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2022-01-28 Science & Technology
Post-Vaccination Heart Inflammation Highest Among Young Men
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Posted by Bobby 2022-01-28 08:06|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [142 views ]  Top

#1 Guess that would explain all the athletes around the world dropping like flies.
Posted by Chris 2022-01-28 09:35||   2022-01-28 09:35|| Front Page Top

#2 And now Da Ferret's DOJ is allowing Pfizer to "redact" unflattering information from the release of the company's full vaccine trials data -- the same data set they fought unsuccessfully like tooth and nail to try to keep hidden from the public ... for seventy-five tears.

In addition to massive evidence of not just vaccine failure -- see the recent data from Israel, the U.K. and Scotland for starters -- we now have incontrovertible evidence of negative efficacy: the jab is more harmful to young people than COVID.

Here are examples from our own military, introduced as testimony this week in Sen. Ron Johnson's hearings by DOD officials. This experimental gene therapy has caused huge, statistically-significant spikes in cancer, myocarditis, other heart issues, pulminart and neurological issues, female infertility and other serious illnesses:

According to the data found by the military doctors, there was also a nearly 300% increase in cancer diagnoses, from a 38,700-per-year average to 114,645 in 2021.

For neurological issues diagnosis codes, there was a more than 1,000% increase in 2021 over the five-year average, from 82,000 to 863,000. Renz noted during the panel that neurological issues "would affect our pilots."

"Our soldiers are being experimented on, injured, and sometimes, possibly, killed," he added.

Additional data The Blaze received from Renz showed:
.... a 269% increase in myocardial infarction, 291% increase in Bell’s palsy,
a 156% increase in congenital malformations of military members' children,
a 471% increase in female infertility, and
a 467% increase in pulmonary embolisms.

Posted by Merrick Ferret 2022-01-28 10:19||   2022-01-28 10:19|| Front Page Top

#3 * Pfizer wanted to hide data showing adverse side effects for seventy-five ng>years.

Billions of tears shed by the thousands of myocarditis sufferers, the thousands of now-infertile young women and the millions suffering from all the other side effects of this experimental gene therapy that no one should have been forced to undergo without his or her consent.
Posted by Merrick Ferret 2022-01-28 10:23||   2022-01-28 10:23|| Front Page Top

#4 Note these are cases of young men ***hospitalized*** for myocarditis. 16,000 was the last number I saw. The number does not include those with damage that was not severe enough to see a doctor, though that damage is still permanent.

I'm also noticing many people in my circles with new health issues (arythmia for example) who never in a million years would consider the possibility it had anything to do with the vaccine. It's anecdotal, but I'm thinking it's another source of under-reporting for adverse events.
Posted by Angstrom 2022-01-28 13:56||   2022-01-28 13:56|| Front Page Top

#5 Gladder all the time I got the "inferior" J&J jab (not mRNA) and no booster no way.
Posted by M. Murcek 2022-01-28 14:02||   2022-01-28 14:02|| Front Page Top

#6 Wanted J&J but wasn't available. :-(
Posted by Merrick Ferret 2022-01-28 15:14||   2022-01-28 15:14|| Front Page Top

#7 Luck of the draw on my part. There was a lot less info about the problems with mRNA back then (May of last year)
Posted by M. Murcek 2022-01-28 15:50||   2022-01-28 15:50|| Front Page Top

#8 I highly encourage all blm, antifa and democrats to get at least 12 boosters every week.
Posted by Woodrow 2022-01-28 20:34||   2022-01-28 20:34|| Front Page Top

#9 Now we learn that Pfizer has asked a federal court to let it intervene in a high-profile case that has seen U.S. drug regulators try to slow-walk disclosure of data on Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

"Pfizer says it supports disclosing the data but wants to ensure that information exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is not 'disclosed inappropriately.' ”

Here's the view of the anonymous insider "boriquagato":

"Astoundingly, the FDA itself is supporting this. Their lawyers are supporting this. This is a federal agency whose ostensible job is to safeguard your health and to ensure the safety and efficacy of the drugs you use.

"This is the agency that has rushed programs of unprecedented size through with outlandishly little data, incredible opacity, and allowed on an emergency basis the fastest drug rollout in human history.

"When asked for the data, they requested 75 years to provide it. The FDA later asked a judge to give it 75 years, but the judge rejected the request and ordered the regulator to produce 55,000 pages a month, which would give it about eight months to fully disclose the records.

"The failure of these vaccines to generate sterilizing immunity and stop spread has been astonishing.

"Their side effect profile is magnitudes worse than any other ever approved.

"The very math and definitions that underpinned their studies and underpins their public health reporting to this day was and remains a Bayesian rig job that all by itself can make harm and immunosuppression look like vaccine efficacy.

Posted by Merrick Ferret 2022-01-28 22:18||   2022-01-28 22:18|| Front Page Top

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