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Good Morning

IRS Denies Tax-Exempt Status
to Church Benefiting Republican Values
Friday June 18th, 2021

Lashkar's plot to kill Hindu leaders, journalists: 3 operatives sentenced to 10 years in jail
IDF statement: it attacked rocket launch position and military complexes of Hamas in response to incendiary-laden balloon launches
IDF drops leaflets in Quneitra, then IDF tanks destroy outpost
Japanese government has written to Oregon Gov Brown after a prison escapee severely beat 2 Japanese women
One of the perpetrators of a deadly school mass shooting targeting ''transphobic'' children in 2019 has been convicted
Biden Policy Allows Migrants with Pending Asylum Claims to Have Families Airlifted to U.S.
Naked Tennessee woman armed
with ax accused of vandalizing Walmart

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#4 Gloria Josephine May Swanson was an American actress, producer, and businesswoman. She first achieved fame acting in dozens of silent films in the 1920s and was nominated three times for an Academy Award as Best Actress, most famously for her 1950 comeback in Billy Wilder's Sunset Boulevard, which also earned her a Golden Globe Award. Wikipedia
March 27, 1899, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
April 04, 1983, New York City, U.S.
Resting place:
Church of the Heavenly Rest, New York City, U.S.

Sources: Wikipedia & IMDb - Hat Tip to You
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Sunset Boulevard (She's Just Nuts - So Today)

Wow !

How was that for Gloria's Academy Performance ?
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#6 "I'm ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille"
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#7 What-a-dog! I want a dog like that. "Hey Fido, you drive, I'm drinking today. Tomorrow, it's your turn to drink, I'll drive."
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#8 #5 Rather brings Granny Boxwine to mind for some reason or other.
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#9 I require all passengers on my boat wear life jackets at all times. Except for the waitresses of course.
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#10 From the lee of a tropical islet...
"Oh, Captain! Perhaps that's our pilot."
"I'll be in my cabin!"
[him primpin' and dabbin']
A mighty kaboom
Sends them off to their doom.
"Ma'am, I thought I smelled... attar of violet."
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