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2007-12-09 Home Front: Politix
Anger as library makes exhibition of Bush
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Posted by Fred 2007-12-09 00:00|| E-Mail|| Front Page|| [10794 views ]  Top

#1 Yawn. Another unimaginative display attempting to shock. The library staff must be so excited to make the national news. Mug shots of Bush. How daring. How Vogue. How childish and silly.
Posted by Whomong Guelph4611 2007-12-09 03:23||   2007-12-09 03:23|| Front Page Top

#2 Lets see them make a mug shot of Mohammend....
Posted by CrazyFool 2007-12-09 08:19||   2007-12-09 08:19|| Front Page Top

#3 On January 28 2003, weeks before the invasion of Iraq, Bush makes what is now known to be the false claim that "the British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa".

A lie - Saddam *had* sought uranium.
Posted by CrazyFool 2007-12-09 08:24||   2007-12-09 08:24|| Front Page Top

#4 Don't confuse 'em with the facts, CF.
Posted by Swamp Blondie 2007-12-09 08:42||   2007-12-09 08:42|| Front Page Top

#5 Lets see them make a mug shot of Mohammend....

I'd perfer a chalk line for Mohammend holding the Koran.
Posted by Slappy 2007-12-09 09:26||   2007-12-09 09:26|| Front Page Top

#6 A lie - Saddam *had* sought uranium.

More to the point, the British government had claimed that and, if I remember correctly, still stands by that particular claim.
Posted by Angie Schultz 2007-12-09 13:48||   2007-12-09 13:48|| Front Page Top

#7 "six black-and-white prints on display in an unassuming corner of the New York Public Library"
Yawn. The looney left probably expects men in black to arrive at any moment. I'd be more concerned about any copies of the NYT laying around.
Posted by Darrell 2007-12-09 14:01||   2007-12-09 14:01|| Front Page Top

#8 Awsum bravery, man. Yeah, speak Truth to Power. Hey, can I have a hit off that bong?
Posted by SteveS 2007-12-09 19:39||   2007-12-09 19:39|| Front Page Top

#9 The more little tantrums the left throws - the worse it will be for them in '08. Let 'em make fools of themselves.
Posted by DMFD 2007-12-09 22:53||   2007-12-09 22:53|| Front Page Top

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