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2009-05-19 Sri Lanka
Prabhakaran's body positively identified; it looks like Mario took a head shot, boys
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Posted by gromky 2009-05-19 11:20|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6529 views ]  Top

#1 now LTTE website is stating that mario is not dead. I know propaganda and all , but this website didn't work for me but seen another pic on another website and it sure did look like him but not burned at all.
Posted by funky skunk 2009-05-19 12:14||   2009-05-19 12:14|| Front Page Top

#2 If he ain't dead, he's got a helluva headache...

Posted by tu3031 2009-05-19 12:29||   2009-05-19 12:29|| Front Page Top

#3 Appears he may have seen it coming.
Posted by Besoeker 2009-05-19 12:38||   2009-05-19 12:38|| Front Page Top

#4 Is it OK to post gore pictures in threads?
Posted by gromky 2009-05-19 12:49||   2009-05-19 12:49|| Front Page Top

#5 Velupillai Prabhakaran, one of the world's dreaded guerrilla leaders is indeed dead, but questions abound on how exactly he died.

I'm not a doctor, but it looks like lead poisoning to me.
Posted by Nimble Spemble 2009-05-19 12:55||   2009-05-19 12:55|| Front Page Top

#6 Heart failure. Definitely heart failure.
Posted by Fred 2009-05-19 13:13||   2009-05-19 13:13|| Front Page Top

#7 Fred's not a doctor either. Heh.
Posted by Seafarious 2009-05-19 13:31||   2009-05-19 13:31|| Front Page Top

#8 Are you going to tell me he didn't go into cardiac arrest after that?
Posted by Thing From Snowy Mountain 2009-05-19 13:45||   2009-05-19 13:45|| Front Page Top

#9 What's the Rule of Thumb? Little hole going in, big hole coming out?
I gotta feeling what's under that towel would put our old buddy Yassin to shame...
Posted by tu3031 2009-05-19 13:57||   2009-05-19 13:57|| Front Page Top

#10 These are the first pics I've seen of Mario without his hands in his pockets.
Posted by Spot">Spot  2009-05-19 14:45||   2009-05-19 14:45|| Front Page Top

#11 Guess what was the last thing going through his mind....
Posted by Frank G">Frank G  2009-05-19 15:55||   2009-05-19 15:55|| Front Page Top

#12 "If only I didn't kill Rajiv Gandhi"?

Posted by john frum 2009-05-19 16:02||   2009-05-19 16:02|| Front Page Top

#13 Nonsense. That's Dick Cheney's line...
Posted by Seafarious 2009-05-19 16:15||   2009-05-19 16:15|| Front Page Top

#14 interesting call, John. I was just thinking "a chunk of metal"
Posted by Frank G">Frank G  2009-05-19 16:17||   2009-05-19 16:17|| Front Page Top

#15 As Coroner, I thoroughly examined him
And he's not only merely dead,
He's really most sincerely dead.
Posted by Coroner of Munchkin land 2009-05-19 17:04||]">[]  2009-05-19 17:04|| Front Page Top

#16 I'm very disappointed in all of you. Here it is 6:43 eastern daylight time, and I'm the first to say; "He's dead, Jim".
Posted by Steve 2009-05-19 18:44||   2009-05-19 18:44|| Front Page Top

#17 "Is it OK to post gore pictures in threads?"

There's no gore in tu's picture, grom.

Looks like they cleaned the blood off before taking the picture, darn it.

Big headache, Prab-baby?
Posted by Barbara Skolaut">Barbara Skolaut  2009-05-19 18:46||   2009-05-19 18:46|| Front Page Top

#18 looks more like his head got whacked with a blunt object, not shot - don't see any powder burns or residue?

Lastly, many in leadership exercise the use of body doubles to prtect themselves e.g. Saddam Hussein, whom had several.
Posted by Chuns Bucket9978 2009-05-19 18:57||   2009-05-19 18:57|| Front Page Top

#19 powder burns or residue would most likely come from a pretty close shot wouldn't it? i'm not a forexnsic expert just axin
Posted by funky skunk 2009-05-19 20:15||   2009-05-19 20:15|| Front Page Top

#20 Guess what was the last thing going through his mind....

Posted by KBK 2009-05-19 23:09||   2009-05-19 23:09|| Front Page Top

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