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2017-01-09 Africa North
Libya prepares to deport IS women to their origin countries
[Libya Observer] The front man of the Special Deterrent Force (SDF) Ahmed Salim, said they have filed a case at the Attorney General’s Office including the number and names of the women placed in durance vile
Into the paddy wagon wit' yez!
on charges of terrorism so that they be readied for deportation to their countries of origin.

"Most of the women are from Tunisia and their country has not yet contacted us about their cases." Salim indicated.

He added that expelling those terror-charged women will be done under the supervision of the Attorney General’s Office as per the legal procedures in the country.

According to Hakaekonline ‐ a Tunisian news website ‐ there are about 20 women arrested in Libyan jails.

The SDF has, more than once, arrested Tunisian nationals who have ties with IS in Libya, the last of whom were the Tunisians captured in Sirte.

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