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2012-05-06 -Election 2012
Greek election critical and uncertain
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Posted by Steve White 2012-05-06 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6461 views ]  Top

#1 Now the Greeks have got the $130B, they can renege on the terms.
Posted by phil_b 2012-05-06 04:48||   2012-05-06 04:48|| Front Page Top

#2 Critical to what---changing the course of history?
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2012-05-06 05:25||   2012-05-06 05:25|| Front Page Top

#3 potentially disastrous exit from the euro.

Disastrous for whom? I understand the arguments, but, at root it really does seem to be all about the elites and their cronies.

If you want to have a country, then you have to have control over you currency. The Greeks (and most of Europe) do not have the latter so they also don't really have the former regardless of how it's spun.
Posted by AlanC 2012-05-06 09:42||   2012-05-06 09:42|| Front Page Top

#4 It would only be critical to the Eurocrats who would lose power if the serfs realized they don't have to stay.
Posted by DarthVader 2012-05-06 10:01||   2012-05-06 10:01|| Front Page Top

#5 “The Greek people never learned to pay their taxes …. because no one is ever punished. It’s like a gentleman not opening a door for a lady.”
Posted by newc 2012-05-06 12:05||   2012-05-06 12:05|| Front Page Top

#6 Venizelos warned that Greece faces default and mass poverty if voters back anti-bailout parties.
"Apres moi le deluge"
Posted by tipper 2012-05-06 12:40||   2012-05-06 12:40|| Front Page Top

#7 You know. It's obvious they'll tell any lie to keep themselves in power.
Posted by Bright Pebbles 2012-05-06 12:54||   2012-05-06 12:54|| Front Page Top

#8 This is an interesting stage in the EURO play. It looks like either Greece will be kicked out of the Euro or Germany will leave, as they have no intention of indefinitely carrying Greek freeloaders.
On Friday, the German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schauble, issued a blunt warning to Greek voters in yesterday's parliamentary elections, in which many are expected to turn to minority parties opposed to the strict austerity terms of the country's bailout.

''If Greek voters were to vote for a majority that does not honour those agreements, then Greece will have to bear the consequences,'' Mr Schauble said.

Politicians fear Greece could renege on promises to foreign lenders, leading to bankruptcy and an exit from the euro, risking contagion to other countries.

Posted by tipper 2012-05-06 14:50||   2012-05-06 14:50|| Front Page Top

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