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2018-08-26 -Obits-
U.S. Senator John McCain dies at 81
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Posted by g(r)omgoru 2018-08-26 01:37|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6642 views ]  Top

#1 God be with Ye... Goodbye. A chapter in American Politics ends with him and it is ironic that "...his good friend Teddy Kennedy also died on this day in 2009."
Posted by magpie 2018-08-26 02:17||   2018-08-26 02:17|| Front Page Top

Posted by Injun Bucket8891 2018-08-26 02:29||   2018-08-26 02:29|| Front Page Top

#3 Video link:


Posted by Injun Bucket8891 2018-08-26 02:35||   2018-08-26 02:35|| Front Page Top

Posted by gorb 2018-08-26 04:06||   2018-08-26 04:06|| Front Page Top

#5 [PJ Media] McCain Dies of Same Cancer as Ted Kennedy 9 Years Later on Same Day

Six-term Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), 81, passed away in Sedona, Ariz., nine years to the day that his friend Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) passed away from the same kind of brain cancer,
Posted by Besoeker 2018-08-26 06:50||   2018-08-26 06:50|| Front Page Top

#6 Not a good way to go and condolences to his family.

Not to worry, I'm sure he'll be voting democrat for the next 50 plus years...
Posted by CrazyFool 2018-08-26 07:25||   2018-08-26 07:25|| Front Page Top

#7 ...McCain told AZ Governor Doug Ducey (following McCain's diagnosis)that he would retire if and only if Ducey appointed Cindy McCain to the seat. Ducey didn't even blink and said no; McCain told him to go fark himself and that was that.

That's how McCain's service to his country ended.

I will always, always honor John McCain's service and his courage as a POW. I cannot in any way support his behavior as a Senator. I wish his family comfort in this awful time, and I truly hope the Senator passed without pain or suffering. But for those who will be running their mouths and keyboards over the next few days, spare us the platitudes.

Posted by Mike Kozlowski 2018-08-26 07:45||   2018-08-26 07:45|| Front Page Top

#8 He stopped treatments but never resigned from the Senate. He lived that "with my last breath I stab at thee" thing. America deserves much better.
Posted by M. Murcek 2018-08-26 07:45||   2018-08-26 07:45|| Front Page Top

#9 Both born to the purple, well-bred,
Two faces of one brazen head,
Ted's wild roamin' nose
And John's Hornblower pose:
The blue and the red. The undead.
Posted by Zenobia Floger6220 2018-08-26 07:58||   2018-08-26 07:58|| Front Page Top

#10 He's now before a far greater judge than what we can say and one for which there is no appeal afterward.
Posted by Procopius2k 2018-08-26 08:01||   2018-08-26 08:01|| Front Page Top

#11 Miss Lindsay's in seclusion
Posted by Frank G 2018-08-26 08:40||   2018-08-26 08:40|| Front Page Top

#12 #7 - Mike - AMEN
Posted by Frank G 2018-08-26 08:41||   2018-08-26 08:41|| Front Page Top

#13 History aside, the Founding Fathers would puke at the idea of hereditary seats in any part of government. If Ducey does not have the rocks to tell the McCain clan that the foot in the door is gone now, then Arizona deserves whatever it gets. The rest of the country does not.
Posted by M. Murcek 2018-08-26 08:44||   2018-08-26 08:44|| Front Page Top

#14 Sin Loi
Posted by Blossom Hupager6063 2018-08-26 08:46||   2018-08-26 08:46|| Front Page Top

#15 Think of how wonderful the legacy legislators have been. Jean Carnahan, Murky Murkowski, Jessuh Jackson Jr., on and on. We need a skip two generations law for all public office.

Could you imagine Meggie Moo in the Senate?
Posted by M. Murcek 2018-08-26 08:49||   2018-08-26 08:49|| Front Page Top

#16 John F. Di Leo:
“I have lost a number of beloved people to brain cancer. All cancers are hard to deal with, brain cancer being particularly rough because the nature of the brain causes so many such cancers to be inoperable. So we begin a post, or obit, or whatever this is, by stressing that we know the pain of the disease, and we don't mean to minimize the pain of such suffering.

But this is about a political figure, so we should really be able to assume that the above goes without saying, and instead get to the important stuff.

We've had over half a year - about three quarters of one, if memory serves - to prepare for this day. We've known John McCain was close to the end since last autumn, so we could work on finding the right words for talking about both his suffering and his eventual death.

John McCain was, in many ways, the walking illustration of the concept of a missed opportunity. Scion of a respected military family, his naval career was a disaster. Imprisoned in Hanoi for years, patriots have had to spend fifty years trying to speak of him with the same level of respect we have for such other heroes there as the great Jeremiah Denton. When we would speak of one and leave McCain out of the list, others would be there to remind us that McCain was in that same sad club, leaving us to endure the same discomfort again and again, in trying to tactfully say that we didn't believe he really belonged to that same sad club after all....

When he entered politics, he appeared to side with the right, and he carefully managed to ensure that his voting record always looked conservative. McCain died with a lifetime ACU rating of 81%, which isn't bad... but it's deceptive. He always made sure to vote right on most unimportant bills to keep his voting record conservative, but then he would pick just one or two huge issues - massive issues - and take a very public position in opposition to the right position, This enabled him to do two things that he truly loved doing: to call himself a "maverick" for bucking his party on an important issue so he could get liberal media acclaim, and to truly stab in the back the people on the right side. He only did this on the biggest, most important issues. Federal judges... campaign finance regulations... immigration policy... obamacare... he didn't oppose the conservative agenda very often - only when he could personally really do massive damage to it.

And when you talk about missed opportunities, will there ever be a better example than his ghastly 2008 campaign for the White House? The man actually said, while running for president, that he didn't really understand economics at all. Yes, out loud. Of course he lost. He didn't try. He practically threw the race (some actually believe he intentionally did throw the race, though I doubt that)... Obama didn't understand economics better than McCain did, but Obama was at least bright enough not to tell the electorate that.

John McCain was an almost thoroughly destructive force in the Republican party for at least the past 20 years. Many would argue he was destructive all the way back to his early races.

I have never been a fan of legally mandated term limits, but John McCain is truly the poster child for them. If he had retired 20 years ago, his memory would have at least been a generally positive one. But today, after these past 20 years of shenanigans, his memory is almost entirely negative. He was so bold, so loud, so omnipresent thanks to his pals in the media, that whenever he did one of his big liberal gestures, we all saw it. We couldn't miss it.

So no, I'm not shedding tears tonight. At least, not any more than the tears I've shed for 20 years, over one of the greatest injustices in history: the fact that the great Jeremiah Denton only got 6 years in the Senate, and his cellmate John McCain undeservedly got 31.

McCain could have redeemed himself, at least partially, last year, if he had announced his retirement concurrent with the diagnosis, enabling his governor to appoint a good successor so that votes wouldn't be missed in this tight-as-nails senate. But he didn't. He chose to hold the seat, unable to actually cast votes, in order to deny the party a reliable vote in such a delicate time.

As always, we pray that John McCain died in what we Christians call a state of grace; we hope that he will enjoy the blessings of Paradise eventually. It is not ours to judge where he is headed, or how long it will take for him to get there.

But we do have the right to judge how he spent his career on this earth, and to judge whether we should think of him as a positive role model for our children.

And the answer is a simple one, in this case:
No, John McCain is no role model.

John McCain, R.I.P.”
Posted by Frank G 2018-08-26 10:13||   2018-08-26 10:13|| Front Page Top

#17 Masterful assessment, thank you for saying so well.
Posted by NoMoreBS 2018-08-26 10:41||   2018-08-26 10:41|| Front Page Top

#18 Say hi to Ted.
Posted by charger 2018-08-26 11:47||   2018-08-26 11:47|| Front Page Top

#19 Very well said Frank G! Well said indeed.
Posted by CrazyFool 2018-08-26 12:41||   2018-08-26 12:41|| Front Page Top

#20 There are two very strong republicans running this term. The Gov needs to pick one and send her to DC, the second one will get all the red votes and we will finally serve well in the senate...
Posted by 49 Pan 2018-08-26 12:52||   2018-08-26 12:52|| Front Page Top

#21 What makes a man, Mr Lebowski?
Posted by Regular joe 2018-08-26 12:53||   2018-08-26 12:53|| Front Page Top

#22 Senator Schumer is moving to name the Senate Office Building after McCain (it is now named for Russell of GA).

So instead of S.O.B. Russell it will be S.O.B. McCain.

somehow, I think John McCain would get a kick out of that

you can say a lot about McCain and object to his judgements and his instincts but, deep down he obviously loved his country sincerely and generously

frankly, I don't see that many current US Senators about whom I could say that
Posted by lord garth 2018-08-26 12:59||   2018-08-26 12:59|| Front Page Top

#23 It is being reported that Mr. McCain specifically excluded President Trump from attending his funeral.

Since Mr. Trump will have a few spare hours, I would like to invite him to my place for a well-done steak and catsup, a combination that although a personal anathema, I would be proud to serve.
Posted by Anomolous Sources 2018-08-26 13:06||   2018-08-26 13:06|| Front Page Top

#24 Hell, he, Mr Trump can come to my house.
I'll even break out the good paper plates, plastic spoons and even sneak in a few of the dreaded plastic straws.
We can sit on my front porch, sip drinks with our plastic straws and watch the liberal media heads explode. Kind of a 4th of July. what fun!
Posted by CrazyFool 2018-08-26 13:15||   2018-08-26 13:15|| Front Page Top

#25 McCain loved his country? Uh no? He was (I love using the past tense here) a globalist piece of shit through and through. Recordings exist of him broadcasting propaganda for the Communists while he was a POW. He supported the invasion of Iraq.

Soros, die next. Globalists need more body blows.
Posted by Herb McCoy 2018-08-26 14:07||   2018-08-26 14:07|| Front Page Top

Posted by Skidmark 2018-08-26 14:17||   2018-08-26 14:17|| Front Page Top

#27 Pappy, Joe, and some of the other left too soon.
Posted by Besoeker 2018-08-26 14:23||   2018-08-26 14:23|| Front Page Top

#28 Probably the nicest member of the democrat party.
Posted by ruprecht 2018-08-26 14:37||   2018-08-26 14:37|| Front Page Top

To bad his weapons were not safed.
Posted by 3dc 2018-08-26 14:43||   2018-08-26 14:43|| Front Page Top

#30 Recordings exist of him broadcasting propaganda for the Communists while he was a POW.

I'm willing to give people a pass on stuff done or said under duress. Someone with a hot soldering iron and a little time on their hands could eventually make you say "Hillary for President". Given that he went over there to drop bombs and not sit on an NVA anti-aircraft gun, I'd let it slide. He has enough to answer for without it.
Posted by SteveS 2018-08-26 15:13||   2018-08-26 15:13|| Front Page Top

#31 Yep, SteveS
Posted by Frank G 2018-08-26 15:14||   2018-08-26 15:14|| Front Page Top

#32 Pappy, Joe, and some of the other left too soon.

His advance guard.
Posted by Skidmark 2018-08-26 15:36||   2018-08-26 15:36|| Front Page Top

#33 I have been taken aback by some comments about McCain, here and elsewhere. Thank you, Frank G, for setting the record straight.

@Anomolous Sources

There no such thing as a "well-done steak". That's just ruined meat.
Posted by European Conservative 2018-08-26 16:51||   2018-08-26 16:51|| Front Page Top

#34 @ European Conservative

Agreed, but one should always keep the preferences of ones guests in mind: Actually, How Donald Trump Eats His Steak Matters
Posted by Anomolous Sources 2018-08-26 17:10||   2018-08-26 17:10|| Front Page Top

#35 + editorial bull$hit aside...

I sometimes hate this machine.....
Posted by Anomolous Sources 2018-08-26 17:13||   2018-08-26 17:13|| Front Page Top

#36 I could have gone all year, no, years without hearing about Pappy and Joe. I had no idea. None. McCain I could just blow off, waste of skin that he was. And someone said Fred was not well? Not happy here.
Posted by Whiskey Mike 2018-08-26 17:26||   2018-08-26 17:26|| Front Page Top

#37 @Anomolous Sources

Interesting, but maybe a bit over the top. But I do like my steak rare.
Posted by European Conservative 2018-08-26 17:41||   2018-08-26 17:41|| Front Page Top

#38 @European Conservative: Myself as well, but we always cook for the guest.
Posted by Anomolous Sources 2018-08-26 19:52||   2018-08-26 19:52|| Front Page Top

#39 Ketchup on a steak is a deadly sin. Just sayin.
Posted by Alaska Paul 2018-08-26 20:11||   2018-08-26 20:11|| Front Page Top

#40 To a cattleman, that is.
Posted by Alaska Paul 2018-08-26 20:14||   2018-08-26 20:14|| Front Page Top

#41 Pappy and Joe are gone? When did that happen?
Posted by Threamble Darling of the Bunions4756 2018-08-26 21:26||   2018-08-26 21:26|| Front Page Top

#42 Legacy? Left enough government debt that will take generations to pay off.
Posted by Ebbavirt Clunk4147 2018-08-26 22:04||   2018-08-26 22:04|| Front Page Top

#43 Pappy passed away a few weeks ago (confirmed by others on the Burg who knew him). Joe.... SADLY JUST FADED AWAY A FEW YEARS BACK.
Posted by Besoeker 2018-08-26 22:09||   2018-08-26 22:09|| Front Page Top

#44 @ #15 - the Bush's.

McCain was about as egotistical and self-serving as one can get. As a senator/politician/war-mongering chicken hawk, he will not be missed AT ALL.
Posted by DooDahMan 2018-08-26 22:29||   2018-08-26 22:29|| Front Page Top

#45 Excuse me, but who is Pappy?
Posted by DooDahMan 2018-08-26 22:29||   2018-08-26 22:29|| Front Page Top

#46 And what's the beef with Pappy, please? A little off in his prediction re the Iranian boom (50-something months and counting?), but I can't hold that against him.
Posted by Zenobia Floger6220 2018-08-26 22:46||   2018-08-26 22:46|| Front Page Top

#47 Pappy was one of the best commenters ever on this site. He will be missed, greatly.
Posted by Raj 2018-08-26 23:43||   2018-08-26 23:43|| Front Page Top

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