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Good morning
Posted by Fred 2009-06-22 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [486 views ]  Top

#1 Beautiful shots of the Revolution. Thanks, Fred.
Posted by Richard of Oregon 2009-06-22 10:28||   2009-06-22 10:28|| Front Page Top

#2 I don't believe the death toll has "jumped" to 19. I think it's jumped a lot higher.
Posted by mom">mom  2009-06-22 11:46||   2009-06-22 11:46|| Front Page Top

#3 Beware of the green. That does not make them our friends.
Posted by Xenophon 2009-06-22 13:39||   2009-06-22 13:39|| Front Page Top

#4 the enemy of our enemy is our friend
Posted by Zebulon 2009-06-22 13:47||   2009-06-22 13:47|| Front Page Top

#5 Neda Soltan, Iranian Martyr for Freedom. R.I.P.

Posted by GolfBravoUSMC 2009-06-22 14:43||   2009-06-22 14:43|| Front Page Top

At you a uneasy choice
Posted by LeraJenkins">LeraJenkins  2009-06-22 15:15||   2009-06-22 15:15|| Front Page Top

#7 Why is there always some idiot posting in the comments section trying to use semi-"right" reasons to justify what's basically waffle-eating-surrender-moneky policies and to sell out the Iranian _people_ to the Mullahs?
Posted by Thing From Snowy Mountain 2009-06-22 15:38||   2009-06-22 15:38|| Front Page Top

#8 Zeb__

The enemy of my enemy is my enemy's enemy - not necessarily my friend.

The protestors are pushing for Moussavi - who's as bad as any now in power. Feel sorry for the demonstrators who will be killed and beaten before any change occurs and then betrayed immediately thereafter.
Posted by One Eyed Ebboger9371 2009-06-22 18:44||   2009-06-22 18:44|| Front Page Top

#9 Many said the same about Solidarity. And Yeltsin. And those taking over from Coucescu in Romania.

Mousavi is transitional at best - and transformational if he is lucky.

Its not the man, its the movement. If Mousavi get power, it will be next to impossible to implement the SAVAK-style police state the current Mullahs are trying to maintain. Principally because the IRGC will have fragmented and no longer be capable of being the hammer.

Xenophone and others are simply stupid and wrong -- IF the revolution succeeds, it will shatter the current structure (big IF).
Posted by OldSpook 2009-06-22 22:08||   2009-06-22 22:08|| Front Page Top

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