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2021-11-28 Home Front: Politix
Ilhan Omar calls for action over Republican Boebert’s ‘Jihad Squad’ comment
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Posted by trailing wife 2021-11-28 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [336086 views ]  Top
 File under: Moslem Colonists 

#1 Fuck'em.
Posted by Skidmark 2021-11-28 00:05||   2021-11-28 00:05|| Front Page Top

#2 I asked a Muslim student of mine what "jihad" meant. He claimed it just meant "struggle". So, when Mrs Boebert talked about the Jihad Squad, maybe she just meant that they were a struggle squad.
Posted by Rambler in Virginia  2021-11-28 00:17||   2021-11-28 00:17|| Front Page Top

#3 If it wasn't a good shot, Omar wouldn't be complaining, eh?
Posted by M. Murcek  2021-11-28 00:23||   2021-11-28 00:23|| Front Page Top

#4 And I call for throwing your -ss out of the country for marrying your brother (in-sect), immigration fraud and just being the sh-thead that you are Ill Head.
Posted by Jater Jomonter5711 2021-11-28 00:32||   2021-11-28 00:32|| Front Page Top

#5 ... after Boebert offered an apology which I knew these jihadists would not accept from any infidel. Omar married an infidel white guy, because she wasn't about to live married to a Sharia practicing Muslim male which would make her a piece of property instead of a human being. But that was after being elected by Muslims so now she has to find a way back into their good graces for re-election.
Posted by Blackbeard Barnsmell6454 2021-11-28 00:55||   2021-11-28 00:55|| Front Page Top

#6 Not happy with Boebert for apologizing.
Posted by Mercutio 2021-11-28 08:11||   2021-11-28 08:11|| Front Page Top

#7 Another Brooks v. Sumner bout?
Will there be PPV this time?
Posted by Merrick Ferret 2021-11-28 08:20||   2021-11-28 08:20|| Front Page Top

#8 No matter how scummy the person is, you must never hurt their feelings!
(That's sarcasm, folks!)
Posted by AlmostAnonymous5839 2021-11-28 09:05||   2021-11-28 09:05|| Front Page Top

#9 All of this is ridiculous. Both involved are dumbasses and lowering the bar. They both waste our time and money, produce nothing worthwhile, and would be fired for lack of production at any other job. They both behave like 8yr olds on the playground and distract constituents with this crap instead of doing something worthwhile. Both should be voted out.
Posted by Yosemite Sam 2021-11-28 10:29||   2021-11-28 10:29|| Front Page Top

#10 #9 "Yosemite Sam 2021-11-28 10:29"

You are one of those bitter old farts who has no answers to anything, but are quick to spew spittle in the direction of everyone. The people finally have Republicans in Congress who are standing up to Pelosi and the other extreme leftists destroying our constitution rights.

Apparently you miss RINOs such as McCain, Boehner, Paul Ryan who were constantly kissing Pelosi and Obama's (currently serving as our third term President) arse!
Posted by Ebbomoger Speaking for Boskone4589 2021-11-28 17:57||   2021-11-28 17:57|| Front Page Top

#11 ^^^^
Funny as you are Pithy,
Congruity is yours Martian,
You aren't from the World of Rantburg
This type of Inventive Thinking is the Norm Here

You are welcome here,
pic out your own nic, and stay a while...
You are as refreshing as a Mediterranean Spring Breeze... go'll love it...
I took a wrong turn on the internet and ended up here in 2002, been sniping this place from time to time for years...
The real prize of this place is to get one of these:

If your comment is deemed (?) you get that prize...really a badge of honor... you are too sane for them...go for it ---Ebbomoger Speaking for Boskone4589
Posted by Shasing Gluper9768 2021-11-28 18:41||   2021-11-28 18:41|| Front Page Top

#12 ^^^ (Heh!) ZZZZzzzz....
Posted by Ebbomoger Speaking for Boskone4589 2021-11-28 20:56||   2021-11-28 20:56|| Front Page Top

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