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2009-05-29 -Signs, Portents, and the Weather-
More Anti-Americanism In Texas
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Posted by Anonymoose 2009-05-29 00:51|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6498 views ]  Top

#1 I'm guessing that Obama stickers are exempt from the ire of those who would make this guy remove his stickers.
Posted by no mo uro 2009-05-29 06:15||   2009-05-29 06:15|| Front Page Top

#2 The stickers are on his car, not his condo. Tell 'em to go pound sand, Marine!
Posted by Parabellum 2009-05-29 06:52||]">[]  2009-05-29 06:52|| Front Page Top

#3 So are the name decals on everybody's car an advertisement, too? How about their license plates?
Posted by gorb 2009-05-29 07:16||   2009-05-29 07:16|| Front Page Top

#4 The board president was out of town and unavailable

Given prior reactions in TX to this type of thing, if the Board Prez or member had made someone really PO'd, this would be a great opportunity to put together a 'Dan Rather' letter under the board's name and send it to the home owner. Picking a time when the real target was 'out of town' and having no opportunity to directly respond, would make for a real show. Payback can be a mother.
Posted by Procopius2k 2009-05-29 07:58||   2009-05-29 07:58|| Front Page Top

#5 HOA's are the prime vehicle for minor-league control freaks. They need to be beaten back and embarrassed to the point of having to hide in their condos for fear of confrontation
Posted by Frank G">Frank G  2009-05-29 08:44||   2009-05-29 08:44|| Front Page Top

#6 Government says vets are potential terrorists so this HOA president probably either fled town for his life or was placed under protection by Homeland Security. (sarc, in case the reader is an oblivion.) Of course I, not a vet (and thus less self-disciplined) would sure be tempted to be a threat. Maybe somebody has a bunch of USMC stickers they could plaster on the HOA persons car? It would give the tow truck operator an excuse to hook up the wrong car (you know any Texas tow truck driver would want one.)
Posted by Glenmore 2009-05-29 09:01||   2009-05-29 09:01|| Front Page Top

#7 Semper Fi, you M* F* HOA Asshole!
Posted by Art ofWar 2009-05-29 10:31||   2009-05-29 10:31|| Front Page Top

#8 Woodlands on the Creek II

Royal/Fair Oaks Crossing
104 Homes
President – Darenda Hardy
Posted by Kofi Claitle6576 2009-05-29 10:37||   2009-05-29 10:37|| Front Page Top

#9 HOA's are the prime vehicle for minor-league control freaks.

Very true, Frank. When we re-roofed our home, our HOA threatened to sue us for not letting them choose the color (we didn't change the color from the original). I let them know that when they paid for my roof, I'd be happy to let them choose and we never heard another word.

In the instance of this Marine Vet, I would love to see his neighborhood show their solidarity by slathering Marine decals and bumper stickers all over their vehicles -- similar to what the citizens of Holland did by wearing the Star of David badge during WWII.

Let that liberal loon HOA prez try to get ALL the cars towed. Heh.
Posted by Zorba 2009-05-29 11:34||   2009-05-29 11:34|| Front Page Top

#10 uess her party affiliation. Oh hell, I won't make you guess:

Darenda A Hardy (Kane,Russell,Coleman/Retired), (Zip code: 75243) $200 to DNC SERVICES CORPORATION/DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE on 03/31/08
Posted by spiffo 2009-05-29 11:38||   2009-05-29 11:38|| Front Page Top

#11 The HOA in my neighborhood tried to fine me 100 bucks when I moved in. They said I could not have trailers parked in front of my home. I asked the snide bitch how I was expected to move in and she said it was not her problem. After a brief altercation with the manager and a promise to sue her personally for harassment everything was removed from my "file" and they now leave me alone.
Posted by 49 Pan 2009-05-29 12:12||   2009-05-29 12:12|| Front Page Top

#12 Spealing of OBAMA decals on cars, I haven't seen a one, I think they're ashamed.
Posted by Redneck Jim 2009-05-29 13:07||   2009-05-29 13:07|| Front Page Top

#13 She's already shut down her e-mail...lmfao
Posted by Art ofWar 2009-05-29 14:58||   2009-05-29 14:58|| Front Page Top

#14 I hate to say it but I am wondering if the freedom we are fighting for is alrady lost. Look at this pathetic picture. A disabled Marine Vet with PTSD is harassed by some anti military HOA BOD president. What is the world coming to when a nitwit like this holds sway over the lives of others? The good news is that we Marines are spreading this story worldwide via the blogs and nationwide via the MSM (lead by FOX among others). This story is big folks. It goes to the fundamental rights we take for granted and the shameful manner in which a wannabe power hungry idot acts toward our Marine patriots when given the opportunity to abuse the little power they have. I wonder how many Marines will ride to Dallas and support our brother Marine in his time of need. Marines stick together in time of need and this is such a time. Wait until they see the bumper stickers we have!
Posted by a concerned Marine 2009-05-29 15:17||   2009-05-29 15:17|| Front Page Top

#15 She's already shut down her e-mail...lmfao

Guess she wasn't as unavailable as advertised.
Posted by ed 2009-05-29 15:28||   2009-05-29 15:28|| Front Page Top

#16 I hate to say it but I am wondering if the freedom we are fighting for is alrady lost.

Nah. The Marines firmly planted the flag on her Mount Suribachi. Eternal vigilance.
Posted by ed 2009-05-29 15:30||   2009-05-29 15:30|| Front Page Top

#17 A concerned Marine, Frank G. nailed it: there are idiots attracted to the possibility to go power-mad at the homeowners' association/PTA/community council of the uglier aspects of human nature. This has nothing to do with the overriding freedoms that you and your comrades are fighting/have fought for.

Watch what happens: this is a perfect example of Americans exercising their rights in the face of petty tyranny. As you said, it has already started. The story was picked up by the local FOX television station, spread nationally, and the wanna-be tyrant not only went into hiding, but shut down her email address and no doubt took her phone off the hook. Probably had to turn off her cell phone, too. I have no doubt both she and the HOA board are very clear that she made a very, very stupid move, and are acting to reverse it as fast as ever they're able.

This is how America was intended to work, and it's doing so quite well indeed.

Separately, Zorba, I think it was the Danes who wore Jewish stars, including the king. But your point certainly stands, very proudly. :-)
Posted by trailing wife 2009-05-29 15:36||   2009-05-29 15:36|| Front Page Top

#18 Reminds me of the flag event in the Texas hospital. Folks have now had enough. Time to push back, oh how I wish we had GOP leadership.
Posted by 49 Pan 2009-05-29 16:40||   2009-05-29 16:40|| Front Page Top

#19 This idiot HOA president is going to rue the day she EVER tangled with a Marine. I hope she gets run out of town.
Posted by remoteman 2009-05-29 16:42||   2009-05-29 16:42|| Front Page Top

#20 Separately, Zorba, I think it was the Danes who wore Jewish stars, including the king. But your point certainly stands, very proudly. :-)

Danish Jews weren't forced to wear the yellow badges. I'm pretty sure it was the Dutch. Also, I think that story about the Danish King threatening to don the badge is a myth.
Posted by Zorba 2009-05-29 17:17||   2009-05-29 17:17|| Front Page Top

#21 I've been wrong before. Thank you, Zorba. :-)
Posted by trailing wife 2009-05-29 17:24||   2009-05-29 17:24|| Front Page Top

#22 "The letter from the board states you can't have any form of advertisement anywhere on your car on your property."

I don't have to understand this, right?
Posted by European Conservative 2009-05-29 18:39||   2009-05-29 18:39|| Front Page Top

#23 A certain busybody in my neighborhood ripped a small USMC flag down from a former Marine's porch. Rookie mistake. He got his ass handed to him by a former Navy Corpsman who found out 'bout the disrespect.

Gee - I was always told Corpsmen were non-combatants :) Go figure. . . .
Posted by GORT 2009-05-29 21:38||   2009-05-29 21:38|| Front Page Top

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