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2021-10-23 Home Front: Politix
Biden town hall prompts mockery, ‘Beavis and Butthead' comparisons
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Posted by Besoeker 2021-10-23 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [343 views ]  Top

#1 LOL - Biden and Butthead.
Posted by CrazyFool 2021-10-23 00:49||   2021-10-23 00:49|| Front Page Top

#2 T-shirts now on sale
Posted by CrazyFool 2021-10-23 00:57||   2021-10-23 00:57|| Front Page Top

#3 How the hell is it that NOT ONE news outlet, left or right are addressing Biden's stage of dementia?

Not even Bannon. I just can't fricking believe this nationwide Pravda filter. Is everyone bought by the Chi Coms?

The clinical picture of Alzheimer’s disease
1. Memory loss
2. Cognitive problems
3. Personality and behavior problems
4. Problems with the orientation to time and place

Moderate (or Middle) stage
Wandering: It represents the main problem for caregivers because they may lose the patient at night without appropriate clothes and because he can’t protect himself.
Emotional incontinence: It is an emotional disturbance, which, during it, the patient shows sudden, unexpected, and uncontrolled emotions, such as laughing, crying, and aggression with resistance to the caregivers.
Also, the patients in this stage suffer from illusions and delusions, and they may show impulsive behavior. Multiple tasking (tasks that require sequential steps), such as clothing and bathing, becomes difficult for patients in this stage.
Posted by Woodrow 2021-10-23 01:33||   2021-10-23 01:33|| Front Page Top

#4 Beavis and Brandon
Crackpipe and Kack-like
Posted by Merrick Ferret 2021-10-23 01:56||   2021-10-23 01:56|| Front Page Top

#5 My take: He really did think his hands were resting on a podium. It's sad, creepy and alarming.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-10-23 04:49||   2021-10-23 04:49|| Front Page Top

#6 Mail - President Joe Biden said police officers and emergency workers who refuse COVID-19 vaccination should stay home or be fired, as he answered questions during a CNN town hall on Thursday evening.

'Yes and yes,' he said to a thunderous round of applause.

Where do you go in this country (at this time) to find a "thunderous round of applause" for such a ridiculous comment? A CNN staged performance from start to finish.

Biden's handlers clearly want us to acknowledge that he is no longer in charge of anything. The goal appears to be for the public to go about their business and ignore him.

Posted by Besoeker 2021-10-23 05:45||   2021-10-23 05:45|| Front Page Top

#7 Southwest CEO just announced he will not fire people over the vaxx. Seems the ship is slowly turning.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-10-23 05:50||   2021-10-23 05:50|| Front Page Top

#8 "I am the Great CornPop Holio!"
Posted by Frank G 2021-10-23 06:29||   2021-10-23 06:29|| Front Page Top

#9 #3 How the hell is it that NOT ONE news outlet, left or right are addressing Biden's stage of dementia?

Some potential explanations (which are not mutually exclusive):

- Orangeophobia: reporting on any aspect of Biden's full-spectrum incompetence, weakness or corruption serves to validate Trump's bitingly accurate criticism of the muppet

- Loathing of Deplorables: cf #1. Any friend or supporter of OrangeMan is my enemy, who shall not be given any comfort or quarter under any circumstances -- cf the Lincoln Project bastards, or Bret Stephens at the NYT

- Fear of Canceling by Colleagues: Even those few journalists who are relatively immune to #1 or #2 are unwilling to risk the wrath of the herd by declaring that the Emperor's buck naked and sniffing little girls while his douchebag son launders money for Chinese Communist thieves (and Kazakh, Ukrainian and Russian thieves).

Re #3, two of the best journalists in the business refused point blank, when I confronted them with the truth about Hillary and Steele's Russiagate bullshit and then about the truth of Hunter & The Big Guy's blatant lies about their ChiCom connections, to break either story.

Each of these superb journalists, gentlemen both, became uncharacteristically angry, weirdly dismissive and nasty when I said, "You know the truth. Why are you not reporting it? Why spread lies?"

The emotional resistance is massive. It's sickening. "Sad!"
Posted by Merrick Ferret 2021-10-23 08:19||   2021-10-23 08:19|| Front Page Top

#10 How the hell is it that NOT ONE news outlet, left or right are addressing Biden's stage of dementia?

Every synonym for infallible.

Remember, the bats have been leaving the belfry since before The Iowa Caucus. To admit Mr. Biden's health problems is to untie all narrative until then, you horse faced pony soldier.
Posted by swksvolFF 2021-10-23 10:18||   2021-10-23 10:18|| Front Page Top

#11 “ When Beavis turns into Cornholio, he will raise his forearms in a 90-degree angle next to his chest, pull his shirt over his head, and then begin to yell or scream erratically, producing a stream of gibberish and strange noises, his eyes wide.”.
Posted by Da Cooky 2021-10-23 12:19||   2021-10-23 12:19|| Front Page Top

Posted by Abu Uluque 2021-10-23 13:33||   2021-10-23 13:33|| Front Page Top

#13 I just can't fricking believe this nationwide Pravda filter. Is everyone bought by the Chi Coms?

Yes. Consider that CEOs of major corporations believe their primary responsibility is their fiduciary responsibility to their stake holders. That means profits are the most important thing to them. In a global economy, profits are more important than loyalty to the United States or, for that matter, accurately and fairly reporting the news. Their job is not to inform you but to make money by keeping you entertained. And, if they want to make profits in China, they must avoid doing anything that the CCP disapproves. That means media corporations like Disney (ABC), ViacomCBS and ComcastNBC will never say anything that makes #FJB look bad because he is Xi Jinping's boy. They have too much money at stake in China.
Posted by Abu Uluque 2021-10-23 13:50||   2021-10-23 13:50|| Front Page Top

#14 See what happens to the NBA when one of their players talks out of turn. You can bet your butt that Disney will not allow anything like this to happen.
Posted by Abu Uluque 2021-10-23 15:41||   2021-10-23 15:41|| Front Page Top

#15 It really doesn't matter. No one pays attention to what he says--and that sounds snarky, but it's meant as a statement of truth. See, for example, the workers at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, who he announced with great fanfare would be working 24/7. They're not. And there are no consequences for them (or for anyone else) for ignoring Biden completely.
Posted by Tom 2021-10-23 16:21||   2021-10-23 16:21|| Front Page Top

#16 How the hell is it that NOT ONE news outlet, left or right are addressing Biden's stage of dementia?

The Aussie press has been doing it for months now. See - Sky News Australia
Posted by Procopius2k 2021-10-23 17:06||   2021-10-23 17:06|| Front Page Top

#17 Aussie Sky News, one of the few in your face honest news sources.
Posted by Woodrow 2021-10-23 22:25||   2021-10-23 22:25|| Front Page Top

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