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2014-11-24 Home Front: Culture Wars
ALLAH INVITED IN, CHRISTIANS BOOTED OUT: Something’s Wrong In Colorado Schools
"In Fort Collins, Colorado, Rocky Mountain High School Principle Tom Lopez has the students reciting “In Allah we Trust” in the name of diversity. Just a hundred miles south in the suburbs of Colorado Springs, the Principal of Pine Creek High School has banned groups discussing Christianity during free time to protect “the separation of church and state.” Confused yet?

On the other hand, Fort Colorado Principal Tom Lopez insists that reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic, as well as other languages
is a totally appropriate student-based decision coming from their “Culture Club” which 'doesn’t fall under the umbrella of the district."
Posted by Glolunter Spons4225 2014-11-24 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6477 views ]  Top

#1 Culture Club is running schools in Colorado. Could have been worse. It could have been Wham.
Posted by Super Hose 2014-11-24 00:27||   2014-11-24 00:27|| Front Page Top

#2 These folks think they are being diverse and open minded. Like lemmings following a pied piper they have no idea what they are doing and the damage they cause in the name of diversity. But make no doubt about it, they are undermining the very fabric that holds this nation together.
Posted by 49 Pan 2014-11-24 11:26||   2014-11-24 11:26|| Front Page Top

#3 Every time Colorado makes national news it's something humiliating.
Posted by Flaving Sinatra3407 2014-11-24 12:02||   2014-11-24 12:02|| Front Page Top

#4 "...they have no idea what they are doing..."

I think they do. I think they are consciously engaged in a classic communist technique, deceit, with the aim of eliminating US national sovereignty in favor of what they think is their class's global hegemony. They (principals, unionists, student protesters, etc,) are useful idiots for the industrial/financial families and trust-funders who grow stronger as the deceit they foster spreads ever wider. Useful idiots end up run over by the masters they serve. The key words globalists hate are "independence" and "sovereignty." So those are the words to use against them, to expose their utopian deceits and actual power-junkie obsessions.
Posted by TopRev 2014-11-24 13:23||   2014-11-24 13:23|| Front Page Top

#5 Spot on Top. I'd add "nationalism" to independence, sovereignty as things globalists hate.
Posted by JohnQC 2014-11-24 15:12||   2014-11-24 15:12|| Front Page Top

#6 C.S. Lewis describes the strategy in The Abolition of Man. The strategy has been ongoing since the French Revolution. The flavor changes like a Neopolition scoop of ice cream. The techniques always look the same: children being indoctrinated with falsehood in the guise of truth.
Posted by Super Hose 2014-11-24 15:31||   2014-11-24 15:31|| Front Page Top

#7 As Instapundit says, sending your children to public schools is parental malpractice.
Posted by Barbara 2014-11-24 18:43||   2014-11-24 18:43|| Front Page Top

#8 Smoking too much DOPE!
Posted by 3dc 2014-11-24 19:37||   2014-11-24 19:37|| Front Page Top

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