky Republican senator’s campaign manager Kevin Golden said, according to The Washington Post.

"Team Mitch in no way condones any aggressive, suggestive, or demeaning act toward life sized cardboard cut outs of any gender in a manner similar to what we saw from President Obama’s speechwriting staff several years ago," Golden continued, referencing a photo of speechwriter Jon Favreau groping a cutout of former Secretary of State Crooked Hillary Clinton
...former first lady, former secretary of state, former presidential candidate, Conqueror of Benghazi, Heroine of Tuzla, formerly described by her supporters as the smartest woman in the world, usually described by the rest of us as The Thing That Wouldn't Go Away...
that sparked significant backlash in 2008.
Posted by Fred 2019-08-07 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [361 views ]  Top

#1 A symbiotic relationship between this nitwit and her taunters.
Posted by Lex 2019-08-07 01:34||   2019-08-07 01:34|| Front Page Top

#2 Mass outrage as youthful offender
Assaults cardboard cutout bartender!
"Good gracious! What's worse,"
Asserts sensitive verse,
"You've assumed that mean teen's race and gender!"
Posted by Greretle Panda5672 2019-08-07 03:22||   2019-08-07 03:22|| Front Page Top

#3 That's cute and all, but let me know when Deep State Mitch calls a recess, so Trump can make some appointments and move the agenda forward.
Posted by charger 2019-08-07 09:47||   2019-08-07 09:47|| Front Page Top

#4 It is cute. And very Alinsky (Make them live up to their own standards; Ridicule is potent weapon)

As for Mitch, as I understand, he has been busy getting a bunch of federal judges approved. So, yeah!
Posted by SteveS 2019-08-07 11:02||   2019-08-07 11:02|| Front Page Top

#5 Primary this woman out and put up someone who is willing to work for the betterment of the country instead on continually criticizing it and doing little for it. I understand that the Pubs are running a conservative black woman in OCAs district. Maybe the voters in this district will wake up and realize the harm that OCA has done to NY.
Posted by JohnQC 2019-08-07 11:22||   2019-08-07 11:22|| Front Page Top

#6 Images didn't show up for me at the link (kids and there Instagram). Anyway Instapundit had Mitch's response and it was beautiful pairing the Obama speechwriters doing the exact same thing to a Hillary cut-out to shut Ocasio-Cortez up.
Posted by ruprecht 2019-08-07 11:43||   2019-08-07 11:43|| Front Page Top

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