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2022-08-07 Government Corruption
Increasing The IRS Annual Budget By Seven Times Doesn't Add Up
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Posted by Besoeker 2022-08-07 03:18|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [199 views ]  Top

#1 Could be a prelude to the financial world going full digital. Or confiscation of gold or cash…. Conspiracy theories will emerge as no one trusts the IRS.
Posted by Airandee 2022-08-07 04:43||   2022-08-07 04:43|| Front Page Top

#2 Money is just a marker for wealth. Actual wealth will still reside with those who make it, in the environment in which it is made.
Posted by M. Murcek 2022-08-07 05:18||   2022-08-07 05:18|| Front Page Top

#3 They want to add 85,000 "new, specialized enforcement staff"? The ones they have now aren't that good, and these ones will be even worse. And what the hell are they going to be auditing? I can't imagine this will be popular with any segment of the population besides CPA's who'll have to defend clients from all these audits.
Posted by Raj 2022-08-07 08:49||   2022-08-07 08:49|| Front Page Top

#4 I predict the IRS will increase surveillance and prosecution of conservatives and Christian churches. The excess of funding will be used to prosecute and bankrupt all political opponents.
Posted by The Walking Unvaxed 2022-08-07 09:14||   2022-08-07 09:14|| Front Page Top

#5 The IRS will be recruiting HOA Karen’s by advertising the ability to screw over your neighbors with the full force of the US GIVERnment.
Posted by Airandee 2022-08-07 09:20||   2022-08-07 09:20|| Front Page Top


Remember when Federal Income Law (16th) was passed it actually taxed less than 1 percent of the US population, and they paid income taxes at only 1 percent of net income.

TAXES in the US now are the equivalent of Indentured servitude. Maybe it is time for the SCOTUS to review the 16th as pass and intended in 1913 vs. as applied now in 2022.
Posted by NN2N1 2022-08-07 09:24||   2022-08-07 09:24|| Front Page Top

#7 I love the idea of hitting a Karen with an old style ledger book...
Posted by M. Murcek 2022-08-07 09:26||   2022-08-07 09:26|| Front Page Top

#8 Now you know why the IRS needs 5M rounds of ammo.
Posted by Mercutio 2022-08-07 09:34||   2022-08-07 09:34|| Front Page Top

#9 Bujold had a reference in one of her books to "armed accountants" w/r/t extreme "tax collection". Doesn't seem quite so funny now.
Posted by Mercutio 2022-08-07 09:39||   2022-08-07 09:39|| Front Page Top

#10 My opinion of the IRS has always been colored by the fact that IRS whistleblowers had to be treated like mob informants when testifying before Congress due to death threats. That alone should tell you everything you need to know about the IRS should be disbanded and every member of the staff sent to Gitmo, never to return.
Posted by Silentbrick 2022-08-07 10:06||   2022-08-07 10:06|| Front Page Top

#11 The IRS is an agency not described in the Constitution. It could be eliminated by an act of congress, just as it was established.
Posted by M. Murcek 2022-08-07 10:23||   2022-08-07 10:23|| Front Page Top

#12 One of the top IRS executives, Lois Lerner. Should be all we really need to know about this agency.
Posted by Besoeker 2022-08-07 12:19||   2022-08-07 12:19|| Front Page Top

#13 #8 exactly, and why Obama was procuring all that weaponry for obscure Gov. entities (that would not normaly be involved with weapons), during bis time...
Posted by 746 2022-08-07 15:06||   2022-08-07 15:06|| Front Page Top

#14 Biden is weaponizing the IRS.
Posted by Ebbuger Whuque4103 2022-08-07 17:58||   2022-08-07 17:58|| Front Page Top

#15 Biden is weaponizing the IRS.

Some of us remember the IRS vs the Tea Party.
Nobody ever liked the IRS, but once upon a time, they were regarded as fair. Same with the FBI.

I am trying without success to think of any American institution that has not been compromised. Government, law enforcement, science, the military, universities, journals... even the weather. OK, Waffle House still works!
Posted by SteveS 2022-08-07 19:39||   2022-08-07 19:39|| Front Page Top

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