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2009-05-18 Home Front: Culture Wars
Obama Confronts Abortion Debate
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Posted by Steve White 2009-05-18 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [6484 views ]  Top

#1 I think that means he wants them and the Catholic Church to think the way he does.

(1) As a communist?
(2) As a Muslim?
(3) As an African tribal chief?
Posted by g(r)omgoru 2009-05-18 06:04||   2009-05-18 06:04|| Front Page Top

#2 (4) Babies don't matter, only children.

Hmmmm... I wonder how to define 'children'? Will that be the next generation's debate?

Didn't Bambi vote for the most late-term, nasty means of abortion there is? I mean short of letting an infant starve to death.
Posted by Bobby 2009-05-18 06:21||   2009-05-18 06:21|| Front Page Top

#3 I'm pretty sure he voted for partial-birth, Bobby, but he also voted more than once to let a baby who somehow survived an abortion to be denied medical care. I believe in each case he was the only one to do so. Nice, eh?

You wanted a dead baby? He was gonna give it to you, dammit!

(Even the most strident "pro-choice" pols voted to give a survivor assistance, especially after it was decided that this would not overturn Roe.....but not our guy Barack!)
Posted by Cornsilk Blondie 2009-05-18 06:56||   2009-05-18 06:56|| Front Page Top

#4 I had no idea Barry was such a follower of the Catholic faith. Jeremiah Wright and the United Church of Christ.... were they just a bad dream?

Ironic, the "agree to disagree respectfully" rhetoric spewed by Jenkins and Barry. Yes, also very rich...."soldiers and lawyers opinions may differ." Too bad Barry's hero Abe Lincoln could not have done the same. We could have saved the lives of 600,000 soldiers. Of course we might have still had slavery today....but, that's an issue "above my pay grade."

Posted by Besoeker 2009-05-18 07:33||   2009-05-18 07:33|| Front Page Top

#5 Too bad Oblahblah wasn't aborted instead of being pawned off on his racist grandmother.
Posted by Zorba 2009-05-18 19:18||   2009-05-18 19:18|| Front Page Top

#6 Obama is simply demonstrating his lefty credentials when he says he's looking for "common ground", wants to respect both sides, and agree to disagree.

To the left there are no moral absolutes, there is no good or evil (other then Bush and Cheney). Therefore everything is negotiable. Believe that abortion is the murder of infants, well what if we don't kill as many?

In the world of the moral relativist, concepts like freedom, truth, honor, and integrity have no meaning. Hypocrisy is the worst (and only) crime (failing to act according to your own stated position). Obama just gave us a window into his world view. And the world just became a much more dangerous place.
Posted by DMFD 2009-05-18 19:24||   2009-05-18 19:24|| Front Page Top

#7 Common Ground is just a left buzzword for my-way-or-the-highway without sayin' it. It is all smoke and mirrors. Say something that the public will lap up and project on, like Hope and Change. shuck and jive is all it is.
Posted by Alaska Paul 2009-05-18 21:18||   2009-05-18 21:18|| Front Page Top

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