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2020-09-09 -PC Follies
Women Plan All-Black Community in Georgia After ‘400 Years of Racial Oppression.'
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Posted by g(r)omgoru 2020-09-09 05:52|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6477 views ]  Top

#1 But with plenty of taxpayer assistance extracted from whitey...
Posted by M. Murcek 2020-09-09 06:22||   2020-09-09 06:22|| Front Page Top

#2 I believe the way real estate laws are written they do not allow discrimination by race, color, creed.... keeping it all-black will be a challenge.
Posted by Airandee 2020-09-09 06:33||   2020-09-09 06:33|| Front Page Top

#3 Oh, I am "sure" investment dollars will just be rolling into that community.
Posted by Clem 2020-09-09 07:17||   2020-09-09 07:17|| Front Page Top

#4 I salute the effort. Self help, entrepreneurship, capitalism and all that.

But why invest in irredeemably racist Amerikkka?

Why don't they solve the problem at the source, and establish their colony in Africa?
Posted by Chineper Ulinert8373 2020-09-09 07:33||   2020-09-09 07:33|| Front Page Top

#5 #2 I believe exceptions can be made for especially justified cases.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2020-09-09 07:34||   2020-09-09 07:34|| Front Page Top

#6 Evidently clean, running water and modern sanitation is not inherently racist.
Posted by Clem 2020-09-09 07:35||   2020-09-09 07:35|| Front Page Top

#7 ^White peoples money is not racist.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2020-09-09 07:41||   2020-09-09 07:41|| Front Page Top

#8 I hear Liberia was set up for entirely this sort of venture.

Now If you we're to endeavour to setup an entirely white community, well...
Posted by Bright Pebbles 2020-09-09 07:45||   2020-09-09 07:45|| Front Page Top

#9 Maybe it's a Wakanda Womyn's community?

Because too many brothas be supporting Trump?
Posted by Unusogum Grolutle4827 2020-09-09 07:51||   2020-09-09 07:51|| Front Page Top

#10 there's plenty of all-black communities in any inner city.

how are those working out?
Posted by Bob Grorong1136 2020-09-09 08:34||   2020-09-09 08:34|| Front Page Top

#11 For the money they spent on 96 acres, they could have bought most of Clayton County. Of course its already FUBR. so I
sort understand the reasoning. Time to move on and socially and economically destroy a new area.
Posted by Besoeker 2020-09-09 08:35||   2020-09-09 08:35|| Front Page Top

#12 ...and draw their inspiration from Wakanda, the fictional comic-book country that was the setting for the movie “Black Panther.”

Further illustrating a fundamental difference between us and the lefties - they view the world as they want it to be and we view it as is, warts and all.
Posted by Raj 2020-09-09 08:52||   2020-09-09 08:52|| Front Page Top

#13 Vacation homes, wedding venue, hunting, fishing, shooting...

It’s no doubt illegal to keep out all those of a different skin colour, but let them try it — all they can lose is their entire investment.
Posted by trailing wife 2020-09-09 09:12||   2020-09-09 09:12|| Front Page Top

#14 I hear Liberia was set up for entirely this sort of venture.

Too far from the money.
Posted by gorb 2020-09-09 09:47||   2020-09-09 09:47|| Front Page Top

#15 I see a black reboot of "The Lord of the Flies" is in the works.
Posted by DarthVader 2020-09-09 10:03||   2020-09-09 10:03|| Front Page Top

#16 "and the whole project collapsed when they couldn't open the lids on the jars of food"
Posted by Frank G 2020-09-09 10:08||   2020-09-09 10:08|| Front Page Top

#17 ^You can see it every day in inner cities.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2020-09-09 10:08||   2020-09-09 10:08|| Front Page Top

#18 ^Darth
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2020-09-09 10:13||   2020-09-09 10:13|| Front Page Top

#19 probably at least 90% of blacks in the USA are partly white

wonder how they plan to deal with this

and what about the people who 'identify black' who maybe have 1-5% north african genes
Posted by lord garth 2020-09-09 10:50||   2020-09-09 10:50|| Front Page Top

#20 Ref #2: I believe the way real estate laws are written they do not allow discrimination by race, color, creed.... keeping it all-black will be a challenge.

Believe me when I tell you, it will NOT be a problem.
Posted by Besoeker 2020-09-09 10:53||   2020-09-09 10:53|| Front Page Top

#21 Wakanda strip mined their natural resources to live a life of pomp and leisure.

In their spare time, they came up with reasons to commit violence.
Posted by swksvolFF 2020-09-09 11:33||   2020-09-09 11:33|| Front Page Top

#22 Wakanda strip mined their natural resources to live a life of pomp and leisure.

Got the Chinese to do the hard labor:
Wakanda Minerals -
Posted by Thraling Munster5941 2020-09-09 11:41||   2020-09-09 11:41|| Front Page Top

#23 We've come a long way in a century. I hope.
Posted by KBK 2020-09-09 12:45||   2020-09-09 12:45|| Front Page Top

#24 #1 But with plenty of taxpayer assistance extracted from whitey...

Pretty much the only way a "black community" can thrive.

Notice how they don't want to "build a community" in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Posted by charger 2020-09-09 16:31||   2020-09-09 16:31|| Front Page Top

#25 #2 and #13

John Roberts will simply say "it's a type of tax" and it'll be fine.

Rules and institutions only exist to give the left what it wants nowadays and can be safely ignored via some fine crafted pretext when they don't.
Posted by charger 2020-09-09 17:56||   2020-09-09 17:56|| Front Page Top

#26 whatever happened to inclusion and stopping segregation
Posted by Jan 2020-09-09 18:07||   2020-09-09 18:07|| Front Page Top

#27 #26 whatever happened to inclusion and stopping segregation

It was never really about that.

No doubt there were some true believers, but they were just useful idiots in the end.
Posted by charger 2020-09-09 18:55||   2020-09-09 18:55|| Front Page Top

#28 In other words. No Go Zones. Works so well in France....
Posted by CrazyFool 2020-09-09 19:36||   2020-09-09 19:36|| Front Page Top

#29 Wakanda as depicted in the movies is a prosperous if small city-state. Kind of like the Liechtenstein of Africa, but with superheroes. What this lady is creating is a vacation community that could double as a prepper dedoubt if needed. Solid business idea if you have, say, fifteen afluent backers.
Posted by Secret Master 2020-09-09 20:46||   2020-09-09 20:46|| Front Page Top

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