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2022-08-14 -Signs, Portents, and the Weather-
New bombshell allegations 'eroding Prince Harry and Meghan's credibility'
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Posted by Fred 2022-08-14 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [258 views ]  Top

#1 They had credibility? Who knew?
Posted by CrazyFool 2022-08-14 00:42||   2022-08-14 00:42|| Front Page Top

#2 Her studied Mona Lisa smile is as annoying as Biden’s wry, manly grin, in it’s own way.
Posted by Moonbeam Mcswine 2022-08-14 00:49||   2022-08-14 00:49|| Front Page Top

#3 Credibility? About what, pray tell?

If Prince Harry wants to tell me about his experiences as a Royal, graduating from Sandhurst, and/or flying a helicopter in Afghanistan -- fine, sit down, draw a pint and talk to me.

Anything else and he is just as 'credible' as any drunk you randomly bump into at a bar. So, No, not interested.
Posted by magpie 2022-08-14 02:52||   2022-08-14 02:52|| Front Page Top


I, Carnac, a "mystic from the East" do psychically "divine" the unknown answer to this unseen question.

"Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's marriage shall go the direction of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, by 2026."

"On the day Charles ascends to the Throne, which never bends, Harry's influence ends. He, the Prince will awake, and Markle's personal sparkle for Harry upends, he will wonder too, what he ever saw in this shrew... time for a divorce from you."
The End.
Posted by Carnac the Magnificent0814 2022-08-14 09:41||   2022-08-14 09:41|| Front Page Top

#5 Tsk, trailer park drama in the Royal Family.
Sick train set Gloria Monday.
Posted by SteveS 2022-08-14 10:46||   2022-08-14 10:46|| Front Page Top

#6 The utter irony of the Motto 'Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense" ("shame be to him who thinks evil of it")
onthe Royal Seal of the British Monarchy cannot escape Harry. His trailer-trash spouse has never missed a camera and will forever be shunned by the elites of the UK. As Carnac above has correctly noted, once the Queen is gone, Chuckles the Second will cut him off until he limps home in ignominy, alone.
Posted by NoMoreBS 2022-08-14 11:47||   2022-08-14 11:47|| Front Page Top

#7 People still listen to these bozos?
Posted by DarthVader 2022-08-14 11:50||   2022-08-14 11:50|| Front Page Top

#8 no one listens to them, the media just tries to make it seem like they do.
Posted by Chris 2022-08-14 12:39||   2022-08-14 12:39|| Front Page Top

Tsk! A Markle's credi-bility?!
By the Duke's penile debility!
Harry's a chump
to've made the jump
to complete social sessility,
by marrying a ... tart.
[adds with RP fluxability]
A tart with no facility.
Posted by Dron66046 2022-08-14 13:45||   2022-08-14 13:45|| Front Page Top

#10 All I have to say about them is they have millions but have done nothing. I don't want to hear a gah damn thing about us proles don't pay enough taxes and need to sacrifice more until this entire category is G-O-N-E.
Posted by M. Murcek 2022-08-14 13:58||   2022-08-14 13:58|| Front Page Top

#11 It does not matter if people listen to them. What matters is if influent people listen to them or are using them.
Posted by Kofi Panda2845 2022-08-14 13:59||   2022-08-14 13:59|| Front Page Top

#12 I propose an outcome where all the royals and sort of royals look like pompous idiots.
Posted by Super Hose 2022-08-14 15:48||   2022-08-14 15:48|| Front Page Top

#13 ^ Robbie Burns wrote a song about that.

A Man's a man forr A' That

Is there for honest Poverty
That hings his head, an' a' that;
The coward slave-we pass him by,
We dare be poor for a' that!
For a' that, an' a' that.
Our toils obscure an' a' that,
The rank is but the guinea's stamp,
The Man's the gowd for a' that.

What though on hamely fare we dine,
Wear hoddin grey, an' a that;
Gie fools their silks, and knaves their wine;
A Man's a Man for a' that:
For a' that, and a' that,
Their tinsel show, an' a' that;
The honest man, tho' e'er sae poor,
Is king o' men for a' that.

Ye see yon birkie, ca'd a lord,
Wha struts, an' stares, an' a' that;
Tho' hundreds worship at his word,
He's but a coof for a' that:
For a' that, an' a' that,
His ribband, star, an' a' that:
The man o' independent mind
He looks an' laughs at a' that.

A prince can mak a belted knight,
A marquis, duke, an' a' that;
But an honest man's abon his might,
Gude faith, he maunna fa' that!
For a' that, an' a' that,
Their dignities an' a' that;
The pith o' sense, an' pride o' worth,
Are higher rank than a' that.

Then let us pray that come it may,
(As come it will for a' that,)
That Sense and Worth, o'er a' the earth,
Shall bear the gree, an' a' that.
For a' that, an' a' that,
It's coming yet for a' that,
That Man to Man, the world o'er,
Shall brothers be for a' that.
Posted by M. Murcek 2022-08-14 15:55||   2022-08-14 15:55|| Front Page Top

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