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2019-09-25 Home Front: WoT
Jimmy Dore: CBS News Pushes 100% Propaganda On I-R-A-N
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Posted by  Herb McCoy 2019-09-25 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [336066 views ]  Top

#1 This is interesting - I was just thinking about this sort of thing last night. I was wondering just how overt certain elements of people in this country would become in their disdain (to put it mildly) of the USA. Guess I have part of my answer now.
Posted by Raj 2019-09-25 05:01||   2019-09-25 05:01|| Front Page Top

#2 The man takes apart their coverage and clearly shows what's wrong with it. How do you get from there to "showing disdain for America"?

Posted by Herb McCoy  2019-09-25 05:08||   2019-09-25 05:08|| Front Page Top

#3 To quote the great modern philosopher John McEnroe, 'you cannot be serious'. A group of US reporters and TV talking heads, one of who was described as a 'bought & paid for fucking tool' pushing Iranian propaganda, is somehow rooting for our side?

You may or may have not noticed my qualifier of the use of the word 'disdain'. If you did notice the qualifier, you would have not needed to make your comment.
Posted by Raj 2019-09-25 05:25||   2019-09-25 05:25|| Front Page Top

#4 If "your side" is the lying media, I really don't know what to say. Media elites despise us ordinary Americans.

How is it that you feel attacked when their lies are pointed out? Could you tell us which parts of the video are inaccurate?
Posted by Herb McCoy  2019-09-25 07:35||   2019-09-25 07:35|| Front Page Top

#5 ...just how overt certain elements of people in this country would become in their disdain (to put it mildly) of the USA.


Media elites despise us ordinary Americans.

We are saying the same thing about our media, Herb - don't be an obtuse piece of shit about it.
Posted by Raj 2019-09-25 11:36||   2019-09-25 11:36|| Front Page Top

#6 Herb's on a hair trigger to defend Iran.
Posted by Rob Crawford 2019-09-25 12:17||   2019-09-25 12:17|| Front Page Top

#7 I swear...people just make things up and put them in my mouth, and then criticize me for what they made up. It's just like when I talk to Leftists.
Posted by Herb McCoy 2019-09-25 13:28||   2019-09-25 13:28|| Front Page Top

#8 Not to stir things up, but Herb IMO adds plenty of valuable commentary here.

At the same time, disagrees strongly about US military interventionism, and says some things that annoy me -- just as I'm sure any of us annoys others from time to time.

I don't often agree with him on that issue, but it's a legitimate view that is shared by some of our wisest political scientists, notably John Mearsheimer of U. Chicago, and wise and patriotic senior military officers who study the matter, such as Col. Andrew Bacevic of Boston U.

Bacevic lost a son in the Iraq War. I don't agree with him on everything, but he's a good man.

I have no reason to assume that Herb is arguing in other than good faith. Maybe they're weak arguments, maybe they're just rants, but -- hey, it's Rantburg, Jake.
Posted by Lex 2019-09-25 13:41||   2019-09-25 13:41|| Front Page Top

#9 I swear...people just make things up and put them in my mouth, and then criticize me for what they made up.

With respect to this thread, am I one of these people? Just let me know so I can stop commenting on anything you post from here on out.
Posted by Raj 2019-09-25 17:36||   2019-09-25 17:36|| Front Page Top

#10 It's called mocking and your positions, so well known and repeated ad infinitum, can be easily mocked with accuracy
Posted by Frank G 2019-09-25 18:18||   2019-09-25 18:18|| Front Page Top

#11 "Hi, left crow." "Hi, right crow."

"I swear..." sighed a straw man, at sea
As to why left and right might agree.
"Perhaps both react
To my excess of tact...
Could that be why they're pickin' on me?"

Seriously, Herb, I tried to watch the video. Twice, even (got distracted by the sidebar and ended up watching Matt and Katie (horrorboggle!)). Second try, I made it about halfway through. Summarising for busier Burgers:

Jimmy says f-ck a lot. He endlessly alternates two facial expressions: blank, and over-the-top leering incredulity. He's an El Chapo of unexamined premises. His sidekick, smarter and kookier than him, looks kinda cute in retro glasses and Chicago Teachers Union T-shirt. Oh, and some guy's gonna kill a million people, or a million more people, or something. Warmongers warmongers blah blah blah.

Metaphysically sincere here: If that's your guru, you gotta get out more. Comrade please. Democracy Now and Alex Jones are Plato compared to this dude.
Posted by Jeregum Bumble5308 2019-09-25 19:58||   2019-09-25 19:58|| Front Page Top

#12 Boston U

Slowly I turned... arriving in Kenmore Square... and realised that all the other passengers on the Green Line car cah were wondering why I'd been spitting on the inside of the unopenable window for the past five minutes.
Posted by Jeregum Bumble5308 2019-09-25 20:08||   2019-09-25 20:08|| Front Page Top

#13 Who respects Mearsheimer?
Posted by Rob Crawford 2019-09-25 23:05||   2019-09-25 23:05|| Front Page Top

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