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2012-10-04 Home Front: Politix
Gore Blames Global Warming Altitude for Obama's Debate Woes
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Posted by GolfBravoUSMC 2012-10-04 11:24|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6502 views ]  Top

#1 Altitude? Did someone get too high before the big game?
Posted by SteveS 2012-10-04 11:44||   2012-10-04 11:44|| Front Page Top

#2 Rocky Moutain Hiiiiiiigh, Colorado...
Posted by Raj 2012-10-04 11:49||   2012-10-04 11:49|| Front Page Top

#3 Didn't bother him much when he spoke in font of the Styrofoam Greek columns. Better choom back then, I guess...
Posted by M. Murcek 2012-10-04 12:46||   2012-10-04 12:46|| Front Page Top

#4 Anybody who has ever flown into Denver could have told him. In fact, IIRC, I ranted right here last week that Romney should show up in Denver a few days early so his body could adjust to the altitude. Last time I was there it took me two or three days before I was up to snuff and the first night I nearly barfed in my hotel room. Hmmmm...was that because of all the drinks at dinner, or the altitude, or because I couldn't open the damn hotel window and the air conditioning was anemic just like Obama? Lucky I didn't have to debate anybody.
Posted by Ebbang Uluque6305 2012-10-04 12:46||   2012-10-04 12:46|| Front Page Top

#5 Was it too high to install a teleprompter?
Posted by Iblis 2012-10-04 12:47||   2012-10-04 12:47|| Front Page Top

#6 By any excuse necessary, eh Mr. Inotover2000fuckup?
Posted by DarthVader 2012-10-04 12:53||   2012-10-04 12:53|| Front Page Top

#7 I have never felt the effects of altitude sickness below 9600 ft. Everyone is different though.
It's still a pretty lame excuse.
If it isn't the media making excuses for him, it's the Goracle.
Posted by bigjim-CA 2012-10-04 12:53||   2012-10-04 12:53|| Front Page Top

#8 I recommend he 'herb up' for the next debate.
Posted by Besoeker 2012-10-04 12:55||   2012-10-04 12:55|| Front Page Top

#9 hah, some talk of our Colorado Rockies having an advantage due to the altitude here when their team loses.
The spin and blame for Obama's performance is truly sickening.
Posted by Jan 2012-10-04 13:22||   2012-10-04 13:22|| Front Page Top

#10 "Blames Altitude for Obama's Debate Woes"


And the dog ate his homework, too.

STFU, loser.
Posted by Barbara 2012-10-04 13:48||   2012-10-04 13:48|| Front Page Top

#11 I used to run up and down Cheyenne Mountain @ NORAD and I still was not as breathless as the prez.
Posted by newc 2012-10-04 13:53||   2012-10-04 13:53|| Front Page Top

#12 It was not altitude it was attitude.

It was not the questions it was the answers.

It was not Lehr it was the Lier
Posted by airandee 2012-10-04 13:57||   2012-10-04 13:57|| Front Page Top

#13 Even if it was the altitude that was simple debate prep and shows the president is not really up to the hard work required.
Posted by rjschwarz 2012-10-04 14:30||   2012-10-04 14:30|| Front Page Top

#14 and this clown was almost president 12 yrs ago...
Posted by Broadhead6 2012-10-04 14:53||   2012-10-04 14:53|| Front Page Top

#15 My personal preference is ass-clown BH6, I'm not certain if it should be hyphenated. Perhaps you, g(r)om, or TW could advise.
Posted by Besoeker 2012-10-04 15:34||   2012-10-04 15:34|| Front Page Top

#16 Changes in attitude, changes in altitude...

/Jimmuah "flightSim" Buffet
Posted by Shipman 2012-10-04 17:16||   2012-10-04 17:16|| Front Page Top

#17  "BH6" ??????????????????
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2012-10-04 17:31||   2012-10-04 17:31|| Front Page Top

#18 Why does the left always blame everyone and everything for their failures. Bunch of immature twits unwilling to accept responsibility for the consequences of their behaviors. Someone suggested last night that Obama won in losing. WTF?
Posted by JohnQC 2012-10-04 17:41||   2012-10-04 17:41|| Front Page Top

#19 Lucky O did not drive up to the summit of Mt. Evans or Pike's Peak. Holy Hypoxia, Batman.
Posted by Alaska Paul 2012-10-04 20:32||   2012-10-04 20:32|| Front Page Top

#20 Besoeker missed the comma before BH6, g(r)omgoru, which would have made it clear to all readers that it was an affectionate diminutive for Broadhead6.

Separately, Besoeker: it is assclown as a single word, following the formation of jackass.
Posted by trailing wife 2012-10-04 21:03||   2012-10-04 21:03|| Front Page Top

#21  it is assclown as a single word

Rantburg U - it's a cornucopia of information and knowlege!
Posted by SteveS 2012-10-04 21:07||   2012-10-04 21:07|| Front Page Top

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