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2009-05-17 Sri Lanka
Tamil Tigers say they surrender
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#1 This battle has reached its bitter end," rebel official Selvarasa Pathmanathan said in a statement. "It is our people who are dying now from bombs, shells, illness and hunger. We cannot permit any more harm to befall them. We remain with one last choice — to remove the last weak excuse of the enemy for killing our people. We have decided to silence our guns."

Hang the lying bastard.(After a "Fair" trial, of course.)
Posted by Redneck Jim 2009-05-17 11:48||   2009-05-17 11:48|| Front Page Top

#2 No, Jim - just hang him (or shoot him - I'm not picky).

"to remove the last weak excuse of the enemy for killing our people We have decided to silence our guns"

Logic not your strong point, bubbe? They wouldn't be killing your people if you hadn't started this war. Idiot.

Rope. Tree. Some assembly required.
Posted by Barbara Skolaut">Barbara Skolaut  2009-05-17 12:02||   2009-05-17 12:02|| Front Page Top

#3 Hang him high if they wish. But the world should draw a lesson; this is how wars end, one side admits defeat and the victors decide what peace will be. This is how conflicts get settled once and for all. And about 400 years later, no one remembers what it was all about, except when Muslims are involved.
Posted by Nimble Spemble 2009-05-17 12:21||   2009-05-17 12:21|| Front Page Top

#4 Finish off the fighters terrorists with a round to the back of the head.
Posted by DarthVader 2009-05-17 14:36||   2009-05-17 14:36|| Front Page Top

#5 The rebels have insisted that if defeated in conventional battle, they will return to their guerrilla roots.

Seems to me I heard a story about how the Romans defeated an army and rather than kill them they just blinded them all. They left one man out of a hundred with sight in one eye so they could lead the rest home to be a burden on their society.

I'm thinking it would be difficult to be a guerilla if your dominant eye was blinded or had diminished vision, you were missing both thumbs, both big toes, etc..
Posted by gorb 2009-05-17 16:58||   2009-05-17 16:58|| Front Page Top

#6 Logic not your strong point, bubbe? They wouldn't be killing your people if you hadn't started this war. Idiot.

Arguably the the war really started when a handful of Sri Lankan soldier were killed in an attack in the early 80s, and in response the government organized a pogrom that killed at least 1000 Tamil civilians and drove tens of thousands from their homes in Sinhalese majority areas. Which was a godsend to the Tamil Tigers.
Posted by Gaz 2009-05-17 19:55||   2009-05-17 19:55|| Front Page Top

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