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2009-05-29 -Signs, Portents, and the Weather-
Report: Climate change crisis 'catastrophic'
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Posted by gorb 2009-05-29 07:17|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6487 views ]  Top

#1 I think Greenland was called that by Viking 'land speculators' who were trying to lure settlers from back home.
Posted by Glenmore 2009-05-29 09:16||   2009-05-29 09:16|| Front Page Top

#2 Yes, it was 'green' along the coasts for a while. And the point is that 4000+ years of 'history' that hasn't gone down the PC Memory Hole has shown humans coping through a number of 'climate changes'. What these pseudo-religious power freaks don't show is the large die off that is usually associated when it has turned towards cold.
Posted by Procopius2k 2009-05-29 09:25||   2009-05-29 09:25|| Front Page Top

#3 It was very green from 800 to about 1300 CE, and then very cold and white from 1300 to about 1700 CE.
Posted by Steve White 2009-05-29 09:35||   2009-05-29 09:35|| Front Page Top

#4 "I hope that all Member States will go to Copenhagen with the political will to sign up to an ambitious agreement to tackle climate change."

Ambitious? Yeah right. This mitigation of rising tempatures is nothing but timid bullshit. A truly ambitious plan would be to achieve the perfect global tempature¬Öever. We need a bold plan where Earth has the bestest climate in the Universe. Think out of the box people!
Posted by DepotGuy 2009-05-29 10:07||   2009-05-29 10:07|| Front Page Top

#5 How about tackling Tidal Change!??
Posted by King Cnut 2009-05-29 11:47||   2009-05-29 11:47|| Front Page Top

#6 125 billion is chump change for Obama. They should as the US for a global warming bailout.
Posted by 49 Pan 2009-05-29 12:17||   2009-05-29 12:17|| Front Page Top

#7 'What these pseudo-religious power freaks don't show is the large die off that is usually associated when it has turned towards cold."

To them, that's a feature, not a bug, P2k. :-(
Posted by Barbara Skolaut">Barbara Skolaut  2009-05-29 12:27||   2009-05-29 12:27|| Front Page Top

#8 If any greenie walks up to you & dares to claim that malarial deaths are attributable to climate change, cut his balls off & make him eat them. Fucking enviro-dogooders are *ENTIRELY AND ABSOLUTELY* to blame for that cocks-up. DDT had that genie in the fucking bottle, until the Carsonites smashed the bottle to make their precious little broken-glass mosaic images of imaginary greenspace-cropping unicorns.
Posted by Mitch H.">Mitch H.  2009-05-29 13:24||]">[]  2009-05-29 13:24|| Front Page Top

#9 The best cure for malaria isn't carbon credits, it's DDT.
Posted by Kofi Flomotch5556 2009-05-29 13:37||   2009-05-29 13:37|| Front Page Top

#10 The same for 'endangered species'. Extinction is a perfectly natural process. In fact evolution (which is what the greenies profess to worship) damn well requires that species go extinct.

Species have been going extinct for millions of years - mostly because they have grown too specialized or required a very narrow band of environments.

In fact, I'd say that climate change is what drives evolution. With out the global warming and cooling periods we would stagnate.
Posted by CrazyFool 2009-05-29 14:56||   2009-05-29 14:56|| Front Page Top

#11 Expect the blather to get more and more shrill as the world of the "climate change" folks crashes and burns. The evidence for climate being controlled by the sun, with little help from mankind, is getting more and morre irrefutable. There is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that anthropogenic global warming is caused by mankind and his industries. The entire "cricis" has been manufactured, and the wheels are coming off that particular circus car. The people continuing to support this fraud should be arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to life without parole on Greenland's ice cap. In bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirts.
Posted by Old Patriot">Old Patriot  2009-05-29 15:41||]">[]  2009-05-29 15:41|| Front Page Top

#12 Yet more food is available to more people than ever in history. The only starvation takes place where islamists and communists apply their wanton slaughter and police state repression.

Malaria and DDT is exactly right.
Posted by ed 2009-05-29 15:53||   2009-05-29 15:53|| Front Page Top

#13 Ok, from US and World Population clocks ( the current world population is: 6,783,087,672.

So, what percent of 6,783,087,672 is 300,000. The answer on my ms calculator came to a whole string of numbers beginning 4.42276 ..... e-5. As one who does math like Calvin, I have no idea what this means. So if any of you can clarify this, please do.

Like most news this falls in the Maude Flanders "will no one think of the children" category.

Posted by JimK">JimK  2009-05-29 16:03||   2009-05-29 16:03|| Front Page Top

#14 JimK, means how many decimal places you need to move the number to the right of the decimal point (5): 0.0000442276

If the exponent is not negative, that would mean the opposite. Saves space to write all the zeros.
Posted by twobyfour 2009-05-29 16:33||   2009-05-29 16:33|| Front Page Top

#15 the last time old mother earth really warmed up it extinctified algoreasarus...
Posted by Art ofWar 2009-05-29 16:53||   2009-05-29 16:53|| Front Page Top

#16 And if it cooled down it would shut him up!
Posted by gorb 2009-05-29 17:52||   2009-05-29 17:52|| Front Page Top

Posted by DMFD 2009-05-29 17:56||   2009-05-29 17:56|| Front Page Top

#18 IIRC LATE 1990's MSM-NET Artics > CONUS-NORAM, or large sections therein, may inevitably becom more like CENTRAL, SOUTH AMER = SOUTH PACIFIC JUNGLE(S), as per MMGW???
Posted by JosephMendiola 2009-05-29 19:34||   2009-05-29 19:34|| Front Page Top

#19 WORLD AVG SURFACE TEMPERATURE TO [permanently?]CHANGE AS MUCH AS NINE DEGREES HIGHER BY YEAR 2100 > IOW, once again any so-called "MINI-ICE AGE" or "ICE AGE" could still end being more akin to GLOBAL SLUSHING, + NOT a true ice age = protractive deep-icing period. Think MILD SHORT US WINTER.

Ironically, IMO it shows why NASA is wrong and should continue using the SPACE SHUTTLE FLEET, + NOT RETIRE 'EM EARLY AND WAIT FIVE YEARS [Year 2015 or beyond] UNTIL THEIR REPLACEMENT FINALLY COMES ON-LINE, as well as support ADVANCED SPACE EXPLOR/TRAVEL TECH PROJECTS.
Posted by JosephMendiola 2009-05-29 19:44||   2009-05-29 19:44|| Front Page Top

#20 neither feature nor bug, fact
Posted by 746 2009-05-29 23:46||   2009-05-29 23:46|| Front Page Top

#21 'What these pseudo-religious power freaks don't show is the large die off that is usually associated when it has turned towards cold."

To them, that's a feature, not a bug, P2k. :-(
Posted by 746 2009-05-29 23:46||   2009-05-29 23:46|| Front Page Top

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