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2022-01-20 Home Front: WoT
Pentagon said to be eyeing ways to allow nonbinary troops to serve in the ranks
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Posted by Fred 2022-01-20 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [218 views ]  Top

#1 If you look at this from the tactical side, the question is how best to deploy confused, emotionally unstable troops. Cannon fodder is one answer.
Posted by SteveS 2022-01-20 01:05||   2022-01-20 01:05|| Front Page Top

#2 If you look at this from the tactical side, the question is how best to destroy crowded, crime ridden, confused, emotionally unstable urban citizens.........
Posted by Besoeker 2022-01-20 01:11||   2022-01-20 01:11|| Front Page Top

#3 While on twitter we see:


Alice Calling

Day Word: Spitball

Command Word: Pitcher

Action Word: Catcher

Alice out.
Posted by 3dc 2022-01-20 01:56||   2022-01-20 01:56|| Front Page Top

#4 Weirder and weirder
Posted by badanov 2022-01-20 02:54||   2022-01-20 02:54|| Front Page Top

#5 ...I can't wait for the first time some poor bastard has to make the decision as to what to put on the plane: transition medications or ammo.

And that will pale in comparison when we see what our enemies do to these people if they are captured. Mind you, DOD did a very good job of hiding what the Iraqis did to captured female troops, so it's likely going to be A Complete Surprise(TM).

Posted by Mike Kozlowski 2022-01-20 06:31||   2022-01-20 06:31|| Front Page Top

#6 President DeSantis will need a big broom at the pentagon to sweep out the damage Obama did
Posted by Frank G 2022-01-20 06:41||   2022-01-20 06:41|| Front Page Top

#7 Decline and Fall
Posted by Merrick Ferret 2022-01-20 06:53||   2022-01-20 06:53|| Front Page Top

Posted by Skidmark 2022-01-20 08:01||   2022-01-20 08:01|| Front Page Top

#9  how best to destroy crowded, crime ridden, confused, emotionally unstable urban citizens...

Send 'em to the protein banks. Soylent Green(tm) is people!
Posted by SteveS 2022-01-20 11:47||   2022-01-20 11:47|| Front Page Top

#10 Well, the "cannibalism as something that can be made palatable via packaging and marketing propaganda" angle aside, I'll pass on the urban protein supplements anyway, thanks.
Posted by M. Murcek 2022-01-20 13:37||   2022-01-20 13:37|| Front Page Top

#11 #6 or pres abbott.
Posted by irish rage boy 2022-01-20 14:17||   2022-01-20 14:17|| Front Page Top

#12 The Department of Defense reportedly wants to allow people who identify as nonbinary to serve openly in the military and is hiring a Washington, D.C.-area think to study the issue.

Ah, just a minor incursion.
Posted by swksvolFF 2022-01-20 14:48||   2022-01-20 14:48|| Front Page Top

#13 I think the non-binary recruits will be a perfect fit in special units dedicated to the Pentagon's two self-identified most serious threats: gerbil worming and domestic extremists. Leave that fighting foreign armies business to the cis knuckle-draggers (do I need /sarc on that last part?)
Posted by M. Murcek 2022-01-20 14:53||   2022-01-20 14:53|| Front Page Top

#14  I'll pass on the urban protein supplements anyway, thanks.

Ah, so you are a Soylent Orange™ kind of guy, eh?
Posted by SteveS 2022-01-20 15:50||   2022-01-20 15:50|| Front Page Top

#15 Trying to find ways to utilize nonbinaries in the military is not the purpose of the military. Forget all the "whokeness" and figure out how this country will win the next war.
Posted by JohnQC 2022-01-20 16:00||   2022-01-20 16:00|| Front Page Top

#16 Soylent Orange was the, what, "sea legs" equivalent. Yum.
Posted by M. Murcek 2022-01-20 16:00||   2022-01-20 16:00|| Front Page Top

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