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2021-10-11 Government Corruption
'This is Not a Negotiation'
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Posted by Fred 2021-10-11 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [10798 views ]  Top

#1 The truth surfaces eventually. Burred for so long truth will be told. Perhaps not in the various media but word of mouth works very well. I have always enjoyed oral history. They don't claim the media high ground. Just from my personal experience the vaccination train has killed so many. Most poor souls within thirty days. Then the living with various afflictions.
Posted by Dale 2021-10-11 04:17||   2021-10-11 04:17|| Front Page Top

Just about anyone has looked into Face Ratings and effectiveness, except the Clark Co. B.O.E.

I guess they never read the clearly worded Disclaimers on the side of the most typically worn Paper Face Mask boxes.

Or are they just being good little Socialcrats and following the already disproved Mask Agenda being pushed by the DC Swamp?

Posted by NN2N1 2021-10-11 06:00||   2021-10-11 06:00|| Front Page Top

#3 /\ I'll take 'good little Socialcrats' for $600. Alex.
Posted by Besoeker 2021-10-11 06:03||   2021-10-11 06:03|| Front Page Top

#4 Lawfare - It's great fun. Until it isn't.
Posted by M. Murcek 2021-10-11 07:26||   2021-10-11 07:26|| Front Page Top

#5 Watch the courts declare they have no standing.
Posted by Abu Uluque 2021-10-11 12:18||   2021-10-11 12:18|| Front Page Top

#6 Pick your battles.

In the meantime, vote with your feet. These parents should take their kids out of school and homeschool them.

The whole rotten Marxist educational edifice will collapse when enrollment falls <50% of population. The target is in sight.
Posted by Patriot 2021-10-11 12:53||   2021-10-11 12:53|| Front Page Top

when enrollment falls <50% of population

Is that doable?
Posted by Bubba Lover of the Faeries8843 2021-10-11 14:50||   2021-10-11 14:50|| Front Page Top

#8 Enrollments down dramatically now. 50% of liberal colleges will fail in a few short years. Now they are talking about having men return to college. They are desperate.
Posted by Dale 2021-10-11 15:58||   2021-10-11 15:58|| Front Page Top

#9 "OE label on China swabs. EO stands for ethylene oxide. Hospitals have used this for years to sterilize medical equipment. Swabs saturated with EO and swabs inserted deep into nasal cavity."

Those of you who work or have worked in hospitals Ethylene Oxide has been used for years to sterile medical equipment.

Just look for the OE label on the swab package. Insert deeply into nasal cavity and guess where near,the brain. So swabbing frequency?. Repeated exposure to a carcinogenic agent. Good luck with that.

Posted by Dale 2021-10-11 17:55||   2021-10-11 17:55|| Front Page Top

#10 NCES counts 48m K-12 public school kids.

As compared to about 15m outside the public school system:
5.7m in private schools
~5m (?) in charter schools
~4-4.5m homeschooled

So public schools are already down to about 76% of the total, having fallen from close to 85% just 15 years ago and CA. 80% pre-COVID.

Public schools' % of total enrolled will drop another 3% this year, and maybe 1-1.5% each year for the rest of the next two decades.

That implies that by 2040 public schools will be ca. 50% of total. Those schools will likely be about 80-90% minority in most metro areas.

Most of the nation's white students will be homeschooled or, as is the case for nearly all this nation's politicians' kids, educated in private schools. Homeschooling will probably exceed 20% of total by 2040.
Posted by Patriot 2021-10-11 18:37||   2021-10-11 18:37|| Front Page Top

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