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2009-05-29 -Lurid Crime Tales-
Canada's governor general guts animal, eats raw seal heart - AP
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Posted by Besoeker 2009-05-29 07:36|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6486 views ]  Top

#1 a European Union spokeswoman

Who probably never has in her life ever killed what she ate and has lived in such a modern food marketing bubble that the whole concept is unfathomable to her. The ruling caste in the EU seem to be on the old - "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche"* vis a vis the habits and traditions of the Inuit.

*"Let them eat rich, expensive, funny-shaped, yellow, eggy buns."
Posted by Procopius2k 2009-05-29 09:33||   2009-05-29 09:33|| Front Page Top

#2 "too bizarre to acknowledge", that's exactly what I think of the EU.
Posted by Kofi Claitle6576 2009-05-29 10:32||   2009-05-29 10:32|| Front Page Top

#3 A culture where "going nightclubbin'" has a whole 'nother meaning...
Posted by badanov 2009-05-29 10:32||]">[]  2009-05-29 10:32|| Front Page Top

#4 Must be election time in the far north.
Posted by Richard of Oregon 2009-05-29 11:03||   2009-05-29 11:03|| Front Page Top

#5 Dueling pietys. "Traditional Inuit meal" good, "clubbing seals" bad.
Posted by mojo 2009-05-29 11:21||   2009-05-29 11:21|| Front Page Top

#6 Shoulda been Alaska's governor doing it. Could have made the tv coverage of last fall's election even more interesting (remember the turkey pardon?)
Posted by Glenmore 2009-05-29 11:25||   2009-05-29 11:25|| Front Page Top

#7 Methinks Madame le Gouverneur Général also wields a Cluebat of Destiny™, though hers may be in a sturdy Maple Leaf Red.
Posted by Seafarious 2009-05-29 11:28||   2009-05-29 11:28|| Front Page Top

#8 Hearts... are trump!
Posted by Loud N Clear 2009-05-29 11:33||   2009-05-29 11:33|| Front Page Top

#9 Fillet of Seal Blood-pump? How primative!
But it takes a refined pallete to appreciate fattened livers of geese, fish eggs, and fungus.
Posted by DepotGuy 2009-05-29 11:47||   2009-05-29 11:47|| Front Page Top

#10 For my daughter's first Christmas I wanted to get her a plush stuffed baby harp seal.

And a whiffle bat.

My wife stopped me ...
Posted by Steve White 2009-05-29 11:54||   2009-05-29 11:54|| Front Page Top

#11 I'd like to invite the governor general and her Inuit friends to a seal hunt in San Diego.

But I suppose the EU would prefer to have the Inuit eating white bread, twinkies and potato chips...or maybe some escargot, eh?
Posted by Ebbang Uluque6305 2009-05-29 11:55||   2009-05-29 11:55|| Front Page Top

#12 So a baby seal walks into a bar.
The bartender says "What'll you have?"
Seal says "Anything that doesn't have Canadian Club in it."

Don't forget to tip your servers . . .

Posted by GORT 2009-05-29 13:58||   2009-05-29 13:58|| Front Page Top

#13 Bet she's a Bourdain fan.

...and good on her too. Food nazis take warning!

Posted by Rex Mundi 2009-05-29 14:50||   2009-05-29 14:50|| Front Page Top

#14 Anyone notice we've been getting "Tales of relative Sanity" from (and about) our northern buddies lately? It might just be me.
Posted by Whiskey Mike 2009-05-29 17:34||   2009-05-29 17:34|| Front Page Top

#15 The governor general is also pretty, not that you could tell by the chosen photos in the article.
Posted by rjschwarz 2009-05-29 17:42||   2009-05-29 17:42|| Front Page Top

#16 Michaelle Jean - Governor General (as appointed by the British Crown) of Canada:
Posted by DMFD 2009-05-29 17:51||   2009-05-29 17:51|| Front Page Top

#17 Eat your heart out PETA!
Posted by CrazyFool 2009-05-29 17:51||   2009-05-29 17:51|| Front Page Top

#18 This Jean personage is well nigh perfect; smart, pretty and bloodthirsty to boot. Too bad she's already married.
Posted by Atomic Conspiracy 2009-05-29 18:05||   2009-05-29 18:05|| Front Page Top

#19 The new EU rule offers narrow exemptions so Inuit communities from Canada, Greenland and elsewhere can continue traditional hunts, but bars them from large-scale trading of their pelts and other seal goods in Europe.

The EU is passing rules as to whether Inuit citizen of Canada can hunt seals in Canada? Am I understanding this correctly?

Posted by Chemist 2009-05-29 19:46||   2009-05-29 19:46|| Front Page Top

#20 I'd love to see a state picnic with Michaelle and Sarah.
Posted by Nimble Spemble 2009-05-29 20:44||   2009-05-29 20:44|| Front Page Top

#21 "Representative of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II" > read, NOT CHICK FOOD.
Posted by JosephMendiola 2009-05-29 20:47||   2009-05-29 20:47|| Front Page Top

#22 "But I suppose the EU would prefer to have the Inuit eating white bread, twinkies and potato chips"

So they could get diabetes, like so many Indian tribes?

Most Indians/Inuit/Eskimo etc. are Siberians who have not evolved to eat a high-carb diet. No matter to the EUros, who would force them to do so to support the n-a-a-a-a-a-rative.....
Posted by no mo uro 2009-05-29 21:17||   2009-05-29 21:17|| Front Page Top

#23 From Wikipedia article on Michaelle Jean: "In her capacity as acting Commander-in-Chief, on 8 March 2007, Jean made her first visit to Canadian troops taking part in the offensive in Afghanistan. Prior to this, the Governor General had stated her desire to visit soldiers in the region, but her Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, advised her not to go, citing security concerns over the viceroy being in such a turbulent area. This was despite the fact that a number of Canadian politicians had already visited the region, but still, Jean landed on the same day that two attacks against Canadian soldiers took place. Jean had the arrival timed specifically for International Women's Day, stating: "the women of Afghanistan may face the most unbearable conditions, but they never stop fighting for survival. Of course, we, the rest of the women around the world, took too long to hear the cries of our Afghan sisters, but I am here to tell them that they are no longer alone. And neither are the people of Afghanistan." Part of the Governor General's duties included a meeting with Afghan women, as well as Canadian soldiers, Royal Canadian Mounted Police teams, humanitarian workers, and diplomats".
Posted by DMFD 2009-05-29 22:38||   2009-05-29 22:38|| Front Page Top

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