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2011-04-17 Africa North
Libyan Stalemate - Facilitated by The One
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Posted by Bobby 2011-04-17 13:39|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [336065 views ]  Top

#1 Suez 2.0
Posted by Pappy 2011-04-17 14:18||   2011-04-17 14:18|| Front Page Top

#2 Learning not to mess with sovereign states could save EUers a lot of grief.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2011-04-17 14:33||   2011-04-17 14:33|| Front Page Top

#3 Maybe NATO has outlived its usefulness. They should either revert to their old mission (oh right, no more USSR) or define a new mission that everyone buys into that would allow this type of "kinetic role playing" whenever or wherever some bureaucrat wants.
Posted by AlanC 2011-04-17 14:36||   2011-04-17 14:36|| Front Page Top

#4 Funny, I was looking at it as an indictment on the UN; though it is interesting to see the European Socialists System unglue in a light rain. I maintain that EU needs to take some initiative to prevent a clandestine invasion, but come'on quit playing footsie and start playing rugby.

...but of course a stalemate with no solution is the warning Eisenhower presented as the military industrial complex so what the hell, supply north africa and all nutcase special ops with modern weapons, pat yourself on the back for a transaction poorly planned, and die before the handful of years pass before the modernized armed mobs, is that the equalizing goal to disarm 1st world and arm 3rd world and only the UN can be the organizers of local alliances, with the US and EU paying the taxes towards the UN because nobody else will? Really, auto pollution, why doesn't the UN go after KSA et al for producing the stuff instead of the consumers or do we not want to address that question.

Kinetic role playing, now thats funny. If I had to picture it, what we got is a singing telegram serving a warrent on a drug house.
Posted by swksvolFF 2011-04-17 15:39||   2011-04-17 15:39|| Front Page Top

#5 Clearly Barack Obama is a great military strategist in addition to his superb golf skills. Perhaps like Kim Jung Un he should be declared a four star general.
Posted by Black Bart Floluns1937 2011-04-17 19:38||   2011-04-17 19:38|| Front Page Top

#6 I know what I'd like to declare him, Black Bart, but I'd get sink-trapped.
Posted by Barbara Skolaut 2011-04-17 20:06||   2011-04-17 20:06|| Front Page Top

#7 I didn't think it would be possible to create a scenario in which Gaddafi looks like the most competent person in the vicinity, but they may have done it.
Posted by Matt 2011-04-17 20:56||   2011-04-17 20:56|| Front Page Top

#8 I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that Obama really wants to win this one. I suspect he wants to lose or draw, given a) his former political associates ties to Daffy, and b) that to him it's just an opportunity to waste resources and burn more of the US's seed corn so that we won't be able to reverse the economic catastrophe that's currently happening in slow motion.
Posted by Thing From Snowy Mountain 2011-04-17 22:20||   2011-04-17 22:20|| Front Page Top

#9 Thing, never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence.
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2011-04-17 23:53||   2011-04-17 23:53|| Front Page Top

#10 I am confused. If we go into a conflict in that part of the world, we expect NATO to join in.

But on the otherhand, if NATO decides to enter into a conflict, we don't have to participate?

I thought, as near as I can remember, there are some buzz word in the NATO treaty that bind the US to action if NATO as an organization chooses to enter a conflict in defense of something or other.

If Obumble, the incompetent One, is trying to deplete the two other Western first line fighting forces, for what reason? A global Islamic overthrow?

He is becoming increasingly dangerous and irrational. I think the Charles Krauthammer diagnosis of Obumble being a toxic Narcissist is being confirmed in front of our eyes.
Posted by Bill Clinton 2011-04-18 00:00||   2011-04-18 00:00|| Front Page Top

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