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2009-05-28 Britain
Queen Elizabeth PO'd for being left out of D-Day commemorations next week.
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Posted by Delphi 2009-05-28 09:38|| || Front Page|| [336092 views ]  Top

#1 "Back to your drug dealing, Liz!"
Posted by mojo 2009-05-28 10:58||   2009-05-28 10:58|| Front Page Top

#2 The Queen should just "turn up" in the audience.

She's a veteran and so's her husband.

Don't forget the two fingered "salute" to the publicity seekers.
Posted by Bright Pebbles 2009-05-28 11:10||   2009-05-28 11:10|| Front Page Top

#3 She has a point, but at least she does not have to mix with President Obama
Posted by Kelly 2009-05-28 11:11||   2009-05-28 11:11|| Front Page Top

#4 She could preempt them with a 'private' visit on the 5th to commemorate the audacious British nighttime airborne assault securing Pegasus Bridge that preceded the landing. Drag along a few of the lads that may be still alive from the operation for a little show of the 'common' while the actors have their show the next day.
Posted by Procopius2k 2009-05-28 11:52||   2009-05-28 11:52|| Front Page Top

#5 Darned good thing that we have Bambi in charge to save us from all the diplomatic bungling of the Bush administration ...
Posted by Steve White 2009-05-28 12:31||   2009-05-28 12:31|| Front Page Top

#6 Britain's Queen Elizabeth has been told she is "welcome" at France's D-day celebrations.

The royal family was furious when French officials insisted they had had no plans to invite them to the official memorial services to mark the 65th anniversary of allied troops landing at Normandy.

But Sarkozy changed his tune yesterday (27.05.09), issuing a statement saying the queen is "naturally welcome in her capacity as head of the British state."

However, as it is not an official invitation, Buckingham Palace sources insist protocol prevents them sending an official royal delegation. They also claim France has not given them enough time to plan a royal visit, as D-Day celebrations are due to take place in just nine days time, while the average regal tour takes more than six months to organise.

On Tuesday (26.05.09) representatives for President Sarkozy said they had never planned to invite the British royals and were concentrating on the "main event" of US president Barack Obama's attendance.

Elysee Palace spokesperson Luc Chatel said: "It is first and foremost a Franco-American ceremony given the recent election of President Obama."

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been officially invited to the event and is expected to attend.

So whaddya think, Barry? "Typical white person", or what...
Posted by tu3031 2009-05-28 12:45||   2009-05-28 12:45|| Front Page Top

#7 Will the Canadians be represented? They certainly were 65 years ago.
Posted by Glenmore 2009-05-28 13:23||   2009-05-28 13:23|| Front Page Top

#8 The Queen actually put on a uniform and did something to protect her country. I would rather see her than the empty suits.

Is O ever going to meet dignataries and not embarrass us?
Posted by whatadeal 2009-05-28 13:55||   2009-05-28 13:55|| Front Page Top

#9 I wonder how this is playing in France?
Posted by Bright Pebbles 2009-05-28 15:01||   2009-05-28 15:01|| Front Page Top

Posted by john frum 2009-05-28 16:39||   2009-05-28 16:39|| Front Page Top

#11 The Oblahblah WH could send a courtesy $15 Itunes card and helpful links to the songlist that will play for her Majesty's download.
Posted by Frank G">Frank G  2009-05-28 18:06||   2009-05-28 18:06|| Front Page Top

#12 ya beat me to it Frank :)

Didn't bambi include Band of Brothers in that DVD collection he gave Brown? the Queen could just borrow that could she not?

Posted by Broadhead6 2009-05-28 21:01||   2009-05-28 21:01|| Front Page Top

#13 Bright Pebbles:
I found a report in Le Monde. It mainly repeated the facts as noted in this article, although at the end there is a section from the Times' correspondent to Paris who says that Sarkozy is so obsessed with himself and his image to the world (hob-nobbing with Obama) that he is making enemies and needs to realize that D-Day is as sacred to the Brits and Canadians as it is to the Americans, if not more so.

I am not sure whether to be surprised at the fact that Le Monde actually included that part, or to be be unsurprised that they had it at the very end...
Posted by sjb 2009-05-28 21:26||   2009-05-28 21:26|| Front Page Top

#14 I miss the Queen Mum. She was a class act.
Posted by Alaska Paul in Coffman Cove, AK 2009-05-28 23:45||   2009-05-28 23:45|| Front Page Top

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