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2011-10-15 Africa North
Tunisians protest 'blasphemous' film
[Iran Press TV] Thousands of Tunisians have held a demonstration in Tunis over the airing of an animated movie, which many Mohammedans regard as blasphemous, by a private television station.

The demonstrators gathered outside the Tunisian prime minister's office in the capital on Friday.

A holy man at al-Fatah mosque in downtown Tunis described the film as "a serious attack on the religious beliefs of Mohammedans," the News Agency that Dare Not be Named reported.

Police fired tear gas to disperse the protesters.

...back at the pond, the radioactive tadpoles grown into frogs. Really big frogs, in fact...
Nabil Karoui, the owner of the Nessma private television station that aired the film, said a group of protesters later showed up outside his home in the north of the capital on Friday.

Karoui apologized for airing the film earlier this week, calling the decision a "mistake."

Many commentators questioned the wisdom of airing such a controversial film ahead of the Constituent Assembly election in Tunisia, which will be held on October 23.

It will be the first election in Tunisia since dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was tossed in January.
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#1 South Park reruns in Tunisia?
Posted by Eohippus Phater7165 2011-10-15 01:04||   2011-10-15 01:04|| Front Page Top

#2 "Miss me yet?" Zine El Abidine Ben Ali
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2011-10-15 05:49||   2011-10-15 05:49|| Front Page Top

#3 Planet of the Apes.
Posted by Anonymoose 2011-10-15 11:26||   2011-10-15 11:26|| Front Page Top

#4 PERSEPOLIS trailer
Posted by tipper 2011-10-15 11:34||   2011-10-15 11:34|| Front Page Top

#5 Persepolis just made my DVD queue. Thanks, Algerian protesters!

Go on. Protest something else!
Posted by badanov 2011-10-15 11:42|| http://www.freefirezone.org  2011-10-15 11:42|| Front Page Top

#6 Interesting that they never mention the name of the film in the article.
Posted by Thing From Snowy Mountain 2011-10-15 12:14||   2011-10-15 12:14|| Front Page Top

#7 #6 - yup. The name of the film, or indeed, whether or not a film even existed, was not necessary for the story, which revolves around creating a mob based on accusations of blasphemy (or apostasy, insulting the prophet, or whatever).
Posted by Thor Munster4697 2011-10-15 12:27||   2011-10-15 12:27|| Front Page Top

#8 BBC...

The demonstrators - mainly conservative Salafist Muslims - were protesting against the Nessma TV station for the second time in a week.

They were angered by fantasy scenes in the film, Persepolis, in which God is shown talking to a young girl. The film is about the 1979 revolution in Iran.

Mr Karoui apologised on Tuesday for broadcasting the film, but many mosque preachers devoted their Friday sermons to the issue.

Very anti Iranian revolution from what I've read. No wonder Press TV didn't mention it. Sounds like maybe the Iranians may have hit up the local holy men with a bonus to crank up the pious.
Posted by tu3031 2011-10-15 12:50||   2011-10-15 12:50|| Front Page Top

#9 An outstanding trailer, thanks tipper. DVD group thanks you too, Tunis.
Posted by swksvolFF 2011-10-15 15:14||   2011-10-15 15:14|| Front Page Top

#10 I like it. I like it a lot. I'm buying a copy.
Posted by Secret Master 2011-10-15 16:10||   2011-10-15 16:10|| Front Page Top

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