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2012-12-14 Economy
Extend benefits a year and create 300,000 Jobs
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Posted by Dale 2012-12-14 12:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [10798 views ]  Top

#1 Do they JMTSU as they go along?

And I have a hard time believing this would 'create' 300,000 jobs. Maybe it would prevent 300,000 people from losing a job.

Assuming it would 'create' 300,000 jobs, that's $100k per job. Not exactly cheap.

Posted by eltoroverde 2012-12-14 14:37||   2012-12-14 14:37|| Front Page Top

#2 Wouldn't extending the benefits make the unemployment figures much much worse? Since the vast majority of it's so-called 'improvement' is due to people running out of benefits and no longer being counted.
Posted by CrazyFool 2012-12-14 15:04||   2012-12-14 15:04|| Front Page Top

#3 The underlying principle involved here relates to the well known economic fact that if you have a person dig a hole, and have another person fill in the freshly-dug hole, you've created two jobs.

I'm pretty sure Marx talked about exactly this in Das Kapital.
Posted by Steve White 2012-12-14 16:06||   2012-12-14 16:06|| Front Page Top

#4 Could anyone explain to me how this works? Is everyone in Washington insane?
Posted by JohnQC 2012-12-14 17:00||   2012-12-14 17:00|| Front Page Top

#5 The "hole digging fallacy" extends or is a useful corollary to the "broken glass fallacy" in economics.
Posted by JohnQC 2012-12-14 17:04||   2012-12-14 17:04|| Front Page Top

#6 "Could anyone explain to me how this works? Is everyone in Washington insane?" -- JohnQC

No. Yes.
Posted by Barbara 2012-12-14 17:13||   2012-12-14 17:13|| Front Page Top

#7 Is everyone in Washington insane?" Ummm, yes.
Posted by Redneck Jim 2012-12-14 17:45||   2012-12-14 17:45|| Front Page Top

#8 Perhaps not everyone, but Mostly.
Especially those with a "D" Gesignation, to rule, not with for justice for all, but for some.
Posted by Redneck Jim 2012-12-14 17:48||   2012-12-14 17:48|| Front Page Top

#9 I was curious what might be said here on the berg. I was at a loss for words myself. This current administration will have no qualms supporting this.
Posted by Dale 2012-12-14 19:57||   2012-12-14 19:57|| Front Page Top

#10 Is everyone in Washington insane?

No. Where do you think the majority of those "jobs" will be created?
Posted by tu3031 2012-12-14 20:04||   2012-12-14 20:04|| Front Page Top

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