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2019-08-03 Afghanistan
Local Forces Mobilize To Purge Taliban Threats In Panjshir
[ToloNews] Panjshir Police Chief said that the forces are patrolling in border areas between Keran Wa Manjan and Paryan districts.

Dozens of former Mujahideen fighters and members of the public uprising forces have mobilized alongside the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces in the central province of Panjshir to defend their areas against a possible attack by the Taliban
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bully boyz who seek to infiltrate in one of the most secure provinces from neighboring Badakhshan Province.

Panjshir Police Chief Mohammad Ishaq Tamkin said the Taliban has expanded their threats against the province after the group captured Keran Wa Manjan district of the northern province of Badakhshan.

Majority of these forces are currently patrolling alongside the Afghan cops in border areas between Panjshir’s Paryan district and Keran Wa Manjan of Badakhshan which has changed to a hub for bully boys’ activities over the past few weeks.

"Threats exist. We are deployed here precisely in the border between Panjshir and Badakhshan to defend our area," Tamkin said.

"When we felt that the enemy is coming close to us, we took arms to defend our land and dignity," said Waisuddin, a commander of the public uprising forces in Panjshir said.

Some Army soldiers said they are fully ready to protect the province against any threat from bad boys.

"We are soldiers. We are prepared to obey any order we get from our commanders," said Rafiullah, an Army soldier in Panjshir.

"We also have the plan to recapture Keran Wa Manjan district. We will act properly at the right time," former minister of interior Taj Mohammad Jahid said.

This comes after reports of heavy festivities in Keran Wa Manjan district following the Taliban’s coordinated attack late last month.

Keran Wa Manjan shares borders with Nuristan, Panjshir and Takhar provinces.

Based on the reports, Keran Wa Manjan district fell to the Taliban after reinforcements were not sent to local forces.

Following the Taliban’s attack, the district police chief Abdul Wali Hussaini fled to Nuristan Province along with his 40 soldiers.
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