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2021-09-17 -Lurid Crime Tales-
Data Shows Percent of Fatalities in People Hit by Gunfire: Highly Variable, by City
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Posted by Frank G 2021-09-17 00:00|| || Front Page|| [336135 views ]  Top

#1 Why are democrats so violent?
Posted by BrerRabbit 2021-09-17 01:51||   2021-09-17 01:51|| Front Page Top

#2 It's dat Mistah Gun Violence again. Will no one stop Gun Violence before he kills again?
Posted by Ulavimp Sproing4278 2021-09-17 02:58||   2021-09-17 02:58|| Front Page Top

Many of us having studied the FBI Crime Tables for Assailant vs. Victim. Understand the shooter and victim all too often shared the same Racial and Color Demographics.

Even Rev. Jesse Jackson said it as far back as 1993 "There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then (I) look around and see someone white and feel relieved."

However, when the shooting is a Drive-By or related to gang, or surprise criminal activities the tendency is SPRAY not Aim.

Moral of the Story
Head shots and Hip Shots are kill shots.
One is just much quicker than the other.

Posted by NN2N1 2021-09-17 07:11||   2021-09-17 07:11|| Front Page Top

#4 It's not so much a gun culture so much as an aiming culture. Take that extra half second, think "front sight, squeeze".
Posted by ed in texas 2021-09-17 15:04||   2021-09-17 15:04|| Front Page Top

#5 This problem with placement of holes
Is aimlessness, absence of goals:
"Fo' whom those bells tolls,
Only rich folks and proles?"
Yo, they're tolling for thee! [ducks and rolls]
Posted by Vortigern de Medici9432 2021-09-17 18:04||   2021-09-17 18:04|| Front Page Top

#6 I wonder if what we are seeing is not (just) appalling marksmanship, but an alternative judicial system in action. You and I, we have a beef, we have recourse to a legal system. But if Demetrius shorted you on your last purchase, you can't exactly take him to Small Claims Court, so Demetrius gets shot in the ass. More serious transgressions are punished by removal from the board.

Asher noted a large percentage of the casualties in Baltimore, the city with the highest fatality rate, are very close to one of the most advanced trauma centers in the nation. He suggests access to advanced trauma care is not a major factor.

Permit me to suggest that an advanced trauma center is a result of high injury rates locally and not the other way around. One way to test this would be to shut down the hospital and see if people stop killing each other.
Posted by SteveS 2021-09-17 19:14||   2021-09-17 19:14|| Front Page Top

#7 ^ one of the world's highest concentrations of surgical reconstructive knee expertise is in Belfast, home of IRA-sponsored "kneecapping"
Posted by George Hatfield4272 2021-09-17 19:34||   2021-09-17 19:34|| Front Page Top

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