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2020-09-29 Cyber
Massive hack of health care and Microsoft
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Posted by 3dc 2020-09-29 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6463 views ]  Top

#1 Don't mess with Microsoft.
Posted by Vespasian Ebbereng3110 2020-09-29 00:16||   2020-09-29 00:16|| Front Page Top

#2 5:26 EDT and Twitter appears down.
Posted by 3dc 2020-09-29 05:28||   2020-09-29 05:28|| Front Page Top

#3 5:30 and Twitter is back.
Posted by 3dc 2020-09-29 05:29||   2020-09-29 05:29|| Front Page Top

Posted by 3dc 2020-09-29 05:39||   2020-09-29 05:39|| Front Page Top

#5 Cyberattack hobbles major hospital chain's US facilities, staff forced to use paper records
Posted by Skidmark 2020-09-29 08:25||   2020-09-29 08:25|| Front Page Top

#6 I blame the lingering effects of Y2k.
Posted by Besoeker 2020-09-29 08:28||   2020-09-29 08:28|| Front Page Top

#7 Bush's fault.
Posted by Clem 2020-09-29 08:39||   2020-09-29 08:39|| Front Page Top

#8 I blame the Strategic National Stockpile of COBOL and FORTRAN engineers being depleted.

"It's Trump's FAULT!"
Posted by Mullah Richard 2020-09-29 09:59||   2020-09-29 09:59|| Front Page Top

#9 I recall the GE/Siemans MRI and PET scanners were taken offline and their OS and apps rebuilt nightly. 'Old' proprietary systemic architectures of XP and local disks were infected daily when images were shipped off to remote radiologists for assessment. Pretty much any specialized lab equipment was vulnerable because, much like Y2k, the original developers were no longer around.

Prob not the fault of Bush.
Posted by Skidmark 2020-09-29 10:01||   2020-09-29 10:01|| Front Page Top

#10 Bill Gates will get right on this virus issue next.
Posted by ed in texas 2020-09-29 10:58||   2020-09-29 10:58|| Front Page Top

#11 Today the Linux release of the Tor browser was updated for security reasons. Tor is about as tough as it gets and on Linux is even tougher so somebody has found a big damn hole in the internet... likely protocols.
Posted by 3dc 2020-09-29 12:57||   2020-09-29 12:57|| Front Page Top

#12 Twitter is long on fear, uncertainty and doubt but short on facts. Nonetheless, if you use Microsoft to build your system, you are a fool. You should also firewall all Russian, Chinese, Ukrainian, Iranian, Malaysian, Turkish, Romanian and German IP addresses. OK, firewall NORK, Indian and Philippine IP addresses too and throw in Brazilians while you're at it, Mexicans too. Don't forget Pakistan. World Wide Web my ass. They only want to hack us. /rant
Posted by Abu Uluque 2020-09-29 13:25||   2020-09-29 13:25|| Front Page Top

#13 Breitbart has more.
Posted by Abu Uluque 2020-09-29 13:44||   2020-09-29 13:44|| Front Page Top

#14 Four hundred hospitals run by Universal Health Services are left offline by ransomware cyberattack forcing ambulances to be redirected, surgeries to be sent to other hospitals and staff to resort to pen and paper
Posted by Skidmark 2020-09-29 13:52||   2020-09-29 13:52|| Front Page Top

#15 Malware is NOT the 911 outage.

Which may also be attributed to the Microsoft cloud.
Posted by Skidmark 2020-09-29 14:01||   2020-09-29 14:01|| Front Page Top

#16 Today the Linux release of the Tor browser was updated for security reasons.

SANS Internet Storm Center: Tor Exit threat
Posted by Skidmark 2020-09-29 14:06||   2020-09-29 14:06|| Front Page Top

#17 At #1 I stated don't mess with Microsoft. Problem is a Microsoft change crashed Microsoft. That is twice in one month Microsoft shot themselves in the foot. Gates retired recently shows pre-release QA testing retired with him.
Posted by Vespasian Ebbereng3110 2020-09-29 15:04||   2020-09-29 15:04|| Front Page Top

#18 Microsoft has QA testing? Always looked to me like they just let their customers find the bugs.
Posted by Abu Uluque 2020-09-29 15:14||   2020-09-29 15:14|| Front Page Top

#19 MicroBorg, QA is you with any initial release and probably at least two patches.
Posted by Procopius2k 2020-09-29 15:27||   2020-09-29 15:27|| Front Page Top

#20 all practice for election day insurrection?

For election day we should disconnect from the world for 24 hours.
Posted by 3dc 2020-09-29 15:58||   2020-09-29 15:58|| Front Page Top

#21 On election day all DNS into the USA should go to one set of honeypot servers.
All DNS request to the rest of the world should go to a second set of honeypot servers...
Posted by 3dc 2020-09-29 16:24||   2020-09-29 16:24|| Front Page Top

#22 Meanwhile, government s advocating requiring backdoors in all software.
Posted by Iblis 2020-09-29 17:04||   2020-09-29 17:04|| Front Page Top

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